What are the reasons for miscarriage? How to avoid them?

Miscarriage is one of the worst experiences of the women’s life similarly her partner gets depressed once they hear the news of the miscarriage. Losing a child hemmers emotionally as well as physically.

The situation of the women is different after the miscarriage. Some women are quite strong and recover and balance from this condition of sudden loss. But, some women unable to cope up with this condition and take a long period of time to overcome.

The first two-three months are very crucial for every pregnant woman. The extreme and proper care is required in this period of time as if you do not care enough can lead you to the miscarriage.

Why miscarriage occurs?

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There are many reasons that why miscarriage occurs like bleeding, bloody mucus and clotting in the vagina, abdominal pain, extreme pain in back, high dose of contraceptive pills, and cramping in the abdomen.

In the first two-three month’s extra care and cautiousness is needed during pregnancy like avoid carry heavy weight because it can harm your pregnancy. Consumptions of intoxications are also the reason for the miscarriage. What you

eat or drink your baby gets the same so if you are eating unhealthy food that contains harmful ingredients during the pregnancy can be dangerous for your baby.

The food that you eat is only supplied to your baby through the placenta, therefore, it is necessary to be cautious regard your food and lifestyle during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage.

Causes of miscarriage


The genetic cause can be one of the reasons for the miscarriage as if there is the defect in the sperm or egg.

The good period for planning the baby is young age because the growth, immunity, nutrients dense, and the natural fertility is much healthier rather than the age beyond 35 of the couple.

But there are some specific supplements and the therapies that help to the egg and sperm to get the protection layer and all other healthier ingredients for the better productivity.

Blood clotting

Miscarriage has the cause of blood clotting too, blood clotting means the small thick pieces of blood you can find in the uterus, fetus needs oxygen and other nutrients supply which is possible through the placenta only and in the blood clotting the placenta can be cut off which cause no supply of oxygen and other nutrients to the fetus that leads to the miscarriage.

If the clotting develops after the 24th week of your pregnancy then it may cause the premature delivery.

Now you must be thinking that how can you get to know whether there is clotting or not in your pregnancy.

There is no sign or symptom that can let you know about clotting, there is the solution that you should look to undergo some tests to determine that the problem you have. Make sure that you are going to perform prior to pregnancy.

The high homocysteine

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Homocysteine is the sulfur found in the body that contains amino acid. The high level of homocysteine is harmful and dangerous.

That occurs as an intermediate in the metabolism of methionine. Elevated levels in the blood may indicate the risk of cardiovascular disease and that is harmful to your baby.

Body structure

The body structure can be the cause for miscarriage as incompetent cervix, large uterine fibroids, and misshaped uterus can be the reasons of miscarriage. These kinds of reasons do not allow the natural therapies affect the recovery.

Hormonal imbalance

Miscarriage and hormonal imbalance are directly linked-up. The hormonal system works on an intricate schedule, there are some hormones present in the body and if even one of them is imbalanced then that can lead to the miscarriage or premature baby.

The imbalanced hormones that can lead you and your baby to the danger are: high estrogen, low progesterone, insulin resistance, elevated Prolactin, thyroid system, and luteal phase defect.

How to avoid miscarriage?

Healthy diet

During pregnancy, it is must take the healthy diet that includes green leafy vegetables, milk, protein, vitamins, iron and other types of energy giving food that full fill all the requirements of nutrients in your body for you and your baby to avoid the miscarriage.

Medication and tests

You should undergo several required tests during the pregnancy in order to check whether you have any complication or not in your pregnancy. If you find any complication then must follow the medication is prescribed by your gynecologist or health expert.


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You need to be cautious enough as if you bleed suddenly during the first trimester that leads to the miscarriage, immediately consult with your gynecologist to get the solution to your problem.

If you are cautious enough during your pregnancy then avoiding miscarriage and complications is possible.

There is the high risk of miscarriage during the first trimester of your pregnancy, make sure that you are avoiding the tough journey and staying at home while taking good supplements and nutrients will help you to have smooth and easy delivery.