Health errors and mistakes smart women make

Some ladies feel that they are very smart when they are following some routines in their daily life but actually they are not. But, they did not even realize that the routine which they are following can affect them adversely.

One of such belief is, taking tablets along with grapefruit juice can easily increase the effectiveness of some medicines. But, this will be backed with unpredictable side effects.

It is due to the fact that, the alcohol can brighten the effect of those sleeping pills and causes bleeding to stomach to some people. This is true for all those who take aspirin or anti inflammatory drugs.

Some of us are educated and think in making some changes in our daily routine. These days all of us are really cautious about our health. Staying fit without putting on weight is another important fact we must consider in this regard.

Many smart ladies too are quite cautious about their bulky body. In the hope of reducing weight they take some of the wrong steps.

They think that they are staying healthy after doing it but actually they are ruining their health. Let us find out some of the health errors which women are adopting in day to day life.

Health errors and mistakes of smart women

Salad is best

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Whenever ladies with healthy choice visit a restaurant for lunch or dinner, they always prefer salads.

But, these salads can also be piled up with cheese, mayonnaise etc which are the reasons to increase calorie content in the body of individual. Some clever women might not be aware of this face and consume salads regularly.

To avoid these unhealthy salads, you must ask the steward in the restaurant for dressing on the side. You can then dip your fork in it before consuming the salad.

This would not be as delicious as the one dipped in cheese and other forms of calories but will be absolutely healthy. It is good to check out the best option online so that you don’t face any complication with regards to your diet schedule.

Belief in skipping breakfast

Some women have a strong belief that by skipping breakfast they can reduce some weight. But, in reality it is not true. Since for the last 8 – 9 hours while you are sleeping you have not consumed anything, it is very important to consume food after you get up in the morning.

Otherwise the acid will form inside your digestive system. According to the experts, but skipping breakfast people can increase fatty layer instead of reducing the same.

Choosing low fat food or light food

It is among our common belief that, low fat or light food will easily keep the growth of fat layer reduced. Thus, ladies always prefer the food items which are quite light and fat free.

But, you might not even realize that much low fat food contains added sugar which is a reason of increasing fat layers.

Avoiding dietary products

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Some women also say no to the dietary products. In the procedure of being healthy, they are creating an ill effect in their body. For every woman calcium is very important which is provided by dietary products. Thus, these should not be avoided

Ignoring exhaustion

Due to stress and change in lifestyle, exhaustion has become quite common to women. This can give rise to heart disease.

Just before the heart attack, exhaustion will be an important symptom. When you feel tired early in the morning when you wake up, this will be a reason of exhaustion. You must not avoid this situation and immediately show doctor.

Consuming only protein

Some women think that consuming protein can keep them healthy. At the same time they avoid other all types of nutrients.

But this is totally a wrong step as the excess protein accumulation in the body will give rise to excess fat. Thus, you must restrict excess protein intake in diet and compensate it with other nutrients.

A glass of juice

It’s true that juices are healthy and is good for us. Most of the ladies have a habit of consuming very less food in breakfast, such that, they consume only a glass of juice. This is not at all a very good practice.

The juices are rich in sugar and can easily penetrate inside the blood vessels and increase blood sugar level in body. Thus, this must be suppress with other fibrous food, whole grain etc.

Excess sleep

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Sleeping adequately is good for health. But, it is totally not a good idea to go ahead with too much of sleep. Excess of sleep can take away your appetite. This is not at all a good process to suppressing appetite as this can lead to variety of health disorders.

Skipping exercise

All of us know that exercise is a healthy habit. But, ladies have taken up the short cut method to stay healthy.

They are either skipping exercise as they don’t have time or reducing the time of exercise. This is the biggest mistake due to which you can suffer from gaining flab again.