What are the reasons for miscarriage? How to avoid them?

For every woman, a miscarriage will be one of the devastating options. Both the women as well as her partner become depressed once they hear about the miscarriage news. Once they lose a child, many women get emotionally hurt. They are also not prepared physically. Thus, they suffer from a variety of mental and physical conditions. Some women are quite strong and can cope up with this sudden loss. But, some women are really not prepared and suffer from the emotional crises for a longer period of time. When they admit and convey their loss to a medical professional, their experiences lack of sympathy among those professionals. The cause of the miscarriage is duly investigated by the doctor if the lady gets the same trouble of miscarriage for around more than 3 times.

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For many ladies it is a callous approach as whatever is asked not to do during the pregnancy period is duly performed by them. During the pregnancy period, every lady is asked not to carry very heavy weight. But, would be mothers do not listen to the same and constantly carries the heavy weights. The first trimester is a very crucial period for every lady. If you are not taking enough care about your activities during the first 3 months of the pregnancy, you will duly get the trouble of complications during the pregnancy period. Also the pain of losing a baby is more than that of a labor pain as the pregnant ladies suffer both physically and mentally once they lose the baby.

Reasons behind miscarriage

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  • Consumption of excess contraceptive pills before conceiving
  • Excessive back pain
  • Bleeding in vagina with the bloody cloth
  • Cramping in abdomen
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloody mucus in vagina

If you have not been cautious about your day to day lifestyles during your pregnancy period, it is likely for you to suffer from the problem of miscarriage. You should not carry very heavy weight as it would not only strain your health during your pregnancy period, but also creates some hindrance and complication in your child birth.  Another reason for miscarriage is consumption of cigarette or hard drinks. If the mother has the habit of consuming such harmful ingredients, it will be very dangerous for the baby who has not yet come to this world. Even if you have the habit of consuming fast food recklessly, there will be great trouble of carrying a baby. Since baby needs healthy food which is supplied by the mother through the placenta, you need to be very cautious when consuming something during the pregnancy period.

Common causes of miscarriage

Anatomical causes

Anatomical cause is something within the cause of bodily structure. Misshaped uterus, incompetent cervix, large uterine fibroids, or severe Asherman’s syndrome is some the reasons for miscarriages. There are some more other reasons like the area that natural therapies will most likely have no effect on.

High homocysteine levels

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Homocysteine is a common sulfur that contains amino acid that is found in the body. But it is harmful when those levels are too high, that can lead to a condition called hypercoagulability. If blood clots are more than you are at a higher risk for a heart attack and stroke that is dangerous to babies.

Genetic causes

Miscarriages are due to genetic defects in the egg or the sperm. Couple over 35 has a greater chance of this problem that occurs as the eggs and sperm may not be as healthy as they were in their younger years. But there are some reasons that can be seen changes in sperm and egg health in our clients after they changed to a healthier, nutrient dense, natural fertility lifestyle. It includes specific supplements, and therapies that help to protect the egg and sperm DNA to provide the ingredients for a healthier reproductive system.

Blood clotting

The blood clot is a overly thick or has a tendency to clot that can cause miscarriages. You can find small blood clots begin to develop in the uterus, the placenta that can be cut off, leaving the fetus void of the oxygen and nutrient supply that it needs to survive. It can induce a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. This is due to your pregnancy and past the 24th week before the clotting develops, a stillbirth or premature birth can result. There are no warning signs offered by the body that blood clots are formed and the danger is often it remains unseen until it is too late. There are some tests to determine the problem that you have, but you need to perform prior to pregnancy, which is a part of preconception health plan.  But, there is some natural therapies help for this type of issues.

Ways to avoid miscarriage

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If you can adopt some healthy habits, avoiding miscarriage will not be a trouble at all. You must consume the food items such as green vegetables, milk, protein and other type of energy giving food. Food rich in iron is also another important way to be healthy during the entire period of pregnancy. You should carry on with several tests during the pregnancy period in order to check whether you have some complications. Regular checkup by your gynecologist will be important.


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Sometimes the ladies giving birth to their first child might not be in a state to realize even when they have gone through the situation of miscarriage. They bleed suddenly and lose their baby without getting it noticed. Thus, whenever you experience bleeding during the first trimester of your pregnancy period, you must show it to your gynecologist immediately.  Due to chromosomal abnormality some individuals suffers from the tendency of miscarriage. You need to show the expert medical professional to get some solution of this problem.

If you remain cautious from the day one of your pregnancy period till the date of expectancy, avoiding complications and miscarriage will be possible. You should avoid tough journey in hilly roads where there is a good chance of jerk during your pregnancy period. If you can avoid it during your first trimester, chances of getting miscarriage will be avoided. If you can stay inside home without moving out  for a maximum period of time, avoiding miscarriage will be quite easy. You must consume nutritional supplement to keep your baby healthy along with avoidance of miscarriage throughout your pregnancy period.

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