How to drape / wear a sari to look slim

6 meter long cloth draped in a particular style has a variety of ways to drape. There are also ways through which you can look slim and beautiful.

Irrespective of age, sari is regarded as the most beautiful dress for every lady. But, sari worn by particular lady might look different as compared to other wearing same one. One may look average, but the other may look better.

The reason behind the same is due to the way of draping. Some slim ladies may look fat in a particular type of sari whereas a fat lady draping a sari in a different style can look slimmer.

Particular sari is made for ladies with different height and physical feature. For example, women with short height will never look tall and slim if they wear sari with horizontal stripes, rather vertical stripes would be preferable. So, try this ways to wear a saree to look slim.

Sari draping styles to look slimSari draping styles to look slim

Tips to drape sari

Sari draping styles that make you look slim

These are some of the tips to look slim in saree. But, if you can keep the sari with no pleat at all, women would look slimmer.

Sari draping style for overweight

Sari draping style for overweight

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Even fat women can look beautiful and slimmer if the right type of fabric is chosen and sari draping way is proper even a fat woman can look slimmer and beautiful like always. Ways of looking fat woman slimmer:

  • Fat woman should always wear very light fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, georgette etc. Italian crepe and also a light blend of silk is preferable for fat women
  • You must also avoid harder materials such as cotton and organdies heavy work as this would make the fat women look fatter.
  • You can get some silky fabrics mixed with cotton to look slimmer and beautiful
  • If you are fat and bulky in appearance, wearing a sari with heavy border will be avoided completely
  • Instead or wearing saree with light color, it will be better to drape dark color sari as this will make you look slimmer and younger
  • Go for some silk with lighter texture rather than heavy traditional silks
  • Tucking sari in waist in a proper way is also important so that it does at all not brings out the volume
  • It is quite natural that ladies with fat body have a bulging belly. Thus, if you wear heavy traditional cloth such as banarasi, tant etc, after pleating, tucking the same inside the belly will be really difficult. This will increase the tummy much more.

Sari wearing tips for skinny ladiesSari wearing tips for skinny ladies

Different styles of draping sari

Just like the fat woman wishes to look slim, the skinny ladies also wish to get less fat and healthy. The perfect sari wearing tips can make them look slim and attractive instead of looking very skinny. Follow these simple ways to wear a saree to look slim. Some of the essential sari wears tips for them is:

  • Since you are skinny, it is important to choose a fabric that will add volume to your figure
  • Go for the traditional heavy saris so that your thin structure can be hidden
  • The materials such as benarasi silk, cotton, organza etc will be for you to add volume to your body shape
  • Do not wear very light fabric saris such as georgette, chiffon etc as this will make you look much skinnier
  • Heavy border to work throughout the sari will be preferable for you
  • Go for light color as this will make you look healthier than that of dark shades
  • You can also wear heavy embellish sari with lehenga style
  • You can make please of sari at your shoulder as this would make that portion look broader and heavier.

Saree draping style with cotton handloom

Saree draping style with cotton handloom

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Not everyone looks good in a sari. It is just because they don’t have the proper know how to wear a sari. If you have flabs, sari can make you look absolutely attractive.  But when you are moderate in figure, cover the portions of your body that makes you look odd. For example, belly is the portion that might be bulky.

You can easily hide that particular portion of your body so that you look attractive. Even your curves will be visible while you do or do not flaunt them in a saree draping style. Here the lady is wearing cotton handloom clothing which will keep your figure look balanced.

How to drape a saree to look slim with bi color sarees

Saree draping style with bi color sarees

The two colored saree is the best choice and simple ways to wear a saree to look slim. The color of saree plays an important role when it comes to looking slim and attractive. Some ladies with bulky figure choose wrong colors which end up with a distorted look of their figure.

Here, as you can see in the picture the lady is wearing a saree which is having a particular color in the upper portion and another color is used in the lower portion. This gives a wonderful look to the particular lady with a slim and trim appearance.

Carelessly draping style

Carelessly draping style

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Sometimes when you drape saree in a careless fashion such that the pleats are not in perfect order or the pallu is not neatly placed, you look beautiful. This is known as careless beauty. If you can see in the picture, the lady wearing a yellow saree does not have very neat pleats.

Yet, she looks really attractive. This is possible only when you choose on how to drape a saree to look slim. Also, she is looking slim and trim. You must try to keep your pallu fall down without making pleats to stay looking slim.

Waists tuck saree draping style

Carelessly draping style

As you can see in this picture, the lady with blue chiffon saree looks really attractive when she drapes the saree in a different way. She wears the saree in the usual way, but modification made is making tuck over her waist portion.

This particular attire and the style of draping look really attractive over the lady. Look at the posture she adopted. She kept a hand under which wraps the waist portion and the other one is just below the layer of saree.

This looks really attractive at the lady wearing the same. Even if you are less bulky, the style of saree draping will absolutely make you slim.