How to take care of twin pregnancy

Having a twin pregnancy will be a little bit unusual as compared to the normal babies. As far as medication is concerned an individual holding twin baby must be more careful as compared to a single baby inside the embryo. Once the doctor has confirmed that you are going to give birth to the twin baby, it will be your duty to go ahead with constant monitoring through the ultrasound scans, etc.

You must also take up the antenatal appointments. Some moms are quite lucky to have a very healthy twin pregnancy. But, generally the twin pregnancy is much more complicated as compared to normal child delivery.

[Hindi tips to take care of twin pregnancy]

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Some individuals have a tendency of appointing a midwife throughout the pregnancy period. But, it will be better to recruit a trained nurse than a midwife. They have better techniques of caring and nursing a lady who is holding two children within her womb. Antenatal appointment in hospitals will also be another important way of taking good care of your baby.

Getting an appointment with your gynecologist will be easily done through the trained nurse. You can also have a look at the profile of the doctors and see whether the particular doctor has experience in giving birth to the twins.

Nutrition for twin pregnancy

Growth and development of both the child as well as the mother should be accompanied by proper nutrition. If you are going to give birth to two children together, amount of nutrition must be more than that of a mother holding one child. Essential elements required for the growth and development of the baby inside the embryo will be nutrient as a whole. You must also consume folic acid along with vitamin during your pregnancy period. Consuming small meals and healthy meals will be an important option in this regard. You must avoid junk food and the food that are rich in saturated fat.

Resting is another important aspect of the entire care procedure. You should not take stress at all in the entire pregnancy period.

Checking with the doctor

Since you are going to give birth to not only one but two babies at a time, it will be highly important for you to go for a regular check up and see whether you have any complications. You should be very frank with your doctor and tell him or her about every changes physically and mentally which you are going through. Even if you are facing any difficulty in the due course, intimating the doctor immediately will be important. You should also check whether your twins are sharing the placenta with one another? Are both babies getting enough nutrition in the due course? You should always take care of your child whether he/she is one or many. Even if you are suspecting that you have a complication due to twin pregnancy, you may not even have the same. You must speak to your doctor and take ample care of your health.

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The last trimester will be accompanied by many tests starting from the non stress test, ultra sound etc. Whether the tests would be more or less will be accessed by the doctor. He will probably take proper care of you and your child with all types of extra medications.


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Knowing about the type of child

You must be very eager to know whether your child will be identical or non identical. If your child shares a single placenta, there is a good chance that the child will be identical. Again, if there is separate placenta, non identical twins will be in the go. It will be mandatory for you to get eight antenatal appointments. You must also get two of your appointments with obstetrician consultant.

Checkups and appointments

Between the period of 11 weeks to 13 weeks, you must go for an appointment along with ultrasound. This will help estimating the due date of the baby and get go ahead with the Down syndrome. You must also go ahead with the scans in 20,24,28,32 as well as 36 weeks. In the scan you will be able to find out that whether the particular lady is going to give birth to identical twins or that of non identical twins.

Healthy eating

Maintain a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit, whole grains, and vegetables. These help to avoid constipation as well as providing a range of vitamins and minerals. Include some protein foods, such as well cooked eggs, nuts, lean red meat, and seeds. Add dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yogurt to get calcium. Include healthy snacks into your diet. A fresh fruit, low fat yogurt, sandwiches filled with grated cheese, mashed tuna, and lean ham. Avoid foods with empty calories like sugary snacks, fizzy drinks, and crisps.

Add food for anemia during pregnancy

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You’re under more at risk from anemia during a twin pregnancy. You need to take care offered extra blood tests. The good sources of iron include lean red meat, leafy green vegetables, beans and fortified breakfast cereals.

Weight gain

You will gain more weight, but gain the right amount of weight. It makes easier to shed the extra weight. The recommended weight for women about 17 to 25 kilograms who have a healthy weight before pregnancy. It is better to require about 600 extra calories a day. It depends on your activity level. Drink more water in the day time and stop after 8 pm because frequent urination may disturb your sleep. Your baby requires an extra blood flow and removal of waste that depends on how you keep well hydrated. Get proper nutrition and hydration which is very important during pregnancy.


Slowly increase your rest period every day. Get into a habit of taking a few minutes to lay still and be quiet. This is the perfect time to do fetal kick counts. Just lay around and do nothing. For working women, it is suggested that after completing your work return to home and lay in bed for about 20 – 30 minutes. It gives you more relief and helps to get rid of tired and more relaxed.


For every antenatal appointment your doctor will check your urine for gestational diabetes, urinary tract infections and pre-eclampsia. Your blood pressure will also be checked, as high blood pressure and protein in your urine that may suggest pre-eclampsia. Extra blood tests are required to check for anemia between 20 – 24 weeks and another at 28 weeks, because anemia is common in twin pregnancies.

[Hindi tips to take care of twin pregnancy]