How to remove tan with baking soda? / Fairness with baking soda

Since ancient times, fair skin has become a sort of cliché reflecting superiority in terms of class. It was believed in the times of the Egyptian pharaohs that fair skin is an indicator of superior social status. The poorer classes were bound to spend maximum time outside their homes engaged in physical labour and thus would become dark. This parameter of skin colour reflecting class continued for quite some time. However, modernity seems to have changed the earlier conceptions, and now fair skin has no symbolic reference except for reflecting beauty. Women, irrespective of their skin colour are beautiful. Our skin being the largest organ is exposed to the sun, harsh UV rays, pollution, and so on. It tends to lose its glow, colour and if left untreated the tan tends to become permanent.

Don’t spend on cosmetics

Beauty tips for fair skin

Sun rays seem to have a harsher effect on skin than anticipated, and can sometimes also cause permanent damage. Fair skin is certainly associated with ‘beauty’, and while you can improve the colour of your skin with cosmetics and reverse the damage caused by the sun, the effect is always temporary. For treating your skin from within, for reversing the damage caused by the harsh UV rays, and for attaining supple, soft and glowing skin you need to try natural techniques. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on treating damaged skin, and reversing the effects of tanning. You can do exactly this with an ingredient that is almost readily available in most households. Protect your skin from further damage, and reduce the effect of sunburn with baking soda.

Get rid of painful blisters

Burning sensation and terrible itching are the two effects of sunburn; you may also develop blisters that cause patches all over the skin. Sunburns can be painful, especially if you belong to tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Baking soda is alkaline in nature and therefore can successfully offer some relief in case of sunburns. Being antiseptic in nature, baking soda helps the blisters caused by sunburn dry faster, healing it from within and reducing the itchiness. You can use baking soda with cold water and apply it gently using cotton balls on the affected areas for fastest reaction.

How to remove tan with baking soda?

Say goodbye to the tanned and damaged skin, baking soda for lighter and fairer skin.

Lemon with Baking soda

Tan face packs with gram flour

While tanning has somewhat become a trend in certain western parts of the world, it is no fashion or style to develop a tan in the Eastern World. Tanning is a fright for people in South East Asia, especially for Indians and it does not pair well with their skin tones. Moreover, the sun being much harsher in this part of the world, its effect is also much more severe. Well, you can easily tackle the issue of tanning and maintain a fairer skin tone with baking soda. The ingredient works remarkably well with a little bit of lemon juice. Make a smooth paste using baking soda, lemon juice, and water, with 2 parts of soda and water and 1 part of lemon juice.

Baking soda with Rose water

Tan face packs with egg

There’s no better feeling than attaining fairer and glowing skin, without spending tons of bucks on cosmetic products. Using natural ingredient as skin remedy not only ensures that you save big bucks but also means there will be no side effects and will not harm the skin in the long run. A versatile ingredient that has marvellous skin lightening and whitening properties and can be used without the risk of developing any side effects is baking soda. It is one of the best natural exfoliators to be easily found, and can successfully remove the top dead cells from your skin. for attaining fairer and brighter skin, you need to improve the PH balance of your skin, and it can be done using baking soda. Use baking soda as a face mask, by mixing it with rose water and Multani mitti or clay. After clearing the skin with water, use this face mask and apply it evenly all over the skin.

Baking soda with Aloe Vera and Honey

If you belong to the Eastern part of the world and want to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays and counter its damaging effects, there can be no better solution than using baking soda. Its anti-darkening and skin lightening properties work wonders if used correctly. For achieving the dual effect of lightening the skin while making it softer and suppler use baking soda with honey, and apply it at least thrice every week. Let the mixture sit on your skin for at least an hour before rinsing it off with plain water and applying pure Aloe Vera gel or rose water. Be surprised by its effect.

Coconut oil with Baking soda

Baking soda has not only skin whitening properties but is equally effective as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. The ingredient can easily dry onto skin due to its alkaline properties, and can effectively cure the rashness and itchiness on your skin. For making a smooth paste, and applying it onto your affected area, mix baking soda with a little bit of coconut oil. Apply this uniformly on your skin, for four minutes, for twice a day and witness your itchiness radically disappearing gradually.

Baking soda and Honey

Blackheads come, and leave their marks behind, making it very difficult for us to treat those marks. Baking soda is an anti-inflammatory ingredient, and works amazingly well as an exfoliator as well. Mixing baking soda, with another ingredient that is known for its skin healing capacities like honey will only aid the curing process. Coarsely mix baking soda, with a little bit of honey and salt and gently scrub your skin with it. Use circular motions, to exfoliate your skin, and witness the transformation to a brighter, cleaner and suppler skin.

Baking soda with Strawberry

Tan face packs with cucumber

People with oily skin will understand the struggle of trying to keep their face oil free in summers. Increased oiliness prevents the sunscreens from sitting on the skin, and also aids tanning. For controlling both oiliness and tanning, use baking soda and strawberry. Make an even mixture of 1 tsp of baking powder with 1 strawberry, and apply it evenly on your face. Apply it uniformly and massage it onto your face for 5 minutes. The mixture removes impurities, sebum and accumulated dirt. It also suppresses melanin production, thereby preventing further skin darkening.

Baking soda with Almond oil

Well, darkening and pigmentation can also be a cause of the process of skin aging. Eliminate the fine lines and tackle the issue of pigmentation with baking soda and almond oil. This mixture improves blood circulation, lightening the skin and rejuvenating it from within. Mix half a tsp of baking soda with 1 tsp of almond oil. Apply it evenly on your skin, and remove it gently with soft cleansing cotton.