Home remedies to remove oily scalp, oily hair

It is true that oil secretion is a healthy process for your hair. But, if it touches its extreme level, there arrives a problem. Many individuals are having oily type of hair and suffer from various problems such as sticky hair, dandruff, hair fall, hair damage etc. You can now see many multinational companies selling cosmetic products which are known to be good for hair. But there is no proven fact that, these particular products works for all. Rather, this can be really harmful for your skin. Now you can easily get in touch with some home remedies that will easily drive away excess oils from your skin layers.

Home remedies to eradicate oil from scalp


Oily hair care tips

People having fascination about herbal products will always keep henna at home to apply in their hair. If you want to eradicate oil from your scalp, you must apply Henna at least twice in a month. You hair will be conditioned really well with the help of Henna.  Since Henna is also having drying effect, oil from your hair will be absorbed with this leaving your hair really beautiful and soft.

Coconut milk

You have to get a coconut from the market and extract coconut milk from there. You may get coconut milk available in packed form in the market. But, those cannot be very safe as preservatives are involved. Instead you can take natural coconut, scrap its pulp and extract juices from it with cotton cloth and hand. You must apply this fresh coconut milk in your scalp to drive away the excess oil from your hair. Oily condition of your hair will be specifically removed.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe Vera being a very useful herb is not found in almost every kitchen garden of an individual. If you are staying in apartment and do not have enough plot for plantation, you can get a flower top and plant the Aloe Vera plant in it. You can take a leaf from the plant and extract gel from it.  Apply this on your scalp and get your hair roots nourished. This is a wonderful mechanism of making your hair free from oil.

Tea tree oil

Another wonderful way to provide nourishment to your scalp is with the help of tea tree oil. If you can use it in a regular basis, it will provide to be a wonder as a scalp care regimen. If you want you can add this oil in your hair mask. If you are too busy to apply hair mask, you can easily use few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo and wash your hair. You hair will become very soft and favorable.


Natural tips for oily hair

You will readily get egg in your refrigerator. For getting oil free scalp, you have to break the egg and separate the yolk from the white portion. Take out the yolk in a small bowl, add few drops of lemon and mix it very well. Now apply this in your wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Oily scalp problem will be vanished.