What are the most embarrassing pregnancy symptoms?

Before you get pregnant, there are several thoughts in your mind that during pregnancy you are going to have glowing skin, fresh beauty, a gorgeous bump and other different beautiful thoughts that you experience too, but let your thought get onto the land as well. There is no doubt the nine months of pregnancy is the most beautiful period but there are some funny and embarrassing symptoms too that you may experience.

Gas and fart

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Oopss! It is really an embarrassing moment when you have to face this moment OR i should say the moments because it may strike most random times. During pregnancy you have no control on your muscles to escape from this situation. With respect to the growth of baby in bump space get tight in your belly that causes the gas.


Feeling embarrass as you are spending a lot time in the toilet? Constipation is the common embarrassing symptom in most of the pregnant women. There is some hormonal development in the pregnant women during pregnancy that make the body absorb every last nutrient also which cause the constipation that is not at all comfortable to you as it often makes you wait in the toilet and leave with the embarrassing moment.

Wet breast

As your baby completes 16 weeks of life in the bump your body stars producing colostrum. That may cause the situation of leaking breast. It usually happen the most when you are near to deliver your baby.

Random vomiting

During pregnancy vomiting is one the embarrassing moment in 85% pregnant women are so prone that they can vomit anywhere. How it would when you unexpectedly throw up on the floor or your bed. It would worse enough. This situation you may face in the first two or three months of your pregnancy or it can continue for whole nine months also in some pregnant women.

Peeing on your clothe

As your baby grows so this problem may also grow, when your baby grows bigger and jump on your bladder or if you are sneezing, cough, and even laughing loud then you may pee your clothes, sometimes it is little or a lot.

Looking fat

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The worst comment ever that no one wants to listen “you are looking fat” the pregnant woman has to face this situation during pregnancy when you no longer look so thin even don’t appear pregnant yet. But after 16 to 18 weeks it would be confirm that you are pregnant not getting fattier.

Unusual hanker

It is quite common to have unusual hanker during pregnancy but the embarrassing factor is that you can not even explain why you want it when other people may be quite irritated and disgusted that what you eat at this time, such as you want to eat ice-cream in midnight or you want to eat mangoes in winter seasons or you just want eat the thing that is not available. If you do not get your desired thing to eat then you may be offended or even cry.


During pregnancy the pregnant woman feel enfeeblement and often tries to steal a quick nap somehow. You can be spotted while laying on floor or the couches of out sides of home. The embarrassing moment is that when find unable to explain the people that why it was so.

Increased sex-drive

The blood volume increase 40 to 50 percent during pregnancy especially in your lower portion which can heighten your sex drive even it may lead to more intense multiple orgasm.

Breakout as the teenagers

The nine months of pregnancy are not the same while you are pregnant can have PMS for some women. Blemishes and triggering bumps that was not seen on the regular bases in their teenage.

Undesired hair growth

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Hair improves the personality, but if hair growth is found on your chicks and chin would be defiantly the embarrassing situation for you. During pregnancy with the healthy meal hair growth is also improved. If hair growth is found on your head it is quite better but undesired hair growth can lead you to the embarrassment.

Weird marks

As your baby grows your bump size is also increased that cause the stripy stretch marks.

Even your face may get dark mask. After the delivery most of these marks will go away but stretch marks can not be vanished fully.