Homemade tips and remedies for tanning skin

It is not always proper to have the kind of tanned skin texture. Tanned skin does not look good on all occasions. However, you will not get too many products at the market which can help your skin get rid of the tanned texture.

This is the reason you can at best try for the home based remedies to help the tanned skin look normal and perfect. In fact, it depends on the part of the world where you live that whether your tanned skin would be entertained.

In fact, if you feel that the sort of skin texture is not the right tone for your skin you can always try with the home remedies to make your skin appear absolutely normal.

Home remedies for sun tan

Lemon juice works fantastically on tanned skin

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Lemon juice can really help in removing skin tanning. The kind of natural element comes with all the natural skin bleaching features and this is the reason it can be used in reducing the tanned texture of the skin.

First you have to detect the parts of the skin which have turned tanned so badly. It is time that you apply the lemon juice in the particular portions of the body. Once the juice gets dry you can wash off the part of the body with normal water.

Yogurt is a wonder solution for tanned skin

You can even use yogurt for tanned skin texture. It is an effective component in matters of reducing sun tan. It helps in cooling the skin and at the same time can even treat the redness of the skin.

Yogurt also helps in tightening the pores of the skin. You can take a cup of yogurt and add to it juices of tomato and cucumber. To the same you can add half cup of gram flour.

Now, mix all the things well before you apply the same on the neck and face area. After application the pack should be retained for 45 minutes and then it is time for you to rinse off the same using cold water.

The effects of mixed juice of lemon and cucumber

The juice of cucumber is extremely beneficial for the tanned skin. Cucumber juice can cause cooling effect and this helps in soothing the skin texture to the maxim.

This is the best way one can eliminate sun tanning. Cucumber has vitamin C and this helps in keeping the skin moisturized and in the process the wellness of the skin is perfectly maintained.

However, it would be great you can mix the juice of cucumber along with lime juice and then apply the same on the skin. This is sure to have a double effect on the texture and after you have retained the juice mixture for thirty minutes you can wash off the same with normal water.

Turmeric and gram flour for the skin

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You can use turmeric with gram flour in order to treat the kind of tanned skin texture. This is also the solution to help in the process of skin exfoliation. To the solution you can even add portions of milk and rose water.

In case you want to increase the portion of the pack with something substantial then you can well add the paste of orange peel to the same. First it is required that you clean the tanned areas properly and then it is important that you apply the pack on the designated portions of the skin.

You have to keep the pack for thirty minutes and after it becomes dry you have to make the pack soft and then wash off the same by using water. You have to make use of both clockwise and anti-clockwise methods to rinse off the pack rightly.

Lentil can diminish skin tanning

In order to remove the bad effects of tanned skin you can make the best use of red lentil. You can combine the lentil with alloy and to the same you can add extracts of tomato. In the process the pack becomes so effective for the skin and it can also cause the kind of skin rejuvenation.

You can easily make a rough paste of lentil along with aloe and tomato extracts. This should be applied on all parts of the face and kept for half an hour. At the end you can remove the pack using cold water.

Papaya and honey for the tanned skin

You can make an effective pack of honey and papaya for the tanned skin. These are ingredients that can cause brightness of the skin texture and can also cause the sort of skin rejuvenation.

Papaya is known to have the best of skin whitening properties and the same can cause extreme skin renewal and it is counted among the exfoliating products for the skin.

On the other hand honey will make the skin supple and soft and this is the reason both of the components together can really prove to be effective for the sort of tanned skin texture you want to get rid off.

Yogurt and orange juice can reduce skin tanning

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You can even mix orange juice with yogurt to get rid of tanned skin. This is the great mixture to help you get rid of the tanned lines. You just have to make the right paste with two tablespoon of yogurt and some orange juice.

You have to make the mixture and apply the same on the skin. Now, it is time for you to leave the mixture for thirty minutes and then you can wash off the same well with normal water.

Milk and strawberry together can remove skin tan

You can get rid of tanned skin with the application of milk and strawberry. Take some strawberries and crush them well and then it is time that you mix them well with fresh cream milk. Now you can apply the pack specifically on the tanned portions of the skin.

The pack is magical and it makes the tan get reduced and at the same time cause the skin to glow. You can keep the pack for thirty minutes and then it is time for you to wash off the same with normal water.