How to stop twirling / hair pulling habit in children

It is better to stop bad habits in children from very beginning so that it does not haunt society and people in the later stage of life.  You might be viewing kids around 2 to 3 years adopting the habit of pulling his hair repeatedly. He is pulling his hair as some thought is stressing him and he is trying to come out of it. This is the time for mothers to give enough tender and care to the baby by holding his hand tightly hugging him and doing everything which will make him feel cozy in an unknown atmosphere.  There are other tips that can restrict your kid to avoid this hair pulling habit.

You must have seen the babies pulling their hair with the age group starting from 1 year. They take the hair between the fingers and start pulling and swirling. This habit is as bad as that of thumb sucking. There is some positive as well as negative consequence of this habit. Babies with the tendency of twirling or hair pulling can end up with complication in their brain after sometime. But, some children are even found to be really bright while that were carrying on with the process of hair pulling. But, in most of the cases the habit in children does not bring out positive result.

Ways to stop hair pulling or twirling habit in babies

Rubbing scalp

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If you can see your child is repeatedly pulling her hair, there might be some problem haunting him. Mostly stress can be a reason behind it. You can try out rubbing his scalp slowly and see the difference. In most of the cases it has been observed that child stops pulling hair and sleep due to the relaxation he acquires from rubbing the scalp. You can use baby to massage his head.

Make him bald

Another way of removing the habit of hair pulling in kids will be simply take him to a barber and make him bald. Once he can realize he has no hair over his head, there will be no scope for him to pull hair. By the time his hair grows back thicker, he will go away from the habit of pulling hair continuously. Also it is important to shave kid’s hair for twice or thrice during his childhood as this will help growing hair faster and thicker.

Repeated reminder

Even if baby cannot speak or understand the language of we adults, only mothers can make them understand and baby will certainly follow his mother’s voice. If you can see your baby holding the hairs repeatedly and pulling just ask him to avoid it. Just move your head right and left to make him understand that you are saying no to the habit. If he does not understand it in 1st or 2nd go, do this repeatedly so that he can stop doing this at last.

Mind divert

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If your baby is pulling hair, the best way to restrict it will be diverting his mind. Do something that will make him laugh or happy and see how well he responds. You can make several types of faces that will make him feel happy. Even the cartoons in the television can divert their mind. Thus, you can easily try this technique to avoid hair pulling habit in kids.

Place hat

You can also put a hat on his head so that he cannot get his hair in reach for pulling. Sometimes even after putting hat, they pulls the hat out and starts pulling hair once again. Thus, parents must be really cautious about the same and should always get the hat which is tightly tied so that the child does not get a scope entirely to pull it down. There are variety of hats and hair covering elements available in the market exclusively designed for kids. Get the most appropriate one from the market that will be staying for a long time.

Get some toys

Watch your child closely and find out he is interested in what type of toys. Some timid boys are happy with puzzle games whereas adventurous kid’s wishes to get airplanes, cars etc. You can now easily get toys to your kid according to his choice. If he can constantly play with such toys, the habit of pulling hair will be reduced automatically.  You can also make some time and play with him so that he does not get a scope of pulling his hair entirely.

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Sometimes your child can even pull your hair as they this it to be a game. For this you need to keep your hair away from him and also tie them tightly so that not a single strand falls over your face or down in other parts. Even you can make him understand that holding hair of elders is not a good practice. Rather, being a good boy or a girl they must avoid this habit. You must make them understand that this is a nasty habit and on viewing which even his relatives, friends and teachers would stay away from him. He would be treated as a bad boy if this habit is repeated several times. Soon you will observe your child getting a different shape.

Cut the hair short

If you can cut your child’s hair to a very short length, there will be less scope for the babies to go ahead with hair pulling activity. You must ask the hair stylist or the barber to cut the hair of your baby so short that he does not get the grip at all. The conservative parents might think about cutting the hair of baby girl so short as this might not be likely as per the social point of view. But, parents must understand about the health factor of babies not the social comments.

Distract your child

Whenever your children go for hair pulling or twirling you must distract your child. Go for the favorite toys that your child would like to have. You must make your child hold that the toy or the favorite material which your child really like. If you can go ahead with the process of distraction, it will be easier for your baby to stay away from this habit whenever there is a distraction.

Rewards for your baby

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If your child is adult enough you can easily make them tempt with the reward. This will boost your child and help your child to stay optimized with the pulling habit. You can make your baby realize that the activity which he or she is performing can be easily altered as well. It is the time for you to stay boosted with advanced view and make everything that motivates your baby.

Keep record of pulling frequency

Another way of keeping restriction to the pulling activity will be recording its frequency. You must have a look at the time and number of times your child keeps on pulling their hair. Once the record of pulling is administered, it will be easier for you to make restriction. You can also speak with the experts who deal with child care and feasibility. Check this out online and better zeal to get combined view with valid record.