How to prevent hair fall – Tips for fast hair growth

A perfectly healthy and shiny hair always boost your confidence level up and of course enhance your look, pollution, diseases, scalp problems can suck the life out of your hair and make it look dull, prone to breakage. Here is a list of some brilliant home remedies for the solution.

You must have come across the critical situation of hair fall for an extended period of time. But, did you ever find out the actual reason behind it? Is it not the chemical and styling techniques that you have been using so far? Yes, it seems you are creating a mess out of your natural hair texture.

It is the time to stop those artificial styling mechanism and go ahead with the natural remedy. Yes, this article will vividly speak about the homemade ways to stop hair fall and generate the hair growth. Let us find out from this article.

Top homemade tips for hair growth and to stop hair fall

Rubbing scalp

Best fruits to control hair fall

After having your head bath with the cold water, rub your scalp heavy for good amount of time until a condition of warmness produced on your scalp.

By this treatment the sebaceous glands will be energized and helps to fuel the blood circulation in the affected area and makes the hair growth healthy.

Use amla oil

Boil the coconut oil with the addition of the amla pieces, let the amla pieces ooze the liquid into the oil. Leave the solution for a minute or two in order to turn to warm from very hot. Apply this oil to the hair with your fingertips and leave for whole night or one to two hours. Wash off with your normal shampoo. It works as a hair tonic and helps for the growth of the hair.
Alternatively, mix the juice of lemon and amla and use it as your shampoo. This remedy will also stimulates the hair growth and restricts hair fall.

Use lettuce

Using lettuce can help prevent the hair loss. Prepare a solution from spinach juice and lettuce, take this mixture about half litre a day to improve the hair growth.

Mustard oil

How to control hair fall

Mustard oil when boiled with the addition of henna leaves gives a mixture that is very good to stop the hair fall. Take mustard oil about 125 ml and mix it with 30 grams of henna leaves.

Boil them both and filter the oil and store in a container. Doing regular massage with this oil not only stops the hair fall but also works tremendous for the hair growth.

Coconut milk

Applying coconut milk to the scalp is one of the best homemade remedy to stop hair fall. Grind the coconut pieces and extract the milk from it. Apply it over the scalp and hair roots and then massage for five to ten minutes. It nourishes the hair and promotes for the healthy growth of hair.

Other remedies

Applying the coconut oil which is mixed with lemon extract to the hair restricts the hair loss and lengthens it. Dab the coriander leaves juice to the scalp, it is also considered to be a good treatment for the healthy hair.

To increase the hair length, wash your hair with the paste formed from fenugreek seeds and cooked black gram. Another remedy to increase the hair growth is applying castor oil as your daily hair oil.

Diet care

Stop hair loss due to dandruff

Health of the hair not just depends on the external applications whereas the proper diet is very necessary. Correct your diet with the add up of food that is having nutrients, proteins and vitamins.

It is found that diet prepared from adequate amounts of seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables will provide sufficient amounts of nutrients and proteins that are important for the hair growth.When these food items are added with the certain special foods like milk, yeast, liver, honey, vegetable oils, wheat germ and eggs will increase the hair growth.

A nice oil massage

This is one of the most popular home remedies for obtaining healthy, strong hair, recommended by mothers and grandmothers more than often. Nature has an array of effective fragrant oils at your disposal. From the usual coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil to lavender oil, rosemary, jojoba oil, the list doesn’t end.

Every type of oil has a benefit of its own. Massage your scalp everyday thoroughly with any hair oil by heating it. This is sure to solve a multiple hair related issues.

Shana seeds for strength

These are easily available at any retail ayurvedic store. It is believed to be a great ingredient for hair loss. What’s more? It stops hair loss too. The steps to make a hair pack with it are simple.

All you need to do is to grind some seeds to make a powder. Mix this with coconut oil and stir well to form a paste. Massage your scalp nicely with it, leave it to dry for about 15 minutes, shampoo your hair after it.

Effect of egg white

Best hair oils to control hair fall

Egg is perhaps the best source of protein. This protein is the physical unit of hair strands. Egg white has healing properties. It re energizes the scalp and also brings back the lost shine (and glory) of your hair.

For long, strong, healthy hair, you have to break some eggs, collect the white portion leaving the yolk. Apply it on your hair as a hair mask. Follow this process at least once in a week.

Nothing like amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry is effective for almost all types of hair and scalp issues. Freshly extracted amla juice combined with coconut or almond oil can be rubbed onto the scalp. It will help to cover greys making it look black, shiny; smooth just the way you want it.

You can also make a hair pack using soaked pieces of amla to go with 1 tsp of eucalyptus oil. Store this mixture in an iron container overnight. Add egg and curd to it to prepare a thick paste. Apply thoroughly, leave it until it dries. Wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Goodness of neem

Neem has all the goodness of nature you need for the hair of your dream. Its anti-bacterial, antifungal., antiseptic properties also protects you hair from breaking and it keeps your scalp healthy as well.

To use, simply boil some fresh neem leaves, continue boiling until half of the water is soaked. Let the remainder cool. This liquid should be applied daily on your hair for quick, visible change.

Henna’s healing power

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Who is not aware of the properties of henna? From enhancing your hair texture, covering greys, fighting baldness to repairing split ends, it does it all. Raw henna paste can be applied weekly.

You can also prepare a fantastic hair pack by adding 2 tbsp of amla juice with fresh henna paste. Add a little water to get the consistency. Apply it on your hair and scalp using a brush. Relax for about an hour. Then wash it off well with a shampoo. Repeat this method thrice in a week. The result will not leave you disappointed.

Harness the power of curd

Curd works like a food for your hair providing the necessary nourishment for the growth and strength of the hair. Nothing prevents hair loss like this one. This ingredient not only stops hair fall but also give your hair a silky, shiny, smooth touch. To make a pack, blend it with some mustard paste or honey.

Curd is used in henna packs as well to increase the effect of it, it is like a positive catalyst. Apply any curd pack thrice week. Do not forget to rinse with a shampoo after using.

Awesome apple cider vinegar

This ingredient is a multitasker. It is a very common kitchen ingredient. To get the glow on your hair, you just have to add some drops to plain water and use this mixture every time after shampooing. ACV doesn’t have a strong smell but if you want, you can blend it with a little rosemary oil to remove the mild odor.

Greatness of grape seed oil

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It is one of the most useful treatments for hair. It also offers multiple benefits. It is a hair conditioner, strengthener as well as a shield against major hair issues like dandruff; hair damage etc.

grape seed oil can be extracted by boiling the seeds into water. This oil is for regular use.

Some changes in your diet

Nourishment and protect is always inside out otherwise incomplete. It is essential to feed yourself with the food items that improve the condition of your scalp and hair from the inside. Hair is made of proteins. Vitamins help in the proper blood circulation in the scalp. You must include a lot of green vegetables like spinach, citrus fruits, beetroot etc. on your platter.

Oil champi

These days we must have totally forgotten about putting regular oil on hair. But putting oil to hair is a necessity. Just the way we eat food to live; our hair also requires food to survive.

This oil will get into the roots of each hair and give ideal nutrition. This will help your hair to stop its fall and get a proper growth. You must do this oil champ with any natural oil such as coconut, almond or olive oils.


Natural shampoos to fight hair fall

You must have heard about the shikakai. This is a soapy herb that has been used by people long ago. There was a time when shampoos were not present in the market.

Even the soaps were not available. Shikakai is the natural soap that help your hair to get clean without the effect of chemicals. Thus, your hair will grow thick and gain its strength.

Onion juice

Many of us are still not aware about the benefit of onion. You can now extract juice from onion and apply on your hair. Apply it in such a way that it covers your head and even the roots of the hair follicles. This will be really effective for you as it stops the hair fall rapidly and initiate the hair growth.

You can avail this remedy regularly to stay away from the problems of hair. You must go ahead with this remedy instead of medicines and other cosmetics.