How to stop teeth grinding habit in children?

Babies develop variety of activities from very beginning, among which some are good and others are not so suitable. There is a particular phase when the teeth grinding habit in children develops According to the report, babies within 15%-33% develops the habit of grinding teeth especially when their first teeth starts growing. They do this as an irritation is developed around the area where the teeth is going to be developed. Another phase of teeth grinding take place in kids when the milk teeth falls out and the permanent teeth develops. More than 75% of individuals loses the habit of teeth grinding when both the phases of teeth growth is over. Some kids also develop a peculiar habit of teeth grinding during the night when they fall asleep. 

Causes of teeth grinding

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There is no proven fact or specific reason of teeth grinding habit in children but researchers have found out the reasons such as: 

  • Improper alignment of teeth
  • Emerging of new teeth
  • In proportionate contact between upper and lower set of teeth
  • Other medical conditions

Ways to stop teeth grinding habit in children

There are varieties of ways that will help individuals stay away from teeth grinding habit. If you see your kids getting distracted due to this habit, it will be your responsibility to treat this habit.

Muscle relaxing

You must ask your baby to carry on with the muscle relaxing exercise so that he can get an ease in jaw movement and have less scopes of teeth grinding.  You can also try out massaging the particular area where he is prone to teeth grinding activity. The stretching exercises are also wonderful for relaxing muscles as well.


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It is important for you to feed your child with enough water so that they don’t get dehydrated at all. Sometimes even due to dehydration, your child can get the habit of teeth grinding. Atleast 8 glasses of water in a day are really important as otherwise the person will become highly dehydrated.

See a dentist

You can also visit a dentist and report about your child’s grinding habit.  He can treat and eradicate this problem easily with medical science and experience. The dentist will monitor the teeth layout and other necessary elements that have lead to the trouble of teeth grinding in individual.

Reduce stress

Teeth grinding habit may also develop in your child if he/she is too much stressed out. Every individual has their own way of expressing stress. Thus, children also have developed the same habit with their psychological behavior. You have to divert their mind and find out what exactly is wrong with them due to which they are too much stressed out. You need to speak to them repeatedly and develop a friendly relationship. They can share their though and reasons of stress and expel the habit of teeth grinding. The best time to elevate the stress level of your child will be just before going to bed.

Proper sleep

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Another reason of developing teeth grinding habit is improper sleep. Some kids are associated with nightmares while they are asleep. Something might have been haunting them for a long time. Due to sleep disturbances also people can suffer from teeth grinding habit. Due to this, people can also come across variety of troubles such as talking while sleeping, drooling, etc. You need to give your child such an environment where they can easily get proper sleep. A peaceful mind without any worries would be the best alternative for sound sleep and reduction of teeth grinding habit.

Keep away from sour food

Sometimes consuming very sour food or fruits can lead to sensitivity in teeth and give rise to teeth grinding activity. Kids are having a habit of consuming sour food such as tamarind, lemon without anything. This will lead to development of teeth grinding activity. Parents must restrict the habit of consuming sour food repeatedly. This is one of the best ways to stop teeth grinding activity in kids.

Less ice-cream

Kids like having ice cream not once but repeatedly. But, excessive consumption of ice cream again can lead to teeth grinding activity. Parents must have a watch at the quantity of ice cream consumption in children and check to reduce teeth drinding.

Know the root cause

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Before going for the treatment process or remedies, it is important to go into the root cause of it. Though it is a natural phenomenon which every child goes through during a particular age, there is nothing to worry much. The main cause of it lies with the fact that, the stage of babies come when the teeth starts coming out from gums. This is the process when the gums get irritated and baby starts doing teething.

Get a teeter

These days variety of baby accessories is available in the market. Rather, a separate store is opened where all types of baby essentials are present. You can also get a teeter over there. There is strong material and are also not harmful. Your child will bite those teeter and reduce the feeling of irritation while doing the same. Get it today and make your baby stay away from irritability.

Custom teeth guards

At night there is a good chance that our kid can unknowingly bite their tongue and get injured. Thus, as caring parents, you must go for the teeth guards. These guards are made especially to suite the size of different mouth shapes. This is worn just during the night time in order to save kids from the habit of grinding. This will also keep your child’s teeth away from physical damage.

Divert his mind

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Another important tip to keep your child away from the teeth grinding will be diverting his mind. Do not keep him idle. As in doing it he will think about the irritability in his teeth and end up with the habit of grinding. It will be better if you can divert his mind. Do something which he likes. For example some kids ideally like to listen music. If you can sing a song or play his favorite music, his mind will be indulged over there without the aim of going through the grinding activity.

Thus, you should proceed with other activities which will divert his mind once again. This is the time for you to stay stable and concentrate on the mind of your kid. This will help reduce the teething habit of your kid.