How to get rid of bad body odor

Getting bad odor isn’t a good impression for individuals around. If you are attending an official meeting and someone gets bad smell from you. How would you feel or rather how would the other person feel about your hygienic issue?

It is a serious problem to many individuals around. Usually due to excess sweat, many people get unusual and terrific smell. It will be really an awkward position to you when you are in a date with your girl friend and your partner is not feeling comfortable sitting with you just due to your body odor. But, now there are many ways to get a control over the body odor.

How to control body odor

Keeping squeaky clean

How to get rid of body odor

If you avail all types of cleanliness and hygienic measure, there are hardly chances of getting body odor. It is quite important to get shower at least once in a day. This will effectively wash away sweat present in your body along with the bacteria. It is very important to know that, sweat is odorless naturally. Only the microscopic organism combines with the sweat, gets multiplied and raises the stink. Thus, it is quite important to wash away sweat with the microscopic organism thoroughly.

Towel off thoroughly

Just after having shower, it is equally important to dry all wet surfaces. Some people have a tendency of not absorbing water through towel just after bath as they get late for work.

But, this is not at all a good practice. Also it is important to dry the areas where you sweat excessively. Dry skin is less attacked by the bacteria. Thus, you must always try to keep your skin dry.

Application of antiperspirant or deodorants

You can now find variety of deodorants and antiperspirant available in the market. It is quite easy to get any one among the variety and make a perfect utilization.

These products are used by thousands of people around the nation as they are really effective in reducing body odor for longer period of time. The chemical substitute of this product is aluminum chloride which reduces sweating and prevents the body odor.

Avoid food responsible for sweat

How to get rid of armpit odor

There are many foods available in the market that is directly responsible for sweating. If you want to stay impressive in front of your partner, some food must be avoided.

If you are consuming the food items which are very spicy, it is the time to avoid it today. Food rich in spices and hot peppers will induce sweat in individuals.

You may consume these food items occasionally, but avoiding it maximum time will be very good for health and will help you in reducing body odor.

Squeaky clean wardrobe

It is really a bad habit to keep on wearing the same clothes repeatedly without washing them. Especially when the socks are not changed, it sweats much creating excessive bad smells.

Thus, it is important to change clothes everyday. Fresh clothing is very effective in keeping your body odor down. You can also use deodorant powder if you have foot odor.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient which is very powerful in fighting bacteria. Balancing the pH level of your skin is how it removes body odor.

  • In apple cider vinegar soak a cotton ball which you will then rub under your underarms. Then take a shower after waiting for two to three minutes. Until you get to see any kind of improvement practice this cure daily twice that is in the morning and before going off to sleep.
  • You can also add a cup of apple cider vinegar in your lukewarm bath water and soak in it for 10 minutes once everyday.
  • In a glass full of warm water you can add a little honey along with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar if you like and drink it. You will have to do it thrice everyday before taking your meals.

Lemon juice

How to treat foot odor

Body odor can be treated using lemon juice too. Lemon juice contains some acidic properties which is capable of lowering the skin’s pH level thus bacteria which produces the odor does not survive.

  • Cut two halves of a fresh lemon. Rub one half on your underarms making sure that the juice gets onto your skin. Then take a shower after letting it dry. Repeat this process daily once until the odor is removed.
  • You can also dilute the juice of one half of the lemon with one half cup of water in case your skin is sensitive. Then you can use cotton balls to apply that dilute mixture on your underarms. Let it dry for 10 minutes after which you can wash it. Keep doing this once daily until any improvement is noticed.


Rosemary is capable of preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It also comprises chlorophyll and menthol which are considered to have natural deodorant properties which neutralize the strong odor and also gives a nice fragrance to your body. It also contains zinc, the deficiency of which causes body odor.

  • Take four cups of hot water in which you add one-half cup of dried rosemary. Before adding it in your bath allows it to steep for 10 minutes. For 15 to 20 minutes soak it in your bath water and then pat dry your skin. Practicing this cure will help you in having a nice odor the whole day.
  • If you want you can also take one ounce of water add eight to ten drops of rosemary essential oil and put it on your underarms as a deodorant.


How to get rid of armpit smell

Sage is an herb with a beautiful fragrance and can also fight body odor. It reduces the activity of the sweat gland and can also prevent the bacteria form growing on your skin as it is an antibacterial agent.

  • You can make your natural deodorant using two ounces of distilled witch hazel mixed with five drops each of sage essential oil, coriander essential oil, and lavender essential oil. Put it in a spray bottle for daily use.
  • You can also take 4 cups of hot water adding two tablespoons of dried sage and let it steep for 10 minutes at least. Rinse your underarms with the solution when it cools. Do this twice a day for better results.
  • Drinking sage tea can also do the work. In a cup of hot water add one teaspoon of dried sage and allow it to steep for 10 minutes. Enjoy your tea by straining the leaves. Do not drink more than two cups per day.


Tomatoes are capable of killing odor causing bacteria in the body due to its antiseptic attributes. They can also shrink the pores and decrease sweating.

  1. Crush seven to eight tomatoes gently.
  2. To extract the juice press the tomatoes which are crushed on a sieve.
  3. In a bucket full of water add the fresh juice you extracted.
  4. Take bath using it.
  5. For controlling the odor of your body do this everyday for only one time.

Drinking one or two glasses of tomato juice will also reduce the odor of the body.