Stem cell therapy to control hair loss and generate new hair regrowth

Today, inclination over an unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, atmospheric changes, hormonal imbalance are some reasons promoting hair loss ,baldness and hair fall.

This problem is not menial as, looks along with good hair means a lot for the overall appearance and boosting up the confidence.

Long and lustrous hair is something we all desire, but the situation is worsening and medication of the same might lead to other reversal effects on the body.

A latest therapy is so devised in order to get treated by this unwanted dilemma. It is a recent technology which provides treatment against male pattern baldness, hair fall, hair loss, etc. arising from several disorders in the body and so called “stem cell therapy”.

Hairs are dear to everyone and when they start to fall like they were not ever rooted on your scalp, there are all the reasons to worry and get depressed. Stem cell therapy for hair loss can be a scientific way to get new hairs of your own.

However, just like any other treatments it has its own pros and cons and might or might not be suitable to give you the desired end results.

However, the good thing about stem cell therapy for hair loss is that, it has a good record and many have actually got their hairs back through this process.

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This is a revolutionary treatment and provides hair growth within 3 to 4 weeks of the treatment. The rise in hair density is also observed by 30 to 40% after three sessions of the treatment. Generally, six sessions are required. Once a week in every 10 days, and in almost 2 months the problem can be controlled to a great extent.

Along with the treatment supplements are also given to the patients. Stem cell therapy triggers the dead hair follicles and transfers them into healthy follicles providing growth of new hair.

No one can ever deny about the fact that hair loss is a factor of largest depression to people.  There are different factors that can give rise to hair loss in people. Pollution is one of the factors which contribute in hair loss of people.

Even the water which we use in order to wash our hair can also be one of the factors that can give rise to hair loss. There are different ways through which hair loss can be controlled.

There are varieties of hair masks, shampoos as well as conditioners in the market that are available in the market for controlling hair fall exclusively. But, all might not be suitable.

Today, stem cell therapy is a new technology that can help controlling hair loss from your head and even initiate generation of new hair.

It is a non surgical treatment and is really very useful and effective for individual availing the same. Step cell is generally present in the middle of the follicles which help in getting the hair cells multiplied. This is exclusive way of treating baldness or hair loss.

What is stem cell?

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There are different types of stem cells in the body, some are developed at the early stage and are called ’embryonic stem cells’, other are generated at the later stage, which are tissue-specific stem cells or “adult” stem cells which exists in the body throughout life.

The purpose of each type of stem cell is different, a tissue-specific stem cell is used by our body to perform different purposes. There are blood forming stem cells(found in the bone marrow), and other is neural stem cells, for making brain cells.

The function of neural stem cell can not be executed by blood forming stem cells and vice versa. Therefore, every type of stem cell holds a specific function in the body’s overall movement.

It is unlikely, that a single type of stem cell can cure a range of multitude diseases. The sole function of a type of stem cell is related to only one cure and condition. Even It is critical that the cell type used for the treatment of any condition will have curative effects.

But the same does not holds true for stem cell therapy for hair, this treatment has already been proved and is being used worldwide due to the unbelievable results and no side-effects.

Stem cell therapy-a revolution

Current issues on stem cell therapy

However, stem cell therapy is still restricted with efficient execution clinically, but used with imperative diagnosis relative to blood and nervous system.The blood stem cell therapy where the blood stem cells are generating is used for diagnosing other severe diseases.

Some bone, skin and corneal diseases are also treated by this therapy, that is possible by grafting the tissue of the same stem cell. These therapies are accepted to be safe and secure throughout the globe, and meeting with wide appreciation.

Stem cell therapy science emerges out to be extremely promising. The revolution it has made for the hair treatments is extraordinary and promotes immediate results.

The other diagnosis are also making highly trusted outputs. This science is making more advancements in various treatments.

Treatment procedure of hair fall or hair regrowth through stem cell therapy

  • It is well known that hair follicles have stem cells which will easily initiate hair growth. This can be easily transplanted into the scalp
  • Follicles will effectively shrink and will easily stop responding when chemicals are used in hairs. Step cells can also be injected into the scalp. Even you can fight with baldness and promote hair growth with your developing hair follicles.
  • It is important to note that while aging, the hair follicles shrink and hardly works well in growth.

Process of cell stems therapy

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It is really very easy to understand the process of stem cell therapy. It is quite easy and can be easily done in two sittings if you have very mild hair loss.  At first, some hair follicles will be taken by doctor from your hair root so that he can process and culture the same in the laboratory.

Next is the process of restoration where blood of the patient will be drawn out then separated and concentrated adequately. This process is also known as centrifugation.

Reinjection also takes place to the desired area after completion of this process. Platelet rich plasma or PRP is also the name given to this particular therapy.

Best clinics for stem cell therapy

After getting the knowledge about the step cell therapy as well as the process involved with the same, you would also like to known about the places where this therapy is considered.  There are variety of clinics where the experts and surgeons will undertake this stem cell therapy. Some of them are:

  • Ree Labs, Mumbai
  • StemRx Bio science solution, Navi Mumbai
  • DR, Nigam’s clinic , Mumbai
  • Neurogen Brain and Spine institute, Mumbai
  • International stem cell services, Bangalore

You can visit any one of the above mentioned institutes and clinics and find out the way to get effective solution for your hair loss completely.

The cost

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Often the process is completed through more than one session and the cost reduces as you move on to the later sessions. The cost for this therapy might vary extensively from clinic to clinic and also depending on the surgeon who will be performing and assisting the procedure.

Though some clinics in India claim to provide stem cell hair replacement in INR 5000/-, believe us it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick or the procedure they will be performing will be nothing like stem cell transplantation.

In reputed clinics, the expenses you may incur for stem cell hair transplant should be communicated to you by your doctor according to your present hair condition and your goals and it is expected to vary depending on the number of sessions you will need to achieve the expected end results.

The cost for a complete stem cell hair restoration therapy can be near 1 lakh in India but it steeply varies from clinic to clinic.

In order to get the best results of the therapy and to minimize the risks it is strictly suggested to get the treatment only from the best clinics and also ensure that only the most experienced doctor is attending you.

Some reviews of the therapy

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According to most of the people who have taken the treatment from a reputed clinic, the therapy was actually effective to give results. The results were clearly visible within 3-6 months of the first sitting.

This therapy has been effectively used in many patients for treating receding hairline, crown baldness and thinning of hairs around the temples.

To quote the experience of a 25 year old guy who was experiencing thinning of hairs around the temples, the injection treatment around his hairline took 6 months to show results, but the effects that he got after 6 months were really satisfying.

In fact, as far as the stem cell therapy for hair replacement is concerned the number of people who have got it done from a reputed clinic, are not at all complaining about it.


If you are suffering from hair loss, receding hairline or baldness that seems to not to improve, you might consider opting for a hair loss therapy.

While stem cell therapy might be an effective option, there are other treatments as well, and you should pick the right treatment according to your requirements and objectives. Talk to your doctor to know the right treatment plan for you as it can vary extensively from person to person.