Healthy reasons to eat eggplants / Brinjal

Myths hold a wide impact on us, and it is for eggplants too or we call it brinjal, that it does not hold any nutritional content. Eggplants turn out extremely delicious even if baked, roasted, fried, or experimented in anyway and so, remains in the list of dishes tempting me. Brinjal or eggplant is also called baingan which is derived from another word meaning “non merit”. That holds a completely non- justified fact as from centuries the intake of this wonderful eggplant has helped us to remain immune and balancing our body’s cycle. It aids with all the required nutrients and beyond that it can be consumed with lots of variety and delicious taste to crave for.

Brinjals are mostly used in Asian kitchen to an aim to add taste in every curry. Brinjal fry is also quite famous among Bengalis. If you are making mixed curry, add some small slices of Brinjal into it to get delicious taste. The other name of this vegetable is aubergine or eggplant. There was a time when people regarded Brinjal as a waste vegetable that hardly had any health benefits. But, researches have worked and have come to a conclusion that, Brinjal being a fruit also has variety of health benefits. It belongs to the family of tomatoes, potatoes and peppers. Apart from adding taste to the curries, this is also very well regarded as natural ingredient to include variety of health benefits.

Healthy reasons to consume brinjal

Good for heart

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Consumption of egg plant can lead to lowering of cholesterol level in an individual. You can also get a perfect stabilization of blood pressure level and lowers the risk of heart attacks or any types of heart disease. Since the vegetable has enough content of potassium, your body will stay hydrated. You will also get prevention of coronary heart disease as the consumption of brinjal will ensure no retention of fluid.

Diabetes under control

Diabetes has become a common problem to many individuals. You must be hearing about restriction in diet schedule of individuals who have high sugar level. But, if you can consume brinjal on a regular basis, getting control over diabetes will be fairly possible. It will be really beneficial for all those who have been suffering from the effect of type 2 diabetes.

Helpful for iron production

For proper functioning of your body, iron will be an important mineral. But, even this can be really harmful if you have too much of iron production in the body. If you want to remove excess iron from your body, brinjal will again be a good option as it contains nasunin which is ideal in removing excess iron from your body. The effect of free radicals will be effectively reduced with the help of brinjal consumption.

Good for digestion

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Due to adulteration in food, most of the people can no more capable in getting food digested appropriately. Since brinjal as high content of fiber, it helps in providing good bowel movement in the body and also helps in digestion in an appropriate way. Constipation will also be prevented with very low risk of colon cancer.

Helps in quitting smoking

Since the Egg plant of Brinjal has very small amount of nicotine, it will not be very difficult to quit smoking if you really have an intention to do so. Even the amount of nicotine is so less that, you won’t be harmed at all after consuming it.

Skin glow

Since this natural food is rich in dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins, you can get clean system from within. Since you are getting your system clean, the same will be easily reflected over your face and skin. Getting a natural glow will be quite possible.

Postponing aging

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Lines and wrinkles from your face can be the sign of aging. This is the time to hold aging and stay youthful for a long time. If you consume brinjal, you can have an anti aging benefit. You might not break the natural process and stay youthful for your lifetime. But, brinjal can easily help you gaining your natural shine and glowing skin by postponing the sign of aging for some years.

Hydration of scalp

Since egg plant has good amount of vitamins and minerals, it will help in giving proper nourishment to your scalp. You can stay healthy and self satisfied with very healthy and hydrated scalp.

Helps in weight loss

Brinjal is regarded as a natural food that has high amount of water content as well as fiber. Even the calorie count will be quite low. If you are thinking about the food that will help reducing excess fat from your body, egg plant will be one of the wonderful ingredients for the same. It is really a very healthy diet with spongy texture. With good taste, brinjal also works well in making you fit and healthy for your lifetime.

However, this myth has no base and is false as the benefits and nutrients it provides leads to healthier body and life.

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  • It supplies the basic minerals, vitamins and iron a body require to keep on rolling. The nutrients it has maintains the body’s requirement of the same and that too a yummy dish being served in lots of form.
  • Eggplants also assist in sharpening the brain as it is blessed with certain important phytonutrients which enhances the blood circulation as well. The skin of the eggplant is constituted with these nutrients and offers proper nourishment altogether.
  • For managing and controlling the diabetic level eggplant has already proven its benefit, from centuries it is consumed and had helped to a great extent.
  • The diet conscious folks can fill their bellies with the same as 1 cup of this veggie hardly comes to 35 calories, good to maintain the weight but of course, more benefits when roasted or baked. It is great when baked at 400 degrees and comes under a healthier option to dig into as the form of cooking also affects the nutritional consumption, and for more reasons frying should be avoided as it soaks a lot of oil which tends to harm the heart.
  • It has high fibre content thereby provides healthy digestion. It has been a proven fact that regular consumption of eggplants prevent from colon cancer.
  • Moreover, the cholesterol level of the body is also maintained, resulting to healthy heart and avoiding heart diseases.
  • Most of the efficient nutrients in the eggplant remains in the skin, helps in removing bad cholesterol and providing effective blood circulation. Therefore, it should not be peeled off and consumed in its pure form.
  • Eggplants are enriched with bioflavonoids, which are known for controlling high blood pressure and reduces stress.
  • The capillaries gets strengthened due to the presence of vitamin k and bioflavonoids in the eggplant, henceforth preventing blood clots. The remedy of diseases are many but precaution always sustain for a long run and it is simply possible by inhibiting such multi nutritioned veggies into our routine diet.
  • Researchers have also proved its high fibre content and low soluble carbohydrate, which helps in maintains a healthy heart and controlling diabetes. However, the high fibre content fills the stomach contributing to diet maintenance.
  • Therefore, the natural remedies need to be adapted in spite of running after medicines. The veggies are nutritional and so eggplant is no way any exception and an healthier option to choose for, why not in the routine diet.
  • Eat healthy, stay fit.