How to remove tan with honey? / Fairness with honey

Love to enjoy the sunny days on your long vacation? Everyone likes to have fun in the summer season. Many of us arrange party in backyard, while the kids try to get engaged in their outdoor games. While you feel relaxed by doing all these activities, the direct sun rays are constantly having its effect on your skin. You cannot escape the heat of these sun rays. When you go out of your house everyday, you may have a chance of experiencing sun tanned skin. You will find darker skin or sun spots in different parts of your body. The UV rays not only affect your beauty and glamour but also cause the disease, skin cancer.

How honey benefits your skin?

Cleanses the pores

Beauty tips for fair skin

Honey has antibacterial ability for cleansing your skin pores. It also hydrates these pores, and gives you clearer skin tone.


Honey does not cause any irritation while removing your dead cells. You will have brighter facial skin.

Scar lightening ability

The moisturizer, honey makes your skin softer and healthier. You will have no scar on your face. The honey also increases the healing capability of your skin. Thus, all the damaged parts will get repaired.

Adds more glow

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The regular use of honey will make your face more glowing.

Decreases wrinkles

To get natural remedy to your wrinkles, you may use honey.

Use honey and treat your tanned skin at home

Now, for those, who have sunburnt skin, we have made a list of effective natural solution.

Honey with rose water

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To make the solution, you should have

  • Honey – 1 teaspoon
  • Rose water

Combine these two components to make smooth paste. Use cleanser for washing the face. Then, apply the paste on your facial skin. After fifteen minutes, you can rinse it off. Use your towel for drying the face.

Repeat it one to two times on every week. It will not only reduce the tanned mark but also cures inflammation issues of your skin. It makes your skin tighter and more refined.

Honey with olive oil

Honey and olive oil are two major components of this solution. After blending these ingredients, you have to heat them slightly. Use it on clean face. Make sure that you have not applied it on the skin, adjacent to eyes. Wash face with warm water

Olive oil acts as a type of moisturizer, and it softens the grimes and dirt of your skin pores. While blended with another ingredient, like honey, you will have more consistent skin tone.

Honey with turmeric

  • Take some turmeric and add raw honey to it.
  • Make the pack and apply that on your face.
  • Leave your face in this condition for twenty minutes. Then, wash it off thoroughly using warm water.

Curcumin is the major element in turmeric to sooth your skin and reduce your inflammation. Due to this healing capacity, you can choose this ingredient with honey.

Honey with yogurt

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  • Blend honey with curd or yogurt.
  • Leave this mask on your face for fifteen minutes.

There is lactic acid, present in yogurt, and this helps in removing dead cells. Your skin will get more nourished with protein, fat and essential minerals. The yogurt’s properties become more potential while added to honey.

Honey with olive oil and sugar

We know that sugar has very rough texture, and that’s why your face pack will help you to remove dead skin cells. This pack also enables your facial skin in absorbing the nutrients and moisture. This is really one of the best DIY packs that you can choose for tan removal and for enhancing your beauty.

Honey with milk

Milk is the best constituent for moisturizing skin cells and also lightening the suntan effects.

In addition to it, lemon works as the safe bleaching component. Honey also fights against tanning. That is why the combination of all these three ingredients creates an effective paste.

With one cup of honey, you have to add one spoon of lime juice and one spoon of milk. Blend them in a bowl, and apply this paste on your face, neck, arms and all other parts. Leave your skin for twenty minutes, and then, wash it with water.

Honey with almond oil

Both these ingredients have the capability of removing tan and repairing your skin. Buy high-quality almond oil to blend it with honey. You may also add milk powder and lime juice. Use the paste for your skin burnt portions. Regular treatment with this paste also helps you to prevent ageing symptoms.

After applying this mask, you have to cleanse the face with water.

We usually consume almond as a nut to get health benefits. However, if you use it for your face mask, you will surely realize its other effects for cosmetic solution.

Honey and banana

Skin lightening face packs with tomato

Take a ripe banana and then smash it. Use honey to make the paste with banana. Apply this paste all over the facial skin. Within thirty minutes, it will get dried. Then, wash the face to find glowing skin.

Honey and oats

Buy oats from a store, and then, add honey into it for preparing the paste. Use it for your face. After few minutes, while it becomes dry, you can wash it for removing the dry cells.

Nutmeg powder and honey

Nutmeg powder is able to reduce redness of your skin and averts the wrinkles. It is a spice, which is also capable of removing blackheads. While nutmeg combines with honey, you will enjoy their antibacterial properties. Moreover, this solution is also good for tanned skin people.

  • Take honey- Two teaspoons
  • Crushed nutmeg- Half teaspoon

Apply the paste of these ingredients. Cleanse the face after ten minutes with plan water.

Thus, all the above remedies include honey as the common ingredient. While you have honey in your kitchen, you can apply it to reduce tan spots on your skin. In addition to honey, we have also talked about other ingredients that are safe to you.