Fashion tips and tricks every girl should know

Thinking of fashion tips, you might think that almost everyone around you, as well as people known to them has something tried-and-tested ‘tricks’ that they swear by. Some of them might work for you, of course; as fir the others…well, they might not be a ‘hit’. Having said that, you might explore some well-kept secrets, which fashion gurus prefer to reserve for the red-carpet celebs.

Maintain your cashmere

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You might find a number of ‘instructions for care on the dress tag. But irrespective of whatever is written, you should know that cashmere is best washed manually. When it comes to drying it, consider using a salad spinner. This will help remove the extra water within seconds! And in case if you are wondering if your cashmere is worth the money, then stretch the body of the dress gently and check whether the garment snaps back.

Removing red wine stains

Feeling clueless about what to do about that stubborn red wine mark that you have just made? Rub a bit of white wine over it, instead of sending your stained dress to the laundry and see the difference!

What to do before altering your pair of jeans

Wash your new jeans at least twice before you take it to the tailor. The reason is simple! Jeans will always shrink in its length when it is washed.

Removing the odor from vintage dresses

Often, when you hire a vintage saree from a store, or take it out of your family closet, you might find a musty smell accompanying the dress that you fail to bear. Here is a trick to remove it. Prepare a mixture of vodka and two parts of water. Spray over the dress and the smell will be gone!

Removing the white deo marks on your dress

This is indeed embarrassing and can be big fashion faux pas if not managed on time. You can get rid of these marks simply by gently rubbing protective foam, which you generally use on hangers, against the dress material.

Getting rid of oil marks on handbag

You can easily do away with the mark by coating the affected area with baby powder. Leave it overnight. In the morning, the stain will be ‘vanished’. In case a little stain still leaves, then repeat the process until the oily mark is completely gone.

What to wear everyday?

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Don’t have the time to iron your dresses everyday and yet want to wear something comfortable and well-fitting everyday? Try Lycra! The formula is, look for shirts and T-shirts having 5% Lycra spandex and 95% cotton. When it comes to jeans, they should have at least 2 % Lycra to keep the pairs in good shape.

Organizing your clothes

According to the founder of a leading fashion store, it is always preferable to organize the dresses going lighter to darker shades, from left to right in your wardrobe. Doing so, your eyes will catch the color, thus helping you to stay organized.

Maintaining your diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and in case you own some of those beautifully twinkling gems, you will surely want to keep them forever. Diamonds are expensive; but maintaining them is not. Keep them appear sparkling with a help of a mild liquid dishwasher and a used toothbrush.

Minimizing your wardrobe

Your wardrobe might be too full with dresses; and you still might not find anything to wear! Does this situation sound familiar? Then it’s time to manage your wardrobe. Accept that the closet is full of badly chosen dresses, which you would rather donate or put for garage sale. You can reduce your closet baggage by about 25%! Simply take out a dress and think if you would buy the same piece of cloth if you were buying it right at that point of time. If the answer is a big ‘NO’, then you know what to do about it.

Manage your swimwear

Never ever wash your swimming costume using the washing machine; it will lose its elasticity for sure then. Always hand dry.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Fake designer bags are a big no-no for any occasion. It is okay to pick up any bag that coordinates with your dress and meets your purpose.
  • On the contrary, you can always say yes to faux diamond studs and other fake gems. They are tough to spot to a novice eye.
  • DO NOT choose a dress on the basis of the current. Consider your silhouette before picking anything.
  • Use clip-on ear studs on your flats to design an evening shoe instantaneously, without spending a Rupee. You can snap the same onto the shirt collars, as well.