How to care dry hair in summer

Summer season have many negative effects with regards to body physiology of people. If you are staying all the time outside home, the natural moisture of your skin will be dried up faster. Dandruff can be one of the problems during the summer season as hair becomes really fizzy and dry due to summer heat heaving the skin layer inside your hair to peel off. Proper care is required for your hair during the hot summer season. Oiling is one of the effective methods to keep dry hair filled with moisture. In Mediterranean countries, olive oil was used for a long time in order to treat the dry as well as damaged hair. Oils are the great natural treatment to calm and soother hair. It gives energy to the hair and makes the hair healthier. Some of the aromatherapy essential oils are geranium, eucalyptus, bergamot, chamomile, lemon, sandalwood, peppermint, dill, jasmine and fennel. Some of the oils which are beneficial for hair loss are roman chamomile, cedarwood, grapefruit, lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary and lemon.

Homemade mask for dry hair in summer

How to protect hair during summer

You can now easily make a homemade mask that has the main ingredient as the hydrating coconut oil. Many people having locks in front of their hair might get some problem due to dry weather condition. But, you can now get an exclusive deal with homemade hair mask. You must apply the mask with hand brush or tooth brush in every root of the single hair.

Shampoo plus conditioner

You must choose a shampoo from a reputed brand which really suites you. It is important to get some advice from the well known specialist of hair or beautician who can easily point out the right product in the market. Some people have a tendency of using shampoo alone. But, it is equally important to use both shampoo as well as conditioner in order to keep the hair beautiful and wonderful. It is mandatory to use the conditioner of the same brand after using the shampoo so that your hair becomes healthy and get away from dryness. If you try out this procedure, you can easily remove the dryness in your hair.

Important tips to keep your hair well maintained during summer

You have known about your hair type and then go for the ways of maintaining. If your hair is long but think, it is important to volumize the same. In such situation, you have to use a moisturizing shampoo to get the hair stay hydrated. In order to promote shine to your hair, you must start applying it from the mid shaft and apply it till the end. This will help promoting shine to your hair. While trying out for styling, you have to divide your hair in three portions. You have to use a large round brush to make your hair look very volumize.

In order to maintain thin and flat hair, your must start the shower with the volume enhancing shampoo. If you are willing to get a perfect style, you must apply a volumizing spray. You need to spar it in the roots at the crown portion of your hair. If your hair is curly and coarse, the treatment should be quite different. Here you have to use a gentle as well as sulfate free shampoo. You should also use a wide tooth comb in order to maintain your curly hair. Oiling will be quite important in this regard.

How to keep your hair moisturized

Most of the people are having habit of swimming more times during summer season so before swimming wet the hair and cover it with thin layer of conditioner. Just leave it until you shower after your swim. It’s better if you cover you hair from sun. Avoid hot water hair wash because the heat can damage your hair. Shampooing the hair daily deprives the hair of its natural moisture. Try not to shampoo hair daily. Trim the damaged sections of your hair.

Summer season has two types of climate. One is a type of climate when humidity is too high and sweat comes out invariably. But, there is another climatic condition when the air brings dry weather without any humidity. For such climatic condition our hair becomes dry. Thus, it becomes really important to care your dry hair in such summer heat. There are some tips that will help you care dry hair when it becomes rusty with such climatic condition. This article will speak about such tips to care your dry hair.

Ways to care dry hair this summer

Essential oil

This is one of the very simple but effective ways to keep your hair nourished. If your hair is dry, it means it lacks natural oil. Thus, you should replenish the same with the essential oils. You can use jojoba oil, chamomile, and lavender oil etc few drops each and apply over your scalp for nourishment. This will be a way to care dry hair.

Coconut milk and sikakai

You must know that shikakai is a herb that has been used for years in keeping hair in a good condition. You can now make a hair pack with two teaspoon of gram flour, a cup of coconut milk and two gram flour of a spoon or two. Combine all over them and apply over your scalp. Wash away after 10 minutes. This is an effective remedy to keep your hair well nourished and free from dryness.


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Apple cider and glycerin

Best deep conditioners for dry hair

Your hair can become dry and frizzy for the fact that it lacks protein. Just like your body, you hair also requires adequate protein content.  Make a solution with a spoon of apple cider vinegar and same quantity of glycerin. Combine all of them really well and apply over your hair. Keep for 30 minutes and wash.

Wear a cap/ hat

Yes, this is for both men and women. Both the gender must wear either a hat or a cap. As the sun rays falls on your hair, it makes your hair dry and can bring much more damage due to its harmful rays. It is always better to wear a hat in such hot and sunny day. Women can also carry umbrella if they have the patience of holding it. Otherwise a scarf or a simple cotton cloth to cover your hair can also work in a wonderful way.