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Are you looking for the official Instagram accounts of your favorite Bollywood actors? Do you want to follow them and find out all about their lives? Read this article to know about it.

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Akshay Kumar whose actual name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia is in the Bollywood for 25 years and is well-known for his action. He recently has played socially-conscious roles. He has 24.3 million fans on Instagram and follows 5 other personality. His 1112 posts mainly includes movie posters, photos of the shows he has attended, events he was invited and some memories with family, friends and colleagues.

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Salman Khan is known as an actor who has a heart of gold when it comes to charity. He is a founder of a charity called “Being Human”. On Instagram, he has the highest fan following base of 20.9 million. He follows 8 personalities and has 638 posts that includes movie posters, movie shots and clips, shows he anchored and moments of his life.

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Ranveer Singh is a high energy star who has won everyone’s hearts with his outstanding performances in the roles given to him. He has a fan following base of 20.6 million, follows 324 personalities on Instagram and has 958 posts of photoshoots, movie posters and shots, television commercials, photos with Deepika and his life with family, friends and colleagues.

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Varun Dhawan is known as Bonafide Bollywood Superstar and also known as the new age Govinda. He has 17.8 million fan followers and is following 593 people on Instagram. His 1414 posts include selfies, movies shots and photos of his daily life.

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Shahid Kapoor is a famous and hot Bollywood star. He has 16.9 fan followers and follows 155 people on Instagram. His 795 posts include brands he represents, couple of selfies, photoshoot pictures, and photos of his daily life.

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Shahrukh Khan is known as the Bollywood King. He has won hearts with his brilliant performances. On Instagram, he has 16.3 million followers and follows 6 personalities. He has 462 posts that includes posts with Amitabh Bachchan which shows he is a huge fan of him. There are movie posters, pictures with his kids, movie shots, photos from shows and events and moments with his family and friends.

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Hrithik Roshan is known as the Greek God of Bollywood. He is famous for his dancing skills and can impress anyone with his personality. On Instagram, he has 15.3 million fan followers and follows 80 people. He has 247 posts that includes movies posters, photoshoot pictures, photos with family and moments of his life.

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Tiger Shroff is known for pulling highly complicated stunts in Bollywood movies. He has 12.4 million followers on Instagram and follows 233 figures. He has 1390 posts that includes his workout videos, poster of his movies, events he has attended, movies stunts and the good time he spent with his family and friends.

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Amitabh Bachchan is the undisputed king and legend of Bollywood. He has an outstanding personality and is a very respectable figure. He has built a fan following base of 11.7 million and follows 25 other personalities. He has 377 posts that includes his movie shots, movie posters, event that he attended, photos with his colleagues and his beautiful life with his family.

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Arjun Kapoor has proved his talent and capability in a very short time which is proved by the fan following base of 9.2 million on Instagram. He follows 751 other personalities and pages He currently has 1347 posts that includes his fitness photos, pictures from his photoshoot, movie posters, magazine covers in which he was featured and memorable times with his family and friends.

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Sidharth Malhotra is one of the hottest stars with no godfather in the industry is gradually making his way up the ladder. On Instagram, he has 7.7 million followers and follows 148 people. He has 657 posts that includes movie posters, pictures of his daily life with family and friends, photoshoot pictures, magazine covers and photos from events and shows.

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Sushant Singh is an Indian film actor, dancer, television personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist. On Instagram, he has 7.5 million followers and follows 6665 personalities and pages. He has 439 posts which includes images related to science and universe, pictures from his workout routine, his movie posters and moments of his daily life.

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John Abraham is an actor, model and producer. He has 6.6 fan followers on Instagram and follows 6 people. He has 343 posts that include movies posters, movie teasers, brands he represents and short movie scenes.

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Ayushmann Khurrana is a Bollywood actor and singer who started his career as an anchor but his performance in Andhadhun has been fabulous. He has 5.4 million followers on Instagram and follows 357 other people. He has 893 posts of events, photos of brands in which he is a brand ambassador, magazine covers, movie scenes and how he spents his daily life.

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Abhishek Bachchan is a fabulous actor and film producer. He has 4.9 million followers and follows 259 people on Instagram. He has 790 posts which include movies posters, pictures with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and their daughter, photos from events and shows he has attended, behind the movie scenes and photos with his father- Amitabh Bachchan and his mother- Jaya Bachchan.

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