How to use toothpaste for beauty care

Experts dealing with beauty secrets are finding out surprising ways to get fresh and beautiful skin. Could you ever imagine that even toothpaste can prove to be a beauty care product? Yes, researchers have found out the fact. If your pimples are growing bigger and have become a reason for irritation, toothpaste can be used to dry out your pimples. But, there is also a procedure of using the toothpaste appropriately on skin.

We generally use tooth paste for dental care. Applying toothpaste on your tooth brush is the first thing we do after getting up from bed. Toothpaste has the ability of providing the beauty treatments too. This article will speak about such variety of beauty treatments that can be really beneficial for your skin and facial presentation. Let us explore some of the facts. The element used in the toothpaste that is known for making your teeth glow as pearl can also help to get various wonderful ailments.

Steps to use toothpaste for beauty care

Choose the right toothpaste

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When you are thinking of applying toothpaste to your skin to eradicate pimples from your skin, you have to choose the right toothpaste. White colored toothpaste will be an appropriate choice over here. It is not advisable to use the toothpaste with red, green or blue colors. The white color toothpaste is advisable as the ingredients used in removing pimples are triclosen, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. These are all contained in the white color toothpaste.

Avoid teeth whitening tooth paste

Some toothpaste available in the market are only meant for teeth whitening.  These types of toothpaste include artificial bleach that is likely to burn your skin when applied. This will give rise to dark patches of skin. People having more melanin are much more reactive and are prone to blemishes and skin marks.

Choose toothpaste with lower fluoride content

Fluoride is added in most of the toothpaste in order to eradicate dental plaque. This also helps in removing gums disease effectively. But, the toothpaste with Fluoride content will be very harmful for your skin.  If you have chosen toothpaste which has low Fluoride level, this will minimize skin irritation.

Method of applying toothpaste

  • Wash your face

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If you want to treat spot in your face, first of all your skin must be cleaned perfectly. You must ensure that there is no excess oil or dirt in your skin. You can also use your favorite cleanser to wash your face.

  • Squeeze toothpaste

After washing your face, you must squeeze little toothpaste from the tube. A little will be fine if the number of pimples is less. If you have more pimples increase the quantity of toothpaste.

  • Apply on your pimples

The next step will be application of the toothpaste on the face where the pimples are shown. Remember to apply the toothpaste in very small amount and directly on the pimples in order to get effectiveness in the treatment procedure.

  • Wash away

You can keep the paste for 15 to 20 minutes on your face and then wash it away.

Eliminate blackheads

Blackheads have become one of the major problems for many ladies. Even after rubbing with scrubs and using the blackhead removing strips theses blackheads appears again. If you too are facing the same problem, you can use the tooth paste in your skin areas where the blackheads have formed. You have to make a paste of toothpaste, salt and mint and blend it in mixer. Now apply it near your nose where blackheads appear. Keep for 5 minutes and remove it with water after massaging gently.

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Removal of facial blemish

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Blemishes over your skin can be a reason of disappointment. This will affect your facial beauty. You must have used variety of creams and cosmetics to remove blemishes over your face. But nothing seems to have worked. You can now easily try out tooth paste to remove blemish from your face. Apply a dot over the blemish at night and wash it in the next day morning.

Hairstyle with toothpaste gel

If you want to go ahead with styling, the gel tooth paste will be the best thing you should adopt. This is the type of tooth paste where you can get the infliction of water soluble particles. If you want to make your hair rich with extreme styling, gel tooth paste will be forth. You can easily plan and use it as a hair gel.

Removes stinky smell

Only physical appearance is not worth, rather you can get bad smell in several parts of your body. This can directly or indirectly cause obstruction in beautifying yourself. While cooking your might have develop smells of garlic, ginger or meat. This might stay for a long time. But, the tooth paste can help you stay away from such stinky smells. You have to take little tooth paste in your hand and scrub over the portions where you have developed stinks. Then wash and get freshness without stinks.

Cleaning finger nails

Apart from your face, your fingers and the finger nails are also one of the important part of your beauty. Since we know that our teeth have the major source of enamel, thus the tooth paste is really good to clean up the finger nails. Even it will be better option that the soap water. Along with cleaning you can get stronger and shinier nails with the help of tooth paste.