Top home natural remedies to control hair fall / hair loss

Hair loss is a continuous process and even the best products from the market cannot help you in this case. You will see some amount of hair on the comb everyday. You cannot get rid of the nightmare so easily.

Once you see the hair falling badly you would think of the probable remedies and in doing so you can really adopt ideas from the home kitchen to stop the process of hair fall.

Reasons for hair fall

  1. Thyroid – thyroids is the gland in the human body produces the hormones like T3, T4 which balances the hormones in the body. The overactive or underactive thyroid gland leads to T3, T4 production of the hormones which results the hormonal imbalance in the body.
  2. Scalp infection – The scalp is infected with the fungus and results weaken the hair roots and causes the hair fall.
  3. Dandruff –Dandruff is one of the bacterial infections to the hair and affects on the hair roots and causes the hair loss.
  4. Oily hair – oily hair is the place for the dirt and pollution on the hair. Oily hair gives the shelter to the dirt and helps in the formation of residue on the hair and boost the hair fall.
  5. Other causes – Lack of the proper diet. The minerals like iron etc deficiency. The production of testosterone, the pregnancy period etc.

Home remedies to control the hair fall /hair loss

Home tips to prevent hair loss

  1. Soak the cup of fenugreek seeds overnight and grind them in the early morning. Add the 1 tbsp of lemon juice to the paste and mixes them well apply on the hair scalp and cover your hair with the shower cap. Wait for 20 minutes. Then wash the hair with cool water. The fenugreek seeds remove the dandruff and residue on the hair.
  2. Take the one onion and grind it well extract the juice from the onion paste. Apply this onion juice on the hair scalp. The onion contains the sulfur this sulfur increases the blood circulation to the hair roots and strengthens the hair root.
  3. Take the grated coconut pieces and grind them well. Now extract the milk form the coconut  paste. Apply this milk on the hair scalp and to the hair. Cover the hair with shower cap. Wash the hair after 20 minutes. The coconut milk repairs the damaged hair and gives the minerals to the hair root.
  4. Neem is the natural ayurvedic herb. Boil the neem leaves in the water. Boil the neem leaves until the water becomes half in the vessel. Extract the water and wash your hair with this water.
  5. Boil the cup of water with two green tea bags. Apply this green tea boiled water to the hair. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash the hair with cool water.
  6. Aloe vera is the natural herb for the hair. Apply the aloe vera gel to the hair and rinse it off after 20 minutes.
  7. Take the amla ( Indian gooseberry ) pulp and grind it as the paste. Add the 1 tbsp of amla paste and 1 tbsp of lemon juice and mix them well. Apply this paste on the hair scalp. Amla good for the hair roots.

Try to use the natural home remedies and avoid the chemical hair products. The home remedies are well proved for hair loss and hair fall.

Oil message can lessen hair fall

How to stop hair loss due to dandruff

You can really omit the unnecessary falling of hair with the timely application of oil massage. You can use the right oil to massage the scalp well. Once the massage is done in the right way there can be legitimate blood flow and this is sure to make the hair follicles active and regenerate the growth of new hair.

The kind of oil message is sure to strengthen the roots of the hair. This way you can relax better and you are sure to have reduced stress in life.

To massage the scalp you can choose from the variety of oils like almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, amla oil and the rest. To the main oil base you can add drops of rosemary oil and this is sure to help you witness effective results in the process hair growth.

For the same you can even make use of argan oil, emu oil or wheat germ oil. Use your fingertips to message the oil well on the scalp. The process should be repeated at least once in a week.

To stop hair fall you can even take to the application of the licorice root. This is the kind of herb which can really prevent the loss of hair. This will also prevent damaging of the hair. The kinds of roots come with mollifying properties and this helps in opening the pores of the hair follicles.

The root will also cause smoothening of the scalp and help the same get rid of all sorts of irritations. This is the best way you can get rid of dry flakes too. Licorice root is a good remedy for conditions like baldness, hair loss and dandruff.

The root of licorice to stop hair fall

For the treatment you need to collect the roots of Licorice and then you should grind the same to be used for making the mixture. The root should be mixed well with one cup of milk and to the same you can add a teaspoon of saffron.

Now, all the ingredients should be mixed thoroughly. Now, this is the mixture to be applied on all the bald patches before going to bed. The mixture should be allowed to stay for the entire night. Once you get up in the morning you should wash the hair properly.

This remedy should be followed once in every week. People also have licorice in form of tea. You can drink the tea for at least three times in a day. This will do good to your health and will also initiate better hair growth.

The effects of curd on the hair

Best tips for hair loss prevention

You can use curd for hair fall. Curd is a fabulous solution which can at best help in improving the quality of the hair. This is the best remedy for preventing loss of hair. Curd is known as the sort of hair conditioner and this is the reason it is sure to have good effects on the hair.

First, you need to mix curd with black pepper. Then it is time to apply the same on the hair. After the curd turns dry you should see to the fact that the hair is washed off in the right manner in order to eliminate all traces of curd.

Curd can also be mixed with honey and then applied on the hair. Once you mix curd with honey or lime juice it really works in providing the right moisture to the hair. At the end the effect is wonderful.

Curd is also known for making the hair so shiny. This is the sort of natural component which can act best in fighting dandruff. Once the dandruff is gone you would no more suffer from the problem of hair loss.

To stop hair fall you should avoid eating junk foods

If you want to get rid of hair fall you should stop having junk foods. The kind of unhealthy lifestyle is sure to bring about negative effects in life and this is sure to have worse effects on the health and hair of the person.

When you eat processed food it can really cause a hike in the amount of toxins in the body. However, if you want to prevent the building up of the toxins you should drink plenty of water. It is important that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

This will reduce the level of toxins in the body and will also help hair loss in the process. In order to maintain the right hair condition it is vital that you eat homemade foods. The kinds of foods will help you have the best of health state ever.

It is important that you manage the wet hair rightly

It is important that you handle the wet hair gently. Rough combing of the wet hair can make the same get tangled and this can cause unnecessary hair loss. The hair tends to break when it is wet. This is the reason you have to be careful when brushing the strands.

Stop using heat styling equipment’s

If you want to avoid frequent hair fall you should avoid the application of heat styling equipments. Rather than thinking of various ways by which you can stop hair fall it is essential to be careful and stop the application of heat for the purpose of styling the hair strands.

The heat tends to dry the hair shaft and in the process the hair becomes frizzy. After some days the hair is sure to become brittle and this can cause unnecessary hair fall at the end. So, it is best that you stop using the heating apparatus to make the hair stay in the right state.