Top reasons to stop gambling addiction

Gambling is considered as an illegal form of gaming. Gambling is the most layman and simple explanation of the vice which involves wagering of some valuable material or money. Digging deep into history, primeval stories of Gambler’s express grief, the Mahabharata is an example of the popularity gambling gained in that era. It is very tough to locate the exact time when gambling was introduced to the world, but according to different religious norms and beliefs, it is considered as a sin. Gambling is prohibited under Islam, while the Jews dismissed all the court officials who were professional gamblers. In Astroshastra, gambling is something which is measured as an act of evil and taxation was charged on it. A person can gamble in a game of ludo, betting, horse race, cricket matches, poker and other card games, online gambling and betting, etc. According to records, gambling has multiple social consequences and is prohibited in many countries. Now questions may arise that why people gamble if it is prohibited, marked as a sin, etc. The answer to all the questions is money. Gambling is a process of earning fast and easy money. It is an act of monetary gains, where once a person starts gaining and gets himself indulged into it deeply, it’s tough to get rid of it. Once you get addicted to it, no matter if you gain or lose, you are not giving up and that’s what creates all the mess. According to Newton’s third law, we all know that every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Now we will discuss and describe the reactions to your action.

Reasons to stop gambling

Huge losses

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For a gambler, losses aren’t limited to money. An unsuccessful gambler has to face a lot of losses, starting from monetary losses to loss of sleep, peace, happiness, relationships, etc. It’s not that a successful gambler won’t face any losses, for him any loss is a huge loss. Be it anyone, if that person faces a loss, he almost losses his mind. Starting from a normal person to a reputed businessman, loss suffered due to gambling is always the same. The person may not lose his interest in gambling as it is addictive but he will surely lose everything he had. It has been seen over the years that many people have lost everything, even their life just because of being addicted to gambling.


Gambling is a game of earning easy money which doesn’t need much publicity. Once you are introduced to this world of illusion where you always want to earn easy money without much hard work, you cannot escape easily. It has been seen that, kids always have a tendency to explore things, especially teenagers who are always on the verge of getting into new things.


It has been noted that gamblers are the loneliest people. It’s not because of them but because of their addiction. A gambler, when addicted to gambling has no connection with the rest of the world. All he understands is a game where he needs to earn money to clear his previous debts. People often hate to be with a gambler. Family members feel annoyed when the gambler is around them. Their life partner often moves away from them due to their bad habit of gambling.

Quarrels and abuses

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Quarrels and abuses is a part of a gambler. Just as nations raise war where people die, like that only gambling raises quarrels and abuses where relationship dies. When a gambler losses in a gamble, he almost losses his mind. He gets into a fight with anyone and everyone. The frustration of not being able win the money leads to domestic violence.

Excessive flow of cash

As gambling is all about cash, so the flow of money is high. A gambler can sell anything valuable to get some money for to gamble. When they are completely bankrupt, they go for the loan sharks. These people give money on loan and if you are unable to pay back the money you took as loan, they will take away everything from you, even your life to get back their money. If we can measure the crime rate with gambling, maybe we’ll see that gambling holds most of the reasons for the growth of crime rate. Theft, murder, domestic violence, etc are mostly caused due to gambling.