How to make hips grow bigger – Exercises and home remedies

Bigger hips can give you a watch glass figure which is cherished by every woman.  Bigger hips are often considered as a sign of feminine beauty and some of our favorite stars are actually famous for their bulky butts. All of us are not blessed with those bigger butts genetically, but if you really want to grow your hips bigger to get a perfect figure and you are ready to put in the extra effort for it you can actually get bigger hips without going under the knife.

The trick in growing your hips bigger lies in proper exercise and nutrition. Here we will also tell you about some home remedies that can help you to grow your hips bigger. First let us start with the nutrition part, because it is what you eat is what you look.

[How to make hips grow bigger in Hindi]

The diet to grow your butts

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  • Proteins: Proteins work as the primary building block for the muscles and if you are trying to get bigger buts, taking in protein in adequate quantity is a must. The protein foods you choose to eat should have amino acid configurations similar to that of the body, which will help in quick absorption of the protein and aid directly in muscle building. The common foods with such protein content include Fish, poultry birds, beans and eggs. So, include these foods in adequate quantity in your daily diet along with proper exercise to grow your butts.
  • Mixed nuts: Nuts are one of the richest sources of protein and good fat. They also provide different types of vitamins and minerals along with anti-oxidants which help in overall muscle building and good health. Thus promoting the growth of the hip muscles.
  • Green vegetables: Green vegetables work as the primary source of vitamins and minerals to the body and offer a high dose of dietary fibers which maintains the digestive health and promotes better absorption of nutrients. Hence including green vegetable in your diet in proper amount is a pre-condition to get bigger buts.

Exercises to grow your buts

If you are trying to get bigger buts doing some particular types of exercises in some particular frequency is vital along with a proper food. You can do all these exercises in home and do not necessarily need to visit a gymnasium for doing them daily.


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Squats are one of the best exercises you can do to grow your hip muscles. This exerciseworks out the butt muscles helping in accentuating them. You can also bring a bit of variation to the typical squat type in order to get even quicker results. Keep your legs shoulder- apart, hands stretched straight in front of you. Now bend your knees while keeping your torso up and straight. Once your body reaches at 90 degree with your knees hold the posture. Squeeze in the butt muscles for 5 seconds and then relax. Get to the straight position without bending your torso.  Do in a set of 3 for 5 repetitions and increase as you go.

Front lungesLunges

Take two dumbbells of 1 Kg in your two hands and stand straight placing your hands by the side of your body. Now take a long forward step with your right leg while keeping the left one fixed. Both your legs should be bent at 90 degrees and your torso with the dumbbells in hand should move forward. Now hold this position for 5 seconds and retract before repeating the same with the left leg. Do in a set of 3 for 5 repetitions and increase as you go. This exercises works out your hip muscles and ensures their development.

Side LungesSide Lunges

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In case of side lunges you move your legs towards the sides of the torso instead of the front as in case of normal lunges while keeping your torso up and straight. Side lunges are highly effective for growth of the hip muscles.

Side leg liftsSide leg lifts

This is a very simple exercise and can be highly effective for exercising the hip muscles. Lie on your side and lift your leg diagonally to your body with the support of your hand, till it reaches a height where you can feel the hip muscles stretching. Hold this posture for 5 seconds and slowly pull your leg down to rest. Repeat with the next leg. Do 3 repetitions in each set and complete at least 5 sets for the start.

Frog Jumps

Frog Jumps


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Jump on your feet and lower your body to the floor to touch the floor in front of your legs with your hands. Now from this posture shoot your legs back to reach the pushup position while using your hands to maintain the balance. Now pull back your legs to the first position with high thrust. Repeat this for 4 times and do at least 4 sets at the beginning.

Leg raise and stretch

Leg raise and stretch

Lie on your back and pull up your legs together while keeping the knees straight and joined. Once the legs reaches a 45 degree angle start parting the legs sideways till you feel a stretch in the side muscles of your hips. Now take them back together and lower your legs to reach the starting position. 5 repetitions should make a set and include 3 sets of this exercise in your regime.

Single leg bridges


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This variation of typical bridge can be highly effective for toning of the hip muscles. Lie on your back keeping your hands wide apart. Now bend your knees at 90 degree while keeping your feet on the floor to raisethe lower part of your body. Now raise one leg from the floor and bring it at a straight line with your raised body. Hold the posture for 5 seconds and bring the leg down to touch the floor before repeating with the other leg. Do this exercise in a set of 3 with 5 repetitions each.

Home remedies to grow your butts

The home remedies mentioned below are believed to be effective in growing your butts by toning the muscles of the place.  However, their effectiveness depends on a number of physiological factors, including the rate of metabolism of your body and the muscular structure. So, you can try them out to find if they work for you or not.

Hot oil massage

Oil massage can be highly effective to build muscles. If you are trying to get bigger hips that can give you a more pronounced figure try daily hot oil massage on your hips. Olive oil, coconut oil and mustard oil are considered the best for muscle building and toning. Take adequate and equal quantity of all the three oils and heat them lightly on a pan. Hot oil penetrates into the skin more easily and can offer better results. Now massage this oil on your hips for at least 20-30 minutes, follow with a hot water compress for 20 minutes and then leave for some time, before washing off. Repeat the treatment at least twice daily. This can be an effective home remedy to grow bigger hips.

Sea salt and hot bath

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Sea salts contain minerals in high quantity, and these minerals can be actually effective in reducing fat and sculpting the muscles. Take 1 cup of sea salt and mix it in half bucket of hot water. Now dip a thick cotton towel in this solution, take it out and place on the muscles that you want to tone. Take the hot compress till the towel is still hot, and repeat. Continue the process at least for 30 minutes, twice a day to see results. Replacing the regular salt in your diet with sea salt is also believed to be beneficial to lose extra fat.

Lemon with honey and warm water

Take warm drinking water and squeeze in a whole lemon. Add 1 spoon of honey, mix and drink. This should be your first drink in the morning. It is believed to burn fat and tones the muscles effectively; hence you can expect to see some results in your hip area as well.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix 1/2 cup of ACV with 1/4th cup of Olive oil and massage this mixture onto your butts for 15 minutes. Follow with a mild hot water compress and leave for 30 minutes. Follow this process twice daily. Including ACV in your diet is also believed to burn fat and tone muscles.

Coffee and walnut scrub

Scrubbing the skin in the right way facilitates enhanced blood circulation in the area and that is a well-known fact. You can try scrubbing the skin of your hips in order to increase blood circulation in that area which will tone the muscles and help in growing them bigger. Take 2 tablespoons of coffee beans and mix them with roughly grounded shells from 2 walnuts. Mix the two ingredients with 1 tablespoon of honey to make a paste. Now scrub the skin of the area with this mixture for 5 minutes, leave for another 5 and then scrub for 5 more minutes before letting the pack get dry. Finally wash off with mild hot water. Follow this process at least twice daily for over 2 months to see any result.

[How to make hips grow bigger in Hindi]