Care to be taken during pregnancy for first trimester / first 3 months

Pregnancy is an amazing experience in life when a little human being is developing inside you. The period of pregnancy lasts for approximately 40 weeks that has been divided into three trimesters. The first three months of pregnancy, is considered the first trimester. During the first trimester of pregnancy it is necessary to take all the precautions for the better and healthy growth of your baby.

Intake extra nutrients

Top foods for pregnant women

During pregnancy you need to eat double for you and your baby as well, when you are pregnant you are developing the growth and health of your baby too, therefore, you need intake extra nutrients.

Make sure, you get the required daily dose vitamin D that you get from milk, eggs and fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, and of course the exposure of sun that is the natural source of vitamin D. include the food in your diet that is the is the source of calcium and fatty acids, add more food or supplements that provide you the required iron and folic acid  that ensures the proper growth of your baby.

Make sure, you are getting all your routine tests done while following these precautions during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Quit smoking

Smoking is injurious to health if you smoke then you must quit for your health as well as your baby’s health. Smoking leads the pregnancy to the several health risk and complications. During delivery smoking cause the proper development problems in your baby, lower birth weight, decreased immunity and other infections that can lead you to the danger. Smoking is not at all good for your health and your baby’s health.

Alcohol intake

No intoxication is good for your health ever, especially during pregnancy you must stay away from them. As like smoking, the consumption of alcohol is restricted during pregnancy.

Intake alcohol leads your baby to the slow growth and when it comes to learning there can be several disabilities while increasing the risk of several birth defects.


If you are suffering from any health issue and taking the medication or the herbs to fight off your health condition, you need to visit your doctor or health care provider to prescribe a healthier alternative dose seeing the condition of your pregnancy.

It is necessary to visit the doctor for the better care prescription of your health and your baby’s health.

Adopt good habits

Ideal nourishment during pregnancy

It is necessary to adopt good habits for your healthy trimester during pregnancy to prevent the complications in your pregnancy. Make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy that prevents the damages and complications to your baby. There are some habits that are forbidden for the healthy pregnancy.

Keep your self-hydrate

During pregnancy, there are some symptoms that you undergo like preterm labor, constipation, fatigue, and nausea that not at all make you happy, while keeping your self-hydrate you can avoid these problems that occur during pregnancy. It is important to drink at least 8 glasses water daily while pregnant you need to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and problem-free.

Monitor your weight

During pregnancy, you can have the experience of hankering in the first trimester. You may crave to eat anything at any anytime but you need to ensure the required calories intake. Otherwise excessive calories will promote your weight that can negatively impact your health and your baby’s health.

You need to eat extra during pregnancy for you and your baby as well. Just you need to take 300 extra calories everyday. Monitor your weight because the usual weight gain is about 30-35 pounds total during the pregnancy. If a pregnant woman is underweight she should gain 35-45 pounds and if a pregnant woman is over-weight then she needs to gain 10-20 pounds for the healthy pregnancy.

Avoid stress

It is important to avoid stress and anxiety, the high level of stress can lead the pregnancy to the problems like low-birth weight, preterm labor and other complications. To avoid the stress engage yourself in the work or activities that make you happy and relax. There are some ways that can help you avoid the stress. Practice rhythm breathing exercises, yoga or you can start avoiding unnecessary activities.

During the first trimester of your pregnancy make sure you are getting all the routine tests done in order to the better growth in your baby.