What is the right time for the mammograms test?

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast for signs of breast disease. The mammogram can detect cancer in its early stages to make treatment successful. This method is also known as Digital mammography.

People have become quite alert about their health conditions. A vital organ in every woman’s body is breast. Several problems are detected in maximum of women related to breast whether she is an unmarried women or breast feeding mother. Mammograms test is a wonderful way to detect such problems. This is a test that clicks the internal picture of the breast just like an X- ray. This helps in detecting any types of diseases or issues that is associated with your internal part of breast. The test must be done as per the schedule given by physician or experts.

Mammogram is a life saver

How to prevent breast cancer

There are number of death of women caused by breast cancer. Mammogram is a safe low dose X-ray to show any abnormalities in the women’s breast. Mammograms have reduced the risks of dying with breast cancer in women over the age of 50. Some people believe that exposure to radiation have negative results. Experts have proved that the risk of screening is minimal when compared to the number of women saved when cancer is detected earlier.  Mammogram is one of the latest technologies in the medical field which is used to save the lives of women. Recently digital imaging is introduced in which the images of mammograms are stored and saved electronically on computers. MRI or Magnetic Resonance imaging is an alternative to mammography. MRI is a combination of magnet,radio waves and a computer. It reveals much detailed images than mammography

What does mammogram show?

A screening mammogram is afool proof method to detect breast problems even before the lump is formed. It takes x-ray pictures of the breasts from different angles. Extra views of the breast can be taken to look for any changes in the breast these are called diagnostic mammograms. Mammograms depict two types of changes in the breast—Calcifications are small deposits of minerals on the breast tissues they appear like white spots on the pictures. They may or may not be cancerous.   Masses can be changes like cysts, sacs and non-cancerous or solid tumors. A mass requires a biopsy to see the cancer cells in them.

When to get a mammogram?

In the modern times it is recommended that women after the age of 40 should get a mammogram done once a year. In cases of family history of cancer of the breast orovaries, this mammogram must be started an earlier age

Things one should know about getting a mammogram

Cancer prevention tips

  • A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast which can find breast cancer that is too small to feel. Early detection can give more treatment choices.
  • The best time to get a mammogram is after the period when the breasts are not so tender. If it is done after menopause it should be done at the same time every year.
  • Deodorant, perfume, powder or lotion tend to change the picture  make it hard to read the mammogram
  • Mammogram should be taken every year even if one had breast implants.
  • Mammogram can save life  as treatment and cure is certain if started at an early stage
  • There is no need fear mammogram. It is a fast procedure of 20minutes. It is a safe method and there is very little discomfort to most women.

How does mammogram work?

A mammogram uses a machine designed to look at only the breast tissue.  The machine has two plates that compress the breasts making the tissues spread apart.  In Standard mammogram the pictures are printed on large sheets.  A digital mammogram is like standard mammogram but the pictures are recorded and saved as files on the computer. Digital images can be sent online forspecialist’s opinion.

Advantages of mammography

Mammography makes it possible to detect cancer early and that increases the chances of survival. It is not a treatment but it leads to other tests which may be helpful.  Breast cancer deaths can be prevented in women above the age of 50 who get regular mammography done.

Disadvantages of mammography

Cancer prevention tips

  • Screening does detect but there can be false positives also
  • There can  be overdiagnosis when screening detects cancer which would never have been diagnose  if she was not screened and that cancer would not have had any effect on her health.
  • Mammograms do not detect all aspects  of cancer. There are some breast cancers that are untreatable even after being detected early.

Right schedule of mammograms test

If you are among the women who conduct mammogram tests on a regular basis must also take care of the schedule. The researchers found out that, if there is a discrepancy in mammograms timings it may not provide an accurate result. According to the specialists, the test must be scheduled during the menstrual cycle when you are in the first day.

Timing as per previous studies

The report on timing for the mammogram test differs from one place to another. According to the previous studies, this test must be conducted during the first half of the menstrual cycle of every woman. Another group of researchers’ do not agree with the same. Thus, they say during this time breast density of a women can be low. Thus the result may not be appropriate. As a matter of fact, the breast density is the factor which affects the performance of mammography. This is the time when the tissue remains totally dense. Thus, it becomes hindrance in finding out breast cancer.

Age for mammogram test

Mammogram test is not for all age group. Rather, a specific category of ladies with a particular age group must go ahead with such test. Women within the age of 35 to 54 years of age must go ahead with mammogram test. You must take advice from the expert dealing with the test about which will be the suitable period when particular women must proceed with the Mammogram test. Don’t overlook the seriousness of test; it really can save your life.