Foods to prevent the bloating and gives the flat belly shape

Bloating is a physical condition in the abdomen which gives rise to swelling of abdomen along with increase in the diameter of the area. This condition gives rise to variety stomach disorder and pains in abdomen. There is also variety of symptoms suffered by people who suffers from the trouble of bloating. The symptoms include shortening of breath, cramp in stomach, pain in left side of chest etc. But, with the help of some effective natural fruits, it will be quite easy to prevent bloating and there after getting a flat belly shape. Every individual would like to have a flat belly irrespective of the gender and age. You might have consumed fast food and fried items such as chips, burgers, pizza etc regularly. But, this can be really very harmful for your health. You must consume some natural fruits that helps getting flat belly with an end to bloating.

Belly bloating is something which you can feel all of a sudden. This is due to excessive gas accumulation over your belly. This can give rise to inflamed belly. The aerated drinks, sodium and some vegetables can make you belly too much puffed. Some people have a misconception that they have accumulated too much fat over their belly. But, actually this is not the case. This is not belly fat, rather it is puffed belly which is temporary. Let us find the food that will prevent this puffed belly.

Top food that avoid the bloating and gives the flat belly to you.

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3.Cold Coffee Or Cold Tea
7.Curd or Yogurt

Foods for flat belly and end of bloating


If you have consumed something that has brought bloating, yogurt will be a healthy food that will reduce bloating totally. Even when you are going to get flat abs, Yogurt can be of your great help. Since the yogurt contains probiotic bacteria, it will ideally help making your digestive system healthy and sound for a long time. It also prevents the unhealthy conditions such as constipation, gas as well as bloating.


Since lemon contains citric acid, it helps in breaking fat layers inside your skin layer. You can either make a lemon juice with lemon squeezed in a glass of water with addition of 1 tablespoon honey or take a juice of lemon and honey in it and consume it directly. The raw lemon with honey will be much more effective than those of diluted one. If you can drink lemon juice with hot water, it will ideally work as a laxative which will keep you away from bloating and provide relief from uneasy feeling.


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One of the delicious seasonal fruit available in the market is pineapple. Most of the people likes the taste of pineapple and thus searches this flavor in juices and other food ingredient. Apart from being a very tasty fruit, pineapples also have some medicinal properties which will provide you relief from the discomfort of bloating. Gas, Stomach upset another related phenomenon can be easily eradicated with the consumption of pineapples. Since pineapple is a juicy fruit and also have high amount of water content, it is really effective in breaking down the digestive fibers inside the intestine.


You must have seen green color spinach in vegetable market and also have consumed it several times. It is important for everyone to consume spinach at least 3 times in a week as this will increase bowel movement inside the body and reduce several problems related to bloating or gas. Spinach also has natural diuretic that will easily help you overcome the problem of gas and bloating on a large scale. But, it is better to consume spinach in cooked form as this will also help you reduce your extreme belly flab.

Green tea / herbal tea

People have been consuming herbal tea for a long time to flush out toxins from the body and keeping you healthy always. If you have the problem of bloating, you need to prepare green tea with few drops of lemon in it. This also helps in removing excess fat from your belly and making you fit and fine for a long time. You can also stay vitalized and rejuvenated throughout the day.


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You must have heard about the medicinal value of turmeric. From a long time it has been providing wonderful benefits to people suffering from various types of medical conditions. You must add a pinch of turmeric everyday while preparing your food as this will help reduce bloating and improve your power of digestion. This is also having inflammatory properties which will keep you stay away from variety of wounds, cuts and accidental scars. It is also really effective in improving your liver condition and keep your healthy and sound for a long time. Remember to add turmeric in your diet everyday to stay healthy and fit.


The citrus foods are really wonderful when you are suffering from bloating. You can have oranges during the winters when you are residing in a temperate environment. But, what to do when you facing the bloating when it is not winter? These days things has become too easy, people from a different location can easily get an access to everything in another location. Thus, you can get orange in all season and can get rid of bloating as well.


The curries that you consume should have a good amount of roughage. One of the vegetables that contain roughage is drumstick. Even this takes really well when you make curry of mixed vegetable and include the drum stick in it. You must bite the drum stick and extract juice of it throwing away the residue. This will help you stay away from bloating and make a balance in your digestive process.

Low sodium sugar

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If you are having sugar on a regular basis, check whether the sugar is having sodium content in it. If this is the scenario, you need to change your sugar. Yes, you can now get organic sugar in many stores that have no inclusion of sodium in it. In order to restrict and reduce bloating, this will be a great food. Whether you add it in tea or your fruit juice, this option of sodium will be the best. Also this helps in making your belly fat highly reduced. You can try this for a month and see the difference.