Are you blending your makeup the right way

The makeup products like foundation, eye shadows, bronzers and blush can give a classical finish when blending is done in effective way. There are people who thing that blending is done to reduce shine or to gain the high cheek bones when you actually have low ones. The right kind of thinking will show that blending gives that perfection to your face that you want to achieve. There are different imperfections that you may have but you can celebrate the completion of your looks when you blend the makeup products in the right quantity and with proper tools.

Proper knowledge of effects

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The makeup on your face should have a fine finish. The shaky makeup of a distorted line of the eyeliner will not give that quality that you want to achieve with makeup. You can go for the no makeup look or you can workout ways to look completely decked up for the show, you should gather some simple information. Make sure you give your skin a nice feel and keep it hydrated to wear the makeup that you have in mind. Application becomes easy and you need not stress yourself with the effects if your skin in supple, smooth and glowing.

Tools for blending makeup

Keep your face clean and the hands should also be free of oil and dirt. The fingers are often used to blend the makeup and hence keep it clean and dry. There are different brushes that you will need for blending. The foundation brush is the most important one with which you must apply the foundation. The artificial fiber is good for a finish without any smudges and streaks. The brush for applying blusher or bronzer should be thicker and should be light for proper blending of the blushes. These should pick up a small amount of the blushes and then the application is done in light strokes. Fan brushes are good for powder blushes.

Foundations can be different types

Foundations can be liquid, powder or cream based. There should be different brushes for different foundation. Use densely packed brush for applying foundation so that it spreads evenly. Liquid foundations can be applied with fingers or sponge. If you have cream foundation then you can use a smaller brush to dip into the cream and then apply it on your face starting from the center. Cover the chins, cheeks and forehead slowly and in light strokes.

Blending the bronzers

When you are using the bronzers, you must work to highlight the skin to show off the brilliance and healthy look. The dark shades of bronzers close the effects and the lighter the color, the more open is the face to reflect the colors. Use the buffing brush to add depth at a place on the facial plane and give the idea of contours at other places. Add highlighter to the areas that are higher than the normal area of your face and then blend them with your foundation all over and with the blush on your cheekbone. Bronzer can be added on the contours where the sun kisses your face. Use fluffy brush to add colors to the forehead, jaw line and the cheekbones.

Eye shadows in smaller circles

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Apply eye shadow with a brush that is small and compact. Then use another fluffy brush to blend the shadow. Blending must be done with a clean brush that does not have any color so that the perfect blending is achieved. Sweep the area where you have applied the eye shadow to blend the colors in large motions and then use small circular motions to smudge the boundaries.

Blushes on the apple of cheek

You will find cream blushes and the powder ones. The stippling brushes for blush should be used and never use a lot of blush ones. Manage a light application so that you add a translucent look on your face with a hint of blushes on the apple of the cheekbones. Always apply with a brush and then use fingers or a different brush for blending. Make small circles at the edge of the area that you have spread the blushes. Do not keep distinct lines so that your makeup looks healthy for your face and adds poise to your countenance.