2019 new year lights decorations

To give your home a fresh look this New Year, unique light decorations can be a very effective option. Lights can give even your old home a completely different look that you and your guests are sure to cherish. If you are planning to give your home a revamped look without straining your budget, then too decorative lightings can be a good option because lights can change the total appearance of your rooms in minutes and they are much less expensive compared to many other ways of giving your home a new look.

Some of the 2019 new year lights decorations in this list can be bought ready made from the stores and the others can be easily made at home with some lights and other items purchased from the shops. You might already have these items present in your home but you just run out of idea about how to use the things to give your home a new look. Check out the following 2019 new year lights decorations and enjoy the New Year to the fullest.

Glass jars with light strings


2019 new year decorations

This simple decoration can give the interior of your home a completely different and fresh look. It is also pretty simple to get. For this decoration you will first need the wire lights. These wire lights are made with high quality copper wires and they are easily available in the market. The wire lights give you a look that is much different than the rice lights and they also has great longevity. Just place a wire light within a glass jar as shown in the picture and place the jar on a wooden stand. You can place this light decoration as a single item on a table or a collection of different sizes of lighted jars across the room.

New year light decoration with candles


Candles certainly have their own charm and you can easily plan for a candle decoration in your home this new year. This one is an easy and beautiful candle decoration idea that can bring out the real spirit of New Year. Here round candles of different sizes and colors have been arranged height wise on a round plate. The gaps on the plate have been filled with stalked balls that look like bulbs. To add more glamour to the decoration, stars and balls have also been hanged over the candles. To create the right mood through this light decoration, pick scented candles.

2019 New year decoration with rice lights and pearl balls


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If you have a beautiful vase with green grass or shrub planted on it, you can easily turn the vase to a special light decoration that will catch the eyes of the visitors. The crown shaped structure at the middle of the vase can be easily created with some shaped strings and some pearl balls with a hole at the middle. Arrange the strings in the way shown to give it the crown like look. Now place the bigger pearl balls inside and cover the grasses on the vase with the white rice light string. Light up the decoration and you are done.

Candle in plastic glass decoration


If you are planning to decorate a wide, open area with lights during New Year celebrations you can easily try out this idea. Collect the transparent plastic glasses and white candles in steel containers which are easily available nowadays. Place the candles inside the plastic glasses and arrange them in any design according to your choice. You can also simply fill in an open area with these glasses if that suits your purpose. Light all the candles within the glasses one by one with a long candle.

Cone lights for new year decoration


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Multi colored cone lights are new in the market and they can make an eye grabbing 2019 new year light decoration idea. These plastic light bulbs have an interesting shape that is inspired by the shape of the cones of the Cycas plant. These cones are hanged from a single string and there are lights within these cones. You can easily buy a chain of these cone lights from the shop and use it to decorate your rooms and doorways this new year.

Hanging rice light decoration for your home


The yellow rice lights are quite commonly available in the market but you can easily arrange them in a different way to give the light decoration a unique look. Hang a long wire close to the ceiling making loose loops as shown in the picture above. Now hang the rice light chains from this wire as shown in the picture and your decoration is done. Keep this decoration close to the ceiling so that it lights up the ceiling in a unique way giving a dreamy look to the room.

Pine tree lights for 2019 new year decoration


These pine tree light chains are new in the market and they express the Christmas and New Year theme so perfectly. These christmas tree shaped rice lights come in long chains and can be hanged across the room, near the doorways or close to the ceiling to complete your New Year decoration. You can even use this light on your Christmas tree or to decorate the New Year cake table.

Wire light lanterns


These glass lanterns with wire lights inside look absolutely beautiful and classic. These are the latest decorative light patterns available in the market. However, if you do not find these lights in the shops you can also make the arrangement in your home after purchasing the glass lanterns and the wire rice lights separately.  You can arrange these lights on a table to give the room a completely new look that is sure to be appreciated by all.

Decorative perforated light lamps


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These perforated light lamps can give your rooms a completely different and dreamy look. Here the outer cover of the lamp has been made with opaque plastic or fiber and the decorative perforations to make the design have been done on the cover itself. You can use any color of light inside the lamp to get the light shade of your choice. You can also have a wide range of options as far as the decorative designs on the lamp shades are concerned.

Inverted glass jar wire light decoration for small table


A beautiful half-capsule shaped inverted jar can be nicely decorated with wire lights inside to give your new year light decorations a new height. Here the wire light has been spread well within the transparent glass cover placed on a small wooden table. This type of decorations might look really simple but they are sure to add a special touch to the rooms.  You can opt for this type of light decoration for a single table in the room or on larger tables according to the total decoration plan.