Possibility of getting pregnant one day after periods

You can get pregnant one day after your periods it is not likely but possible. The length of your menstrual cycle decides your chances of getting pregnant.

Usually, the periods occur after 28 days and on the 14th day, it is likely to ovulate when your ovaries release an egg and your bleeding starts that is counted as the first day of your menstrual cycle. If you have the menstrual cycle of 28 days then your ovulation period will be between day 11 to 16th of your menstrual cycle.

Your egg is under development during your period, gets ready for release. The time can be vary from an egg to be matured. Your ovulation depends on the maturity of an egg that means your ovulation cycle can be vary.

Ovulation depends on your menstrual cycle. If your cycle occurs in 28 days then ovulation likely to be on the 14th day. But if you experience short cycle for example 22 days, then there are possibilities that you will ovulate just after the days of your period. You can ovulate just after your short cycle days if your period lasts for seven days. The men’s sperm stays alive 6-7 days, therefore, there is the possibility of getting pregnant if your ovulation occurs early.

The life of sperms can be 2-3 days to 6-7 days OR it can be lesser in the lack of cervical fluid that should be fertile. The sex within five days OR before OR on the day of ovulation promotes the pregnancies. An egg should be fertilized within 24 hours of ovulation.

Know more about your chances of conceiving

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There is some more information that you need to be aware to know the chance of getting pregnant.

  • The chances of pregnancies increase if you have never undergone the menstrual cycles before OR after having intercourse the first time.
  • There are the possibilities for getting pregnant throughout the alleged period of the month even if your partner does not ejaculate inside the vagina. Usually, the semen is released during sex, therefore, sex without contraception results in the pregnancy.
  • This is the rare condition when a woman gets pregnant without having penetrative sex. The tendency of sperm is very flexible and can stay alive for several days if any part of the body has the sperms and it comes into the contact of vagina then a woman can conceive.
  • Ovulation kit is one of the best ways to get pregnant OR increase the chances of conceiving. There are many ovulation kits easily available in the market. There are different types simple strips form kits that test the urine by the digital computers which track the things monthly. These tests make the detection of ovulation easy.

Is it possible to get pregnant right before your period?

The chances of getting pregnant are very low just before the period. If you have the period 28 to 30 days long and they are regular then the ovulation occurs between day 11 and day 21. The sperm of men stay for 3-6 days but an egg stays only for 12 to 24 hours for having baby making sex.

The day right before period do not promote the pregnancy and you are fertile in those days. Intercourse during these days are quite safe for those couples who do not want to conceive. The couple who wants to conceive should have regular sex from the day 11 to the day 21 to increase the chances of pregnancies.

If you get late of ovulation occurred and do not have sex within 24 hours after you ovulate then the possibilities of getting pregnant go far away in that month when you have missed having a baby making sex during your ovulation period. The time after 24 hours of ovulation intercourse does not allow you to get pregnant but you can enjoy sex with your partner.