How to stop NOSE PICKING habit in children?

Parents can observed different habits developing in their children with time. Some are good and some are not acceptable. Nose picking habit is one among the list of unhealthy habits that should be checked immediately. There can be variety of reasons for adopting the nose picking habit. Nervousness is the feature that is frequently developed in many kids due to which they nose picks to stay relieved from mental pressure. Even, they can get stressed free with this particular habit. There are certain reflex actions that kids develop due to fear, terror, nervousness and stress. Just like sucking of thumb, nose picking is also one among such habits.

Sometimes due to nasal blockage and wax formation inside the nose, kids wishes to clear them and breathe properly. This is one of the valid reasons why kids go ahead with the nose picking habit.  Even there are various environmental conditions due to which kids are quite prone to nose picking.

Tips to stop nose picking habits in kids

Speak to him

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Parents must play certain role to control their kids when they are taking a wrong step. Since you are elder and know everything better than your very small child, you must be very concerned about the wellness of your child. Speak with your kids like a friend and ask him about why he is doing this nose picking repeatedly. Make him understand like a friend and let him realize that this is not a good habit.

Repeated reminder

Once you have asked him not to pick nose, your duty does not come to an end as your kids might not eradicate this habit completely initially. He will again have a tendency to pick nose. Just knock him at that very moment and use your sign language not to do it. Your kid might be doing this in front of your guest and which might be embarrassing for you. But, do not take this like that; instead remind him not to do this with a code language. If you repeatedly remind him, someday he himself will completely forget to do this activity. There comes the instance where you win entirely.

Get something else instead of nose

Sometimes, your kid may do nose picking as a habit as his hand is always free. Just make his hand engage in some or the other way. Ask your kid to do several activities such as puzzle games, drawing and other thing where he can get interest. You can also engage your child in carrying on with some video games. Engage your child’s hand with some nuts which he has to extract from its outer shell and then consume. This way there are various other ways through which you can keep your child’s hand engage so that he does not get the scope of nose picking at all.

Cut the finger nails

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Your child can do the nose picking well as they have long nails. Being parents, it is your responsibility to cut the nail short.  Once you cut the nails of your kid, they will hardly het change in the activity of nose picking at all. Try this strategy and see how well you can stop your kid from nose picking habit.

Identify the situation

You can also watch your kid closely and see when he is very prone to nose picking. Rather which situation or which circumstances makes his nose picking activity really active. After realizing the reason why your kid is doing this nasty activity, you can easily find the way to control the situation. Thus, it is important for you to watch the activity as well as your child repeatedly so that this nose picking activity can be controlled.

Clearing nostrils

Unclear nostrils are one of the vital reasons why most of the kids carry on with the nose picking activity. Thus, you must take a step forward and clear the nostrils of your kid completely. If he has repeated problem of mucus formation and nostril blockage, see and doctor immediately and initiate eradicating the phase. If your kid has repeated problem of nostril blockage, just visit the washroom with him and clear the nostrils completely.

Drinking water

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Your kid must also drink much water everyday as this helps in creating the fluid balance. If your kid is having the problem of nostril blockage repeatedly, you need to press your kid repeatedly to drink water not 1 glass or 2 in a day but at least 5 glasses of water everyday. This will help your child stay away from this habit.

Check the allergy

It is important to address the allergy of your baby which is really quite common during the young age. When your child stays outside home for several hours, he is too much exposed to the outside environment where the pollutants get inside their nose and form bulk. Thus, your child feel irritated and keep on picking the nose. If you want to keep your child away from this, remove the source. If you can recognize the source and go ahead with the treatment of allergy, there will be nothing which will disturb your child. Automatically, he will himself keep him away from this habit.

Keeping him hydration

Block in your child nostrils with mucus can also take place if there is lack of hydration in their body. Make your child drink enough water so that the dryness of skin can be eradicated. Especially when you are staying in a dry climate and getting the air conditioner repeatedly, there will be a good chance that your baby can get some mucus lump inside his nostril. He also will be having a tendency of picking his nose.

Keeping hand busy

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This is one of the most witty and effective way to reduce the picking habit in your child. If you are viewing that your child is keeping on picking nose even in public, do something that will make him busy. Think about making him hold something in both the hands so that he won’t get even any one free for picking nose. Kids are really happy to do household tasks such as preparing bed, helping mothers in cooking etc. You can make them do any one of such task such that it will engage both the hands of your baby.

Asking to use handkerchief

If you see your child cannot just stay without the activity of picketing, all you have to do is help him/her with the use of handkerchief. Even if he is outside in public, using handkerchief in taking out mucus and dust from the nostrils won’t look odd at all. Rather, it will be a natural way to remove the habit of picking nose ideally. Even when your child blow his nose and traps the mucus in a handkerchief, the spread of germs will be restricted.

Washing his hand

Your child will use his fingers several times while dealing with the activity of nose picking. It will be your duty to keep him clean. For this you need to wash your child’s hand several times during the process. If you do this several time, one day or the other he will realize the negativity of the fact. He will think several times to use his fingers in picking which is already been washed and cleaned. It will be the duty of parents to keep their child stay healthy and active for an extended period of time. The nose picking habit will be restricted with some simple and effective habits.