Home remedies to treat the rashes under the breasts

Rashes that occur under the breasts is due to the fact- resting of breasts over the below skin. When the breast sit on the skin there creates a gateway for moisture. When moisture develops between two layers, bacteria, fungus and other infections will be developed easily. Another common cause for the rash under breast is coetaneous candidacies, which is a yeast infection that develops at any part of the body, but majorly targets the area – under the breasts. This problem of rashes come to you as you age, if you are having heavy breast, during pregnancy time or when your breasts sag.  BY following simple home remedies you can stay out from the pain and discomfort that is accompanied by the rashes under the breast.

Rashes under the breast are a common phenomenon to many women. It normally takes place during the summers when the heat creates sweat in your body. Generally your breast falls on a skin just above your belly. The joint created between your breast and the lower skin is affected by sweat. The accumulation of sweat with skin rubbing against is one of the reasons of getting rashes under the breast. The bacterial or fungal growth can also take place over the area under breast where you have such rashes. Even if you wear the inappropriate size of bra, this can give rise to rashes under breasts. Lets find out some home remedies to avoid it.

Lower the moisture

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Take the help of deodorant and make the under breast area low moisturized. Use deodorant to the skin under the breasts and your chest area where they stay at contact or they rest over. By this process, there will be good chances to reduce sweat and it eventually helps to avoid rashes. You can keep a small piece of cotton between the chest and the skin where you find the contact between them inorder to absorb the moisture.
Make yourself to be cool to combat the moisturizer, if you are feeling hot switch on a fan or air conditioner or just open up your window and let the air reaches your body. Don’t wear tight and dark clothes in hot summer replace them with light shades and cool colors. A dehumidifier helps to kickoff the moisture out of the air.

Avoid irritants

Take care about the cosmetic products you are using. If you sign the rashes after hop from your daily soap or deodorant to a new collection, suspect it. Find the reason for your breast rash and skip those products.
In other cases, a tight fit bra could be the reason for rashes under the breast, adjust its fitting to loose or switch to the new one which fosters and elevates the breast lower part from  its below area. Through which there forms a gap and don’t give the chance for the formation of moisture.

Apply cold compress

To get relief from the burn pushing by the rashes you can apply a cold compress made from skim milk and cold water. Take equal amounts of cold water and skim milk in a bowl and dip a cotton cloth in it. After soaking for a minute or two take the cloth out and place on the rash surface. This compress will sooth the skin and reduces itching and swelling.


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By using cornstarch you can get relief from the rashes under breast. But don’t apply it on the moist or wet skin to get the better results. Because cornstarch when binded with moisture the chance of increase in the fungal infection is more. Stay calm after application of cornstarch to find its magic.

Launder carefully

When you are washing the clothes make sure that you are not using strong chemical based soap bars, powders or detergents. Those chemicals acts as skin irritants and leads as the reason for itching and rashes.

Home remedies to treat rashes under breasts

Vinegar for under breast rashes

You can easily get vinegar at your home kitchen as it is used to bring sour taste in your food. Take half bucket of lukewarm water and add half cup of white vinegar in it. Now wash the area with this solution. This will remove infection and allergen within your skin. You can also wash all your inner garments in this solution and dry in under direct sun before wearing.

Coconut oil remedy

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Coconut oil is an effective home remedies to treat any type of rashes. The rashes forming under your breast can easily be treated. You have to take some coconut oil in your hand palm and apply over the skin under your breast. Allow it to stay and work for the entire night. Get up next day morning and find rashes reduced in a reasonable way.

Calamine lotion

You should always keep Calamine lotion at home. Any type of rashes can be removed with this lotion. Since it is medically tested, you won’t get any side effects. In order get sure about side effects apply the lotion in a small portion of your skin. If it burns, you should avoid using. But if it gives you a cooling and soothing appearance, continue using it for any type of skin issues. The rashes under your breast can be sorted with this remedy.