How to use dental floss in your daily life

Regular care and maintenance of teeth is very important for every individual. Thus, repeated brushing and use of dental floss after each meal will be important. If you don’t want your teeth getting decay using dental floss will be really important.

A thin filament or cord that helps in removing dental plaque and stuck food particles within your teeth is known as dental floss. Since the toothpaste contains fluoride that is very harmful for your teeth, dental floss must be used just before using the tooth paste.

The food particles stuck inside the corner of teeth and gum line will be extracted with the help of dental floss. But, there are other use dental floss provides to individuals rather than removing food and bacteria from the teeth.

Dental floss is not restricted to removing germs and bacteria from your mouth and teeth. Rather, it has many more uses in our daily life.

Whether you want to make it use around the house or to provide an ease in consuming food, dental floss can prove to be surprisingly effective. The utility of dental floss can be categorized in different section. Following are some of the areas where dental floss is very effective.

Utility around the house

Fixing noisy faucet

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People feel irritated in resisting the noisy faucet. If you want to fix this quickly, you must tie the floss around the spout and see that it hangs till the sink. By doing this, you will see that water will easily crawl down the floss instead of making noise by popping on the sink.

Removal of stuck photos

Photos that you have shot with your family members and friends are priceless. You want to preserve it for years but even then it sticks with the albums resulting in its damage. You can now save your priceless photo by slowly coax it with the piece of floss.

Support to plants

If you have indoor plants at your home, those should be maintained so that it creates lively environment inside your house. The climbing plants at your home can be provided with a support with the help of a dental floss.

Prevention of rope fraying

You can now apply the old boy scout trick by whipping the rope and prevent the same from fraying. You can loop the floss around the rope in order to prevent it from fraying.

Utility in food

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Cinnamon rolls, slice cake and cheese cake- You must be thinking of getting a perfect shape of your cake made at home. You can easily create a magazine cut of cake with the help of floss piece.

Lifting cookies from bakery tray – It becomes very difficult for us to lift the cookies from the plate after it is stick to the baking tray. You can now use the dental floss readily available at home to lift it without any break or damage it.  You can easily get a painless lift once you place the floss under the cookies.

Slicing soft cheese

The soft cheese that comes in layer is quite vulnerable. If you want perfect pieces of the cheese, you must use floss. This is can do it better more than that of the fancy cheese knife.


Mending the broken jewelry

Excessive use of fashionable jewelry can break it every now and then. You can now use the dental floss to substitute the jewelry wire and string as it has a sturdy look and base.

Removal of too tight ring

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Ring in your finger look fabulous when it is put on. But, sometimes with time it can also become tight. Now if you are facing the same problem, you can easily use the dental floss to lift the finger ring from your finger. You can try it today.

Other uses of dental floss in daily life

Apart from extracting bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, it will be important to know other important uses of dental floss in day to day life.


When you are in the process of hand stitch your garment or put buttons and lace. Inserting thread inside the needle becomes really difficult especially when the whole in the needle is very tiny.

But, with the help of dental floss tool has a thick filament chord that can easily connect the thread with the needle without straining your eyes. Thus, you will be in a state of sewing various things without disrupting eyesight.

Foil frays

Un twisting of an object needs to be done with care and forbearance. You can now easily wrap the end of ropes so that unraveling can be restricted. This whipping can effectively be done with the help of dental floss.

Tieing down trunks

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If you wish to tie down the trunks dental floss will be an effective remedy.  If you have ten loops in it, dental floss can easily hold it effectively.

Hanging frames

When you are in the process of hanging a frame over the wall, you must require a string or a wire to hang it. Sometimes the string or such wires might not be good for your wall paint. Rather it can destroy the wall paint.

But, if you can use dental floss instead of the wire, this will be really effective as there is no chance of the frame to fall down and also your background will not be damaged.


When you want to seal a plastic bag or bag made up of cloth so that it remains air tight, dental floss can be a way to do so.

If you have been using rubber bands or threads the tightness might not be in a proper shape. But, if you can use the dental floss to do it, sealing will be really nice. There will be almost no chance of leaking at all.

Bit protection

When you are going to keep anything in an original condition, dental floss will be an ultimate remedy. You need to remove the empty spool ad get back the bit protection.

Repair of wood

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Another great use of dental floss is repairing of wood. Apart from cleaning plaques and bacteria from mouth, this also has wonderful remedy of repairing wood whether rolled in glue or working out with splits.

The most common use of dental floss is caring teeth and the whole dental procedure inside your mouth. If your teeth and mouth is healthy, you can easily stay healthy with lots of tasty and delicious food.

Cavities, toothache, sensitivities are the issues that you are likely to suffer when you have dental problems. Dental floss is a wonderful tool that will help you stay healthy within your total oral health process.

Teeth getting decay is another serious problem which an individual can suffer when he/she does not use proper dental equipments. Dentist prescribes using a dental floss but even he does not know that dental floss can be used in variety of ways in day to day life.

Ways of using dental floss in daily life

Drying clothing

During raining season when the climate outside is wet; there is hardly any scope for drying clothes outside. But, you need to do something for drying it. Yes, dental floss can be used as a string at your home so that the clothes can be dried.

Flower garland

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You need to make garland out of loose flower when you are willing to decorate your home. You can use the dental floss as a string and take it inside the needle.

Now take it flower one after another inside it and make a garland. It is better to make flower garland with dental floss than that of thread as this will make the garland stronger.

Substitute to shoelace

If your shoelace has become old and unattractive, you can easily go ahead with a substitute that is the dental floss.

You can now use that particular strong rope to tie your shoelace. This will give your shoe an attractive look. Also the show tiding strength will be super strong.

Cutting food

Since the dental floss is a sharp substance, you can easily make an attempt in cutting a soft food.

For example you can cut the egg from the middle with the help of the dental floss. This is very effective when you are going to cut a cake as well. The soft vegetables can also be cut with dental floss.

Dental floss should be used along with the other brushing tools. There are variety of benefits in using dental floss one of which is cleanliness of teeth, mouth and gums. This will help you to get a healthier smile without any side effect.

There is a good tendency of cavity and tooth decay as people are constantly consuming rich foods with their change in lifestyle. Even there is a tendency of having bad breath if you don’t go ahead with cleanliness of your gums and teeth.

Dental floss is an important tool that helps in maintain proper teeth and gum condition. But while flossing also it becomes important to do this correctly. It might take some time but you need to take your time and carry on will flossing without being in too hurry.

Debris and bacteria is the main enemy of your tooth. Most of the tooth decay takes place due to carelessness and unhealthy gum and teeth. You must use dental floss regularly.