How to get rid of oily skin and oily face

Oily skin is all altogether a stage of getting pimples and acne over your face especially over the T line. There are various causes of oily skin over the skin, such as hormone problem, hereditary problem or any type of medicinal side effects. Generally teenagers before stepping into 20 years suffer from the trouble of oily skin as this is the time when they have ultimate changes in your hormonal level.

But, it is very irritating to experience oil dripping from your nose and chin throughout the day. Even it is very irritating to get unnecessary glossing face due to oil secretion always. Today people belonging to all age groups are having problem of oily skin.

Women also experiences oily skin tone during their menstrual period. Women getting into the stage of menopause also can suffer from oily skin tone. But there are different treatments for such skin problems. Natural and home remedies are really effective in eradicating excess oil from skin.

Oily skin is one form of the skin type with enhanced open pores, it is caused by the over activeness of sebaceous gland. When the gland becomes active it releases a substance called sebum, which is a lubricant, the excess release of sebum makes the skin oil. Oily skin is common among both the genders male and female which brings shine to the skin and also blackheads. To get rid of the oily skin follow the easy homemade remedies as described below.

The oil sebum on your face might be one of the culprits of the unnecessary oil production over your face. There are many problems or drawbacks that you can suffer from with the excessive oil production over your face. Some of the factors are whiteheads, blackheads as well as pimples. But, there are ways with which you can easily mend the problem of getting oily skin. Let us discuss those home remedies.

Citrus oils

How to use multani mitti for oily skin

Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine helps to treat the oily skin perfectly. Pick a natural herbal lotion and add it few drops of citrus oil. Applying this solution in the evening time regularly will give you good relief from oiliness.

Clean your skin

People with oily skin surely need to take an extra care, they have to clean the skin regularly with right kind of products. If they don’t do so, the oil in the skin extracts the other dirt particles in the environment which leads to blocking of pores and sticking of dead skin cells.

Red sandal

Take three tablespoons of red sandal powder and add it two tablespoons of rose water. Mix it and apply over the face. It removes extra oil from the skin and brings you a new shine.

Fullers earth face mask

Fullers earth or multani mitti is a natural absorbent and is used mainly for its cleansing and skin drying agents.
Add three tablespoons of fuller’s earth to two tablespoons of honey and mix well, apple gently to the face and rinse off after 20 minutes. Honey moisturizes the skin and gives you smooth skin.


How to get rid of pimples on oily skin

Tomatoes have the property of drying oil glands, which is very essential for oil skin persons. Prepare paste from a tomato and dab over the face. It relieves from pigmentation and cleanses the oiliness.


Use egg to close the open pores, it can also makes the skin stiff. Take an egg and separate the white from it, add a tablespoon of lemon, mint and blended cucumber. Mix them well and apply to the face and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Almond meal scrub

Take two tablespoons of almond meal in a bowl and add it four tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of lemon peel powder. Apply this paste for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Rice powder and corn flour mask

Form a thick paste from two tablespoons of rice powder, two tablespoons of corn flour and few drops of lemon. Add water if necessary. Take the paste and massage over the face in circular motion, it removes the dead skin cells present in the upper skin layer. The natural bleaching properties of lemon helps to reduce the dark spots and oil out breaks.

Skin toner

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Add few rose petals, five to six drops of chamomile oil and one drop of geranium oil to the bathing water. It will work as a good toner for the oil skin people.

Aloe vera treatment

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural remedy which can be instantly available at your kitchen garden in the form of a plant. The plant contains long leaves inside which there is some gel like substance. This gel present inside of the Aloe Vera plant, works as a wonder in absorbing excess oil from your face and skin. After clearing the pores, you can apply this aloe Vera gel over the pores and watch how well it absorbs the excess oil from your skin.  After applying the gel, you must give some time to dry. Then you can remove it from your face.

Baking soda

For excess oil secreting situation, individual must always use exfoliate which will remove the dead skin and even open the pores. You can take a small container and add a teaspoon of soda in it. Now add some water and make a mixture. Apply it over your face by dipping the cotton ball in it and apply it over your face. You need to rub this soda solution over the area where oil secretion is the most such as nose and chin.


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Vinegar is sour in taste and is really an important remedy to cut oil. Thus, it also works really well for the oily skin. You just need to dip a cotton ball in vinegar dissolved in water and apply it around the face. It is important to allow vinegar in diluted form as most of the people have sensitive skin and cannot withstand the strong effect of vinegar over their skin. If you can chill the vinegar in refrigerator before using it, effect will be better.


Salt has a natural effect of removing excessive oil as a desiccant. You can now make a solution with 100 ml of water and add 2 spoons of salt in it. Dilute it with a spoon and pour it in a spray bottle. Now spray it over your face by closing your eyes and mouth so that not a single drop of salts water gets inside your eyes and mouth to make you feel irritated. Let the saltwater dry and then remove it with the help of simple water. Since it is a very easy way, you can do it everyday to stay away from oil.

Corn starch

People prepare variety of wonderful dishes by applying corn starch.   Thus, it is quite easy to get cornstarch powder at your kitchen.  You need to take a small container of warm water and dissolve 2 spoons of corn starch in it. Apply more cornstarch if you find the water getting much more diluted. Now apply it over your face and give some time till it becomes dry completely. Then you can wash it away with warm water. In order to get the best result, you must do this everyday or at least once in 2 days.

Apple facial

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Apple is a healthy fruit and thus this can be readily available at many homes. If you don’t have one, get it from fruit shop or a supermarket. You can now make a wonderful face pack with apple to remove oil from your skin. You need to cut two apples and make pulp out of it with a fruit grinder. Now add a cup of cooked oatmeal in the apple pulp. Also add a single egg and a spoon of lemon juice. Beat the solution well and apply it over your face. Wash it away after 15 minutes.

White portion of egg

The egg white has great benefits when you have oily skin layer. You can make a pack with this to remove the excess oil from your skin layer. Break an egg and separate the egg white from the yolk portion. Now you need to whip the egg white portion and apply the same over your face layer. Let it stay over your face for 15 minutes. Thereafter you can easily wash off white lukewarm water.

Clay mask

One of the wonderful treatments to remove oils from the skin will be the clay. For this you have to take 2 teaspoon of fuller earth powder and few spoons of rose water. Mix the ingredients well and apply all over your face. You need to leave it for 20 minutes. Then you can wash it off with the help of simple water. This will easily remove all dead skin from your face along with the dirt and impurities from your face.

Banana with honey

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Honey and banana in the combined form works well remove all excess oil from your skin layer. For this you have to take a single banana and take out its peel. Now slice it in very small pieces. Take these pieces of banana in a container. Now take 1 tablespoon of honey and pour over the banana. You need to smash it and add some lemon juice over it. Apply the sticky mask over your face and leave the same for 20 minutes. Then you can wash it with the lukewarm water. You can also use a hot wash cloth to make it pat dry.