How to make hips smaller after pregnancy

Bigger hips are a common problem for all the new mothers. No matter how toned and sculpted hips you had before your pregnancy, after you have given birth to your child you are sure to notice the changes.

In fact the changes start to occur right from the time you conceive and keeps on increasing till you give birth. Often pregnant women tend to think that this change in butt size occurs due to sitting for long, but actually there is a hormone working behind it.

The main reason that triggers this change is the hormonal alterations that occur in the body of pregnant women and also during the child birth.

During child birth relaxin, a hormone responsible for relaxing the muscles and joints of the pelvic area is produced by the body; and as an after effect, the hips reach a maximum size right after giving birth.

However, as time passes, the hormone also reduces in the body naturally and as slowly the hormonal level of the body comes back to normal you are most expected to get back to your previous size.

However, there are many cases when women fail to get back to their pre-pregnancy size naturally, and hence it is not a wise decision to leave it on the chances.

Getting back to a workout routine that can tone your hip muscles and can help them to get back to their previous shape and size, is important to make your hips smaller post- pregnancy. Here is a guideline that can help you to make your hips smaller after pregnancy.


How to make hips smaller

Before you start with any of the exercises mentioned in this article, please confirm with your doctor if you are fit enough to get into the training.

Do, not push yourself from the very beginning as right after child birth the body is in a state of recovery and needs rest. Start with a minimum dose and increase as you go.

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate and promote blood circulation across your body. Investing 20 to 30 minutes of your daily time in doing simple cardiovascular exercises, like running or jogging or even walking can be highly helpful.

Climb the stairs

Climbing the stairs up and down rigorously can be a very effective exercise for toning up your butts right after pregnancy. Stair climbing exercises your leg and hip muscles and can be ideal post- pregnancy. However, to get effective results it is essential to climb stairs up and down really quickly.


Squats and its variations can be highly helpful for toning the muscles of the hip area and hence including different variations of squats in your daily exercise regime is vital.


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Both forward lunges and side lunges workout the gluteus muscle of the hips along with the thigh muscles and can be effective for toning of the same.

If you are facing a post pregnancy muscle loosening in the hip area, lunges and its different variations can be ideal to tone them back.

Side-Leg raise

Leg raise exercises are simple, but to get quick results it is important that you do side leg raise rigorously. Lie on the floor on your side and hold your head up with the help of your palm.

Now raise your free leg up and down for at least 10 times before bringing it to rest; repeat with the other leg. You should do the side leg raise at least for 5 sets of 3 repetitions.

Kneeling hip extensions

Hip extension exercises directly works on the gluteus muscle of the hip. Opt for kneeling hip extension to get the maximum effect.

Kneel on your hands and legs and then raise your one leg upwards while it is still bent at the knee. Hold the position for few seconds and get back to the kneeling position slowly and repeat with the other leg.

Hip bridge

This modified form of bridge can be highly helpful for toning hip muscles after pregnancy. Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent and toes up at a forty five degree angle. Place your hands sidewise.

Now push your back upwards till your knee and shoulders come in a 45 degree line. Hold the position for 2 seconds and while holding contract the hip muscles. Get back to the starting position slowly and repeat for at least 15 reps.

Standing forward bend

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This exercise will work on your quadriceps and can be very helpful to get a slimmer hip after pregnancy.

Stand with your feet hip-apart and bend from your waist while keeping your knees slightly bent. Let your head fall forward and touch the ground with your hands and hold for 3-4 seconds.

Ensure that your hips are not moving forward during the exercise. Get back to the standing position slowly and repeat.

Toe taps

This easy exercise can work on the lower part of your hips. Lie on the floor with your hands by your side. Now bent your knees and bring your legs to a 90 degree with your body.

Now simply drop one leg and tap the floor with the toe for a count of 5, bring your leg back and repeat with the other feet. Do this for at least 5 sets with 5 repetitions each.


Pile is another butt firming exercise that can be ideal for new mothers. Stand with your legs more than shoulder-apart, pointing your toes outwards; stretch your arms in front of you.

Now lower your body into a squat, once you reach the maximum, gets back to the starting position. While doing Pile ensure that your knees do not cross your feet and you should keep your torso straight and firm.


Yoga can be extremely helpful for toning the hip muscles right after pregnancy. The best part about these asanasthat makes them very suitable as post-pregnancy measures is that, they are not very physically challenging and can be done even without feeling tired.

However, it is always suggested to perform yogasanas under the guidance of a trained instructor.

The yogasanas that can be highly effective to slim down your butt right after pregnancy are AdhoMukhaSavasana, Anjaneyasana, Bhujangasana, Chakrasana, Dhanurasana and Salabhasana. Practice these yoga poses regularly and accurately to get the best results in toning your hips.


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Diet has a huge impact in the way we look. If you are trying to make your hips look smaller after pregnancy, it is important that you ensure the right diet.

Include high amount of leafy and green vegetables along with fruits and nuts in your diet. These foods can be ideal to cut down on excess calorie intake that can store in the hip areas post pregnancy making them look even bigger.

Control the total amount of carbohydrate and fat you take in daily and also check the sugars. However, never opt for starving, as it can have huge negative impact on your health and particularly during the crucial post-pregnancy period when you might be feeding to your child.

Make it a point to drink lots of water, and if possible slightly warm water which will boost the metabolism of your body. Including a good amount of red chilies in your diet can also be effective for burning fat quickly.

Postpartum hip binders

There are a number of postpartum hip binders available in the market that claim to help your hips to get back to their previous size after pregnancy. These hip binders help in toning the muscles of your hip area by pushing and holding them up continuously.

Scientifically they are expected to work and can be an easy way to make your hips smaller after pregnancy. However, in order to get the best effectiveness, these binders should be used for the maximum time of the day and right from after giving birth.

Hot oil massage

It is believed that proper massage with hot mustard oil can tone up muscles and it has been practiced in India since centuries for toning muscles after pregnancy.

Take sufficient amount of pure mustard oil, heat it up in a pan and massage your hip area with this oil for at least 30 minutes. Repeat the massage daily and if possible twice a day to help in the toning process.

Some tips to make hips smaller after pregnancy

Give yourself some time

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Proper exercises that workout the muscles of the butt are surely the key to make your hips smaller after pregnancy.

The diet is also important as it has a direct impact on the total fat storage in your body.  However, always keep in mind that right after delivery your body is still in the recovery stage and it is not the right time to go through a heavy exercise regime or a strict diet.

So, give yourself some time to get back to the original shape and do not push yourself to attain quick results.

Follow a rotating exercising regime

The efficiency of the hips toning exercises can be increased simply by changing your daily exercising plan. Do some exercises on some particular days of the week and the others on the other days.

Also include activities like stair climbing, running, jogging, swimming in your daily activities on alternate days. Regular changes in your physical exercise regime can be highly effective to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these exercises.

Reduce your sitting time

It is commonly said that sitting on your hips for long hours might be a cause of extra fat storage in this area. Hence embrace a more active lifestyle and make it a point to pace your sitting time with frequent brakes.

Do not let the fat add to your hip size

Usually, the increase in the hip size caused due to the hormone relaxin is mitigated naturally within 2-3 months of giving birth. If you are doing your exercises properly coupled with a proper diet you can get the results even more quickly.

Often, after delivery the new mothers tend to put on weight, which slowly adds up the broadening of the hip due to relaxin with extra fat storage and hence even when the action of the hormone is no more, you end up with bigger hips.

If you do not let the fat store in the hip area during this time, naturally your hips will shrink after the effects of relaxin is over.