How to remove tan with gram flour? / Fairness with gram flour

Gram flour is an ingredient that has been a well-known remedy for a host of skin issues that has been passed on through generations as the secret to a healthy and beautiful skin. With a wide spectrum of benefits for your skin, this beauty hack turns out to be one of the best simple, inexpensive and efficient remedies for adding a glow to your skin and bringing out your radiant, beautiful and fair complexion. With just a few ingredients from your pantry, you can reap the amazing benefits of natural ingredients in the purest form.

How does it work?

Beauty tips for fair skin

  1. Gram flour helps control the secretion of excess oil or sebum from the skin to help prevent acne. It also has antibacterial properties to help get rid of any acne causing bacteria.
  2. Gram flour is known to be effective in removing a tan.
  3. Gram flour is a gentle exfoliate suitable for all skin types and can help you get rid of dead skin cells to expose your underlying fairer skin.
  4. Gram flour can help regulate the skin’s oil secretion.
  5. The emulsifying properties of gram flour can help emulsify any oil and make it a better moisturizer for dry skin.
  6. Gram flour can actually help in removing the fine hair from your face.

How to get fairer skin with gram flour?

Glowing skin pack

Tan face packs with egg

If you are looking for a face pack that can help you achieve a stunning and glowing complexion before an event, this is the best one you can opt for. This pack can help you get a stunning golden glow to your face with a few simple ingredients.

Mix together 2 tablespoon gram flour, a few drops of lemon and a tablespoon of milk cream till you get a smooth paste. Apply onto cleansed face evenly. Leave it on for 15-30 minutes to dry. Wash off with a washcloth or lukewarm water and pat dry.

Tan removal pack

Tan face packs with cucumber

This pack can help provide instantaneous benefits for people with a bad sun tan and can help in revealing the fair skin tone; while with prolonged use you can expect soft, supple and smooth skin that is even in tone.

Combine a tablespoon of mashed papaya pulp with two tablespoon orange juice and a tablespoon of gram flour. Apply and keep on for 30 minutes before washing off with some cold water or a damp washcloth.

Toning face pack

This pack can help close the pores on your skin and deep cleanse any impurities, sebum and dead skin cell build up from the skin to reveal a blemish-free complexion. The pack helps your skin feel refreshed and give you a beautiful toned and glowing complexion.

Make a paste with a tablespoon of gram flour and rosewater as necessary till no lumps remain. Apply an even layer on the skin, let it dry completely before washing off with cool water while rubbing the face in circular motions. Pat your skin dry and use ice cubes on the face as a final step.

Skin nourishing face pack

Nourishing your skin is indispensable if you want a bright, healthy and radiant complexion. This pack combines the goodness of lemon juice with milk and almonds for a soft, nourished and happy skin. The pack can help in reducing tan(due to the lemon juice), moisturize and cleanse at the same time.

Grind some almonds(5-6) to a fine powder. Add this powder to 1 tablespoon gram flour. Add in 1 and a half teaspoon of milk and enough lemon juice till you get a smooth, lump-free mixture. Apply the mask in a thin layer. Allow it to dry completely before rinsing off with cold water.

Skin whitening face pack

Tan face packs with coconut water

This face pack can help to reap the benefits of the lemon juice which due to the Vitamin C content can help you get a mild bleaching effect for fairer skin.

Mix 2 tablespoons gram flour and enough lemon juice to create a thick paste. Apply in a thick layer. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse off.


  • Do not use gram flour packs regularly as they can dry out the skin.
  • Gram flour can cause allergic reactions in some people and can cause mild to severe reactions. Always do a patch test to ensure you are not allergic before using any product on the face.