Best tips to reduce the men body odor

Normally, people think that body odor causes due to the perspiration, but the fact is that it occurs due to the large number of bacteria present on the skin. The body odour is caused when the it doesn’t get the sufficient amount of oxygen. Sometimes due to poor cleaning of clothes and irregular bathing habits also causes odour. It is necessary to follow a hygiene routine to reduce the body odour. Besides perspiration, certain food, medication, lack of hygiene and more can also lead to an unpleasant smell. The anxiety and stress lead to sweating abundantly and this results in body odour. If the odor is not bearable, even after various corrective measures are taken place, then it is best to check with an expert. The experts will discover the main cause of man’s body odour and will guide you important treatments for the victims.

Below are the reasons that why men have such strong body odour:

How to control body odor in men

  • Poor hygiene
  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Health problems
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Men are more physical than women

Whatever be the reason, some home remedies can help you to reduce body odour. Because they are easy, simple, safe and natural. They are not costly and can help you from becoming a social awkwardness.

Making yourself clean and neat is the best step than painting your self with color full accessories and attire. Skin care just not stick with how look but rely  on the way you smell too. So, here are few tips to discard your body odor and smelling problems.

Tips to fight men body odor

Men are likely to smell stronger than women. There are many natural and home remedies which can deal with this problem. It looks like that the concern here is less a problem of gender and more about the knowledge. You can deal with your body odour effectively by using easy and natural remedies and don’t be scared to visit a doctor if a stench doesn’t want to leave you.

How to get rid of body odor

To make yourself and the person next to you comfort, it is necessary to a deodorant daily. Choice the one which is not having the aluminum because aluminium may tag you with some sort of problems, especially it may leads to cancer. Sensitive people please stay down from the balance of fragrances, which can harm your skin by giving call to irritation. Get unscented one that is not having irritable ingredients and fragrances. So, make a note while choosing the best deodorants: aluminium free, fragrance-free and which is born from the ingredients tea tree extract, witch hazel, micro zeolites. These key ingredients will kick off the odor causing bacteria.

Shave the body hair

If you suspect the most of your body odor is the contribution by your underarms. Then remove the hairs present, to relieve from some percentage of odor. Use the post shave creams to discard the irritation and redness sensations. Removing the body hair will helps to smell yourself better. Getting rid of excess body hair can help you better control perspiration.

Take number of bath’s

There are some people with the natural companion of body odor, that is by natural they get excess amount of sweat and odor. To treat such cases, it is recommended to take good number of showers. Showering will wipes the bacteria out from the skin and it will work to come out of from the body odor problem. Keep the bar soap at bay and try some body wash and good smelling scrub.

Take a bath twice a day and you’ll get rid of sweat as well as it will decrease the number of bacteria on your skin. Instead of soap use a daily body scrub and daily body wash for a deep clean.

Loose clothing

How to get rid of armpit odor

Freezing with the tight clothes don’t shower you ice cubes while they waft the body odor in the air, body odor is the combination of the sweat released by body and the existing bacteria on the skin. Tights will absorb the sweat quickly, which leads to a smelly junction. So jump into a new incarnation where you wear loose clothing.

Change the diet

Garlic and onions are the known ingredients which lift up your body odor more. They contain sulphur compounds and spread out effectively through the pores. So, eat them less and stay odor-free.

The deficiency of two supreme minerals zinc and magnesium in your diet some times result for the irresistible body odor. Get the best of zinc from animal foods like seafoods: cooked oysters and  animal sources like beef and lamb. From the plant sources zinc is available in whole grain cereals and vegetables. Whereas magnesium can be grabbed from plant sources like leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, pumpkin seeds, coffee and etc. You can also jump to the supplement pool to discard the odor problem.

Choose natural fabrics

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen always don’t have the competition with the nylon – man made fabric because it is a known fact that they absorb the sweat greater and gives better air rotation to the body.

Use antibacterial soap

Select an antiseptic bath soap. Washing carefully with an antibacterial soap will reduce the count of bacteria and will help you in reducing the odour.

Towel off completely

Top tips to control body odor

Once you’ve taken a bath, don’t forget to dry yourself completely. If your skin is dry, it’s harder for bacteria that cause body odor to breed on it.

Apply antiperspirants or deodorants

Use a strong men’s deodorant or antiperspirant this will control sweat. Antiperspirants contain chemical like aluminum chloride, that reduces sweating. Antiperspirants and Stronger deodorants are available without a prescription. You can apply them once in the evening and once in the morning.

Wear loose clothing

Clothes that are tight can make you sweat even more. When this sweat merges with the bacteria, body odor occurs. Tight clothes tend to trap sweat more quickly, which can also lead to a stinky situation. You can revamp your wardrobe, by following this method.

Maintain a proper health diet

Foods such as hot peppers, spicy food, onions and garlic are the main reason to cause body odor, So it is advisable to stay away from this food. Drinks with alcohol or caffeine may also contribute to sweat. The people who have tried innumerable deodorants and still did not get any success results, then it is necessary to consult the experts for a better treatment.

Take magnesium and zinc

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Magnesium and zinc are minerals that may be missing from your diet. One of the best ways to get magnesium and zinc is by adding your diet with an everyday men’s multivitamin.

Tips and home remedies that can reduce the men odour

  • Baking soda is the best to treat body odour. It’s comparatively cheap and works great. You can also mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply on the area which has a bad odour.
  • You can apply essential oils on the body for 15 or 20 min and wash it. It is a natural treatment to reduce body odour.
  • Grate a turnip and take out its juice. Apply this turnip juice on armpits, feet or any other place which sweat. This will help in reducing the unpleasant smell from the body.
  • Instead of deodorant you can apply Apple cider vinegar it cures man’s body odor effectively.