How to take care of twin pregnancy

Having pregnancy with twins is not usual it is a bit unusual as compared to other normal pregnancy. A twin pregnancy comes with unique challenges  twin pregnancy means twin care and precaution that can be managed with the personal care and help of your doctor.

Once your doctor confirms you are going to birth the twins then it becomes your responsibility to be more cautious and aware of your health and your babies’ health. You should go for frequent checkups to monitor the health of your babies.

You should also note your physical symptoms because some twin deliveries are quite healthy and some twins deliveries can be much more complicated as compared to the normal child delivery.

Look for professional care

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It is important that you should hire the trained and professional nurse instead of a midwife for the better care of you and your babies.

The professionally trained nurse has the better techniques to deal with the pregnant woman who is nourishing twins within her womb.

There are other benefits also of the trained nurse. You would find no difficulties getting an appointment with gynecologist through your nurse. You should also check the profile and experience of the doctor whether the particular doctor is proficient in giving birth to the twins.

Visit your doctor

Regular checkups are highly demanded during pregnancy, to know whether you have any complications. It is necessary to tell your doctor about your physically and mentally changes or mood swings that you are undergoing.

You should be frank enough with your doctor even if you are facing any difficulty in your intercourse. You should keep monitoring your babies whether they are getting enough nutrients? Are they sharing the placenta with each other? You need ample care of your health to have ease and comfortable pregnancy and healthy babies.

There can be extra medication and several tests in the last trimester during pregnancy for the complications free delivery.

You must go for the appointment with ultrasound to know the due date of the baby and get move forward with the Down syndrome. You must go ahead with the scans time to time that will help you to know whether you are going to birth identical twins or that of non-identical twins.

Ample nutrients

You need ample nutrients for the growth and the development of both the babies as well as your health. The quantity you need double in your twins pregnancy to balance the nutrients requirements in your both babies.

You need to take the foods that are rich in folic acid and vitamins, protein, and iron. Divide your meals into 6 small parts instead of intake 3 big parts for the better digestion. You should avoid the junk food that causes harm to you and your babies during pregnancy.

Get to know more about your babies

Undoubtedly you will be eager to know the type of your child whether is identical or non-identical. You also would like to know if your babies are sharing the placenta.

If there is different placenta then there is the high chance for the child to be identical. You can also get 8 antennal appointments. Do not skip to get the appointments with the obstetrician.

Intake healthy diet

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A healthy diet is mandatory for any pregnancy; a healthy diet is more important and necessary when you are carrying two children.

You need intake more calories rather than someone carrying a single child, therefore, you need to take foods that are rich in nutrients.

You should intake plenty of fruit, leafy vegetables, whole grains, and all other foods that give you nutrients. Protein is necessary during pregnancy that you can get from lean meats, dairy foods, eggs, nuts, and seeds, are important for your calcium intake.

Usually, you need about 2,700 calories a day during pregnancy, but while carrying twins inside you it becomes must intake sufficient calories. You should consult with your doctor or healthcare provider for the guidelines.

Drink plenty of water

During pregnancy, hydration is very important especially when you are carrying twins. You should keep up intake water whole day to be hydrated and keep your babies healthy.

Usually, 8 to 10 glass of water intake is necessary for the hydrated body but during pregnancy, the 12-14 glass of water intake is recommended. You should take the pieces of advice from your doctor to know the precise amount.

You should carry a water bottle with you all the times wherever you go. Keep up your self with drinking water the day.

Gain weight

You need to gain the weight during pregnancy, make sure you are not gaining excessive weight. The recommended weight for a pregnant woman is around 18-25 Kg. who possess healthy weight before pregnancy.

You need to intake 600 extra gram calories a day to maintain the better health of you and your babies. Drink water the whole day but stop it just before going to the bed so that urination should not disturb your sleep. Your babies need extra nutrients and hydration for the better development.