How thyroid does effects pregnancy of women?

A thyroid disease is a group of disorder that affects the thyroid gland. This is the butterfly-shaped gland that is found in your neck that produces hormones sometimes more or sometimes little. Hyperthyroidism means too much production of thyroid hormones that are overactive and speed up your body function that affects every part of the body. The thyroid plays the vital role during the pregnancy and it should be balanced by the proper care and medication during your pregnancy period to protect your baby from the thyroid problems.

The thyroid & pregnancy

Pregnant women with thyroid problems

For the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system, thyroid hormones are necessary. During the first two-three months, your baby totally depends on your supply of thyroid hormone for almost 18-20 weeks which comes through the placenta your baby’s thyroid starts working in 12 weeks but it takes 18-20 weeks of pregnancy to produce enough thyroid hormone.

There are two hormones that relate to the pregnancy human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and estrogen, these two hormones cause higher measured thyroid in your blood. There is the high chance of thyroid in the healthy women during the pregnancy.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be spotted easily by your doctor but can be difficult to treat in pregnancy due to thyroid hormones and other symptoms that are quite similar in both pregnancy and thyroid imbalance.

Pregnancy and the hypothyroidism

Your baby survives on your thyroid hormone in the first trimester while giving all the required nutrients thyroid hormones plays a very important and vital role the development of your baby’s brain.

Hypothyroidism is the obstacle to the proper development of your baby. The pregnancy with hypothyroidism leads to produce the babies very low IQ and may have some mental or physical disability. The proper medication and treatment of mother that is suffering the hypothyroidism can result from the normal and healthy babies.


The symptoms of hypothyroidism are similar to the normal symptoms of pregnancy like tiredness and weight gain. There are some other reasons also like constipation, concentration difficulty, sensation in cold temperature, muscle cramp.

Hyperthyroidism and pregnancy

Healthy diet for healthy pregnancy

The treatment of hyperthyroidism is different in the different people that goal to balance the hormone level. During the pregnancy it is must to have the proper monitoring of the thyroid level. The drug is taken in the hyperthyroidism is risk-free for your baby during the pregnancy.

During the pregnancy in your second trimester PTU treatment is the better option instead of anti-thyroid medicine but it should be started in your second trimester only.

Early prenatal care and the connectivity with the healthcare provider of your disease can help you to produce a healthy baby. Hyperthyroidism during pregnancy can cause problems and complications if it doesn’t undergo the treatment.

You should take the advice of your health expert to have a note which medicine you should take. In the whole period of pregnancy, it is really important to go through check-up regularly to prevent the complications in your delivery.


The hyperthyroidism has the same symptoms as the pregnancy has such as constipation, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, anxiety, sleeping and all other symptoms that are seen during pregnancy.

Chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis

When the immune system attacks the thyroid gland and decreases the function of the thyroid is the condition of  the chronic lymphocytic thyroid which is called CLT also that leads to the miscarriage.

Postpartum thyroiditis

It is the swelling of the thyroid that does not affect to every pregnant woman the postpartum thyroiditis effect ratio is 1 in 20 women in the first year after the delivery as well as it is common in the women with kinds 1 diabetes. The stored thyroid hormone leaks out of the thyroid gland due to the swelling. Very first the leakage increases the hormone level in your blood that leads to the hyperthyroidism. Your thyroid can be damaged as well as under-active as the hyperthyroidism lasts up to three months and it can occur after the one year of your delivery.

Thyroid in pregnancy

The effect of thyroid in the health of the child as well as the mother can be seen be seen before and after the delivery. The treatment and medication are must to avoid the adverse effects on your baby. There is the high requirement of thyroid hormone during pregnancy.