How to make hair straight without straightener?

Straight hair has become a great fashion today especially when you are going to show off to your friends and relatives. There are many temporary ways with the help of which you can easily retain your straight hair for a long time. Since the hair styling goods have become quite cheap in the market, maximum people are using the hair straightener in order to make their hair straight. But, they are not aware what harm they are creating to their hair. After using this for some days they ideally ends up with damaged hair. Hair fall and roughness on your hair will be the adverse effect caused due to use of straightener for hair styling. If you can avail an alternative way to make your hair straight, this will ideally makes your hair straight without side effects.

Ways to make your hair straight without straightener

Using moisturizing shampoo

If you have been using a simple shampoo that might not make your hair look great. But, using a moisturizing shampoo will make your hair healthy and attractive. Not only this, you can get a straight hair without using a straightener. If you have curly or wavy hair, they will have a tendency to get dried easily. If you use a moisturizing shampoo, this will ideally make your hair shaft smoother and attractive. Your cuticles will be less prone to frizz and breakage.

But do not select the moisturizing shampoo randomly. Rather choose the shampoo after having a look at the user reviews. The one that has better review must be chosen. The better hydrating shampoos are very well available in the market. You must avail it at once.

Protein & moisture

Conditioners are really important for your hair as they create a protective film on your hair that will make your cuticles smooth and also will help in reducing frizz.  There is also a good penetration inside the hair which gives rise to hair strengthening. Thus, you must have an alternative that include both protein as well as moisture. Your hair will be very well elastic without any breakage.  A protein conditioner that includes keratin as well as wheat will be ideal for your hair.  You can now get many products of this type in the market.

Deep conditioning

If you want your damaged hair straight, it cannot be done in a fraction of a second. You need to transform your hair from damaged to fine with the help of deep conditioning. You must always stay away from the products that are rich in silicon. The deep conditioner contains castor oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E. Either you can get the deep conditioning from the market or can easily make a natural conditioner right at home.  For this you have to take either a cup of whole milk or coconut milk. Now add a spoon of honey in it. Mix all of it really well and apply over your hair. Keep this over your hair for 20 minutes and wash it away.

Dry your hair under cool air

It is true that hot hair can damage your hair but cool air is not at all harmful for your hair. After washing your hair you should not use hot blower to dry your hair. You can do this by stay under the fan till your hair is not dry. Do not use a hot air blower as this will make your hair rough and frizzy. You can also stay under sun for long to make your hair dry.

Straight comb along with straightening fluid

Once your hair has become medium dry, you must comb your hair straight from root to tip without making a curling attempt. Also do not use a round comb if you want to make your hair straight. Use a wide or a medium toothed comb to pull your hair gently from the root to tip. There after use anti frizz and straightening spray that has no oils or silicon. If you want thicker oil, use the argan oil for making it look thick. The natural way of making hair straight is very effective as this will not cause any harm to your hair at all.

Using pin for straight tresses

Once you have washed your hair, swept it to one side and make a long part with a natural part line. Now you need to use your hand and grab your hair from one side which has the width of 1-2 inches just near your temple. Now you have to use a medium toothed comb to make your hair smooth up even at the top of your head. Use the bobby pin to secure it. Now take another section just beside the first and carry on with the same process. Carry this with all your hair and pin all your hair making a circular pattern around your head. Now wrap your hair with a silk scarf. After an hour open the scarf and use the spray and unpin your hair and now comb it straight and you can get a straight hair in a natural way.