Is it safe to pop pimples on skin?

A pimple on the face can overcast your beauty and the first thing that comes in your mind is to get rid of it quickly. What can be better than popping up the pimple? It will just go away. Yes, that is the conclusion you reach in your mind every time you have a pimple on the face but you know only very well that things does not work that way. Popping a pimple on the skin is never safe and it can harm your skin in the worst way. It is not only your mother but also the best skin specialists who believe that popping a pimple on skin is never safe. If you are not still convinced enough, here is how it can aggravate the problem and cause serious damage to the skin.

Risks involved in popping a pimple on the skin

The upper thin layer of skin that keeps the content of a pimple within cover is called pustule. This layer of skin keeps the bacteria restricted only within the limited area. When you pop a pimple, you rupture this skin and the gunk comes out. The splattering of the bacteria present in the gunk can infect other nearby pores, if they come in contact. So, by popping the pimple you simply increase the risk of formation of new pimples on the skin around the older one.

The other risk that makes popping a pimple even more dangerous is that by trying to pop up a pimple inappropriately you can actually push the debris in the pimple along with the bacteria infecting it, even deeper into the skin. This can lead to ruptured follicle, which will inadvertently spill all infected gunk into the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin. This can give rise to a nodule or an acne cyst that cannot be treated without medical attention.

By popping a pimple on the skin with your uncleaned hands you can add more bacteria to the pimple, which will not only turn the existing pimple worst but will also increase the chance of pimple formation in the nearby area.

Popping a pimple can exaggerate it and might cause skin damage that will leave a permanent scar on the skin. Popping can also exaggerate the pimple, making it even more inflamed, bigger and painful. So, keeping your hands away from that pimple is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

What to do if you have a pimple?

So, you cannot pop a pimple, but what should you do if you have got an irritating one on your face? Topical applications for treating pimples are your best bait. Try out any of the next to get rid of the pimple quickly without popping it,

Try benzoyl peroxide

When you are trying to treat a pimple quickly, 5% benzoyl peroxide in gel or cream form can be the best option at hand. You can easily get it from your local medicine shop without a prescription. Use it for spot application and your pimple will dry off quickly.

Tea tree oil is an effective solution

Another effective way to treat pimple on the skin quickly is to use tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for its high anti-bacterial properties. However, never use it on the skin undiluted. Dilute the tea tree oil appropriately with water. Adding 1 drop of tea tree oil in 10-15 drops of water is safe. Use this diluted tea tree oil directly on the pimple and the pimple will reduce quickly.

Neem leaf paste for pimple cure

Another quick and easy cure for pimples is neem leaf. Neem has natural anti-bacterial properties that can help in killing the infection causing bacteria in the pimple and thus helping to dry it out quickly. Take a few neem leaves, make a paste and apply it on the top of the pimple. Let it get dry. Use it two to three times in a day and you can see quick improvements.

Fuller’s earth and Manuka honey for reducing pimple

If the pimple looks extremely red and irritated, you can reduce it quickly by applying a paste of fuller’s earth and Manuka honey on it. Fuller’s earth or multanimitti has a natural cooling property and it helps to soothe the skin. It can reduce an inflamed pimple quickly.

Manuka honey on the other hand has natural antibacterial properties and will help in killing the infection causing bacteria in the pimple without irritating the skin. Soak few spoons of multanimitti in water and then add few drops of Manuka honey with the multanimitti. Apply the resulting paste on the top of the pimple and leave on. Wash off after an hour. You can see improvements in the condition of the pimple on the same day.

If you follow any of the above treatments your pimple will dry off in 2-3 days. If you do not opt for any special treatment for the pimple and decide not to touch it, it will naturally dry off in 5-7 days. So, if you have a pimple, the best way is to leave it alone or to use proper topical treatments.

How pimples are popped by pros

In case popping the pimple is absolutely necessary, the pros take the proper way of doing it. The first thing about safely popping a pimple involves waiting for the right time. Once the tip of the pimple has become white the professionals might complete the job of popping it with sterile needle and a comedone extractor which prevents the spilling of any infected content from the pimple in the nearby area and also ensures that the whole gunk from the ruptured pimple is removed. They also make sure to wear gloves so that they do not happen to infect the pimple in anyway. So, if popping a pimple or zit is necessary, it is best to get it done by the professionals.

How to pop pimples safely

Well, after discussing the pros and cons in your mind over a thousand times you are finally going to pop a pimple, though it is not recommended. In that case, at least make sure that you do it safely. Here are the steps that you should follow if you are absolutely going to pop a pimple.

Step 1

Wait until the pimple is matured enough and there is a firm white pus filled tip to the pimple. This indicates that the pus is close to the surface and can be drained. Trying to pop a pimple that is not matured can lead to several complications and will also increase the pain and inflammation on the skin. If the pimple is not matured enough, the pus will not reach close to the surface from where it can be drained and hence your chance of pushing the pus inside the follicle while trying to pop it, is maximum. Do not disturb any immature pimple give it sufficient time to reach the right stage to pop safely.

Step 2

Wash your hands thoroughly with a soap and follow with a hand hand-sanitizer. Make sure that your fingernails are also cleaned and sanitized before you touch the pimple. If available, wearing sanitized gloves is the safest way to not to infect the pimple with the bacteria of your hands.

Step 3

You need to use a needle or pin to pop the pimple but before that you should sterilize it in the right way. Burn the tip of the pin or needle under flame for 2-3 minutes. Once it is cold, rub it off with alcohol.

Step 4

Rub some alcohol or sterilizer on the pimple as well as in the nearby area to ensure that there are no bacteria that can get into the ruptured pimple.

Step 5

Now hold the needle parallel to your skin surface and pierce the very tip of the pimple with it. Take caution to no to pierce the pimple deep in anyway. Just pierce the tip and it will make enough opening for the pus to come out.

Step 6

Once you have pierced the pimple, now rub a little alcohol on your fingers and press the pimple gently from the sides. You can also take some cotton on your fingers and press the sides of the pimple gently. You should not be pressing the tip or the pimple itself in anyway this will only force the gunk of the pimple to get deep into the skin pore. Press from the sides and the pus will come out easily if the pimple was matured enough.

Step 7

Remove the pus gently with fresh cotton swab and dab a little of disinfectant or diluted alcohol in the area. Follow with application of an anti-bacterial ointment, which will ensure that the ruptured pimple scab is not infected.

Let us point out once again that rupturing a pimple on the skin is not safe. However, if you have to do it in anyway, consult a pro. Otherwise, at least follow the above steps to pop the pimple safely.

Follow with an anti—pimple skin care routine

To save yourself from the pain of dealing with a pimple, it is best to follow an effective anti-pimple routine. Cleaning and scrubbing your face routinely with anti-pimple products ingredients can be of best help to keep pimples away.