Early signs & symptoms of miscarriage

Signs you might have had a miscarriage that you should be aware of. Learn and read all about it.

The bond that exists between a mother and child is beyond any mortal’s understanding. The love and care with which a woman welcomes a newborn to this world is worth a praise. But, accidents and mishaps don’t come knocking your door.

You must be extra cautious during these months of pregnancy and look out for signs whether you’re on the verge of losing your child.

What is a miscarriage?

What are the reasons for miscarriage

Before you look out for signs you must get familiar with the term, miscarriage and what it means. When a woman loses her fetus before it can survive independently of its own is known as miscarriage. This occurs before the twentieth week of a woman’s pregnancy.

Most of the cases where a pregnant woman loses her fetus is in the first trimester of her pregnancy, in the form of blood clot or tissues that flow out of her vagina.

Causes of a miscarriage

There are quite a few reasons as to why this happens to an expecting mother. A fetus often fails to survive the gestation period because of these reasons:

  • When you’ve been smoking or consuming alcohol. Even when a pregnant lady comes in contact with smoke it might end up in a miscarriage.
  • Your age. If the parents are older than 35 years old complications arise and she might face a miscarriage.
  • Medical conditions like that of diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure and overweight.
  • The major cause of such a thing is abnormalities. Chromosomal abnormality.
  • Infections affecting the vaginal region leading to a miscarriage.
  • Some women suffer the sorrows of miscarriage due to antiphospholipid antibody syndrome. In layman’s terms disorders that occur due to blood- clotting.
  • When there is a problem with the uterus wall of a woman it might lead into a miscarriage.

Signs & symptoms of miscarriage

The best feeling in the world is when you realize you’re capable of bringing life on earth. A life that will resemble you and your partner.

But, more than often a family is deprived of such a beautiful emotion and for what? It is because early signs were ignored. You must be accustomed with the signs of pregnancy loss.


You undergo nerve wracking pain in your back. This isn’t normal or something you should expect.


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It is not a good sign to come across blood passing through your vagina. Be it a heavy flow or spotting which is light. Make that appointment to your doctor and get yourself checked. Women have had healthy pregnancy even after such incidents but you can’t ignore it nevertheless.


If you experience period like cramps in your abdomen it’s time to visit your ob-gyn. It is not healthy to have such sort of pain during the early or late months of pregnancy.


The color of your discharge. If it is something that is bright red, pinkish or brown in color then it is troublesome.


You’re not to witness contractions in the early stages of your pregnancy. Try to note down the time interval after which they occur. If it is after every five to twenty minutes and immensely painful as if you’re going into labor. Then, visit your doctors immediately.


Tissues that are grayish in color passing out of your vagina every now and then? It is extremely risky to avoid such a thing.


You’re not supposed to lose weight at an alarming rate during your pregnancy. If you’re experiencing such a thing, make sure you call your doctor and fix an appointment.


It isn’t a positive sign to witness mucus during your first trimester. If it is a bit pinkish in hue then don’t avoid it.


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Yes, whether you feel pregnant or not. Might sound weird to you. But, a woman can tell if she feels less pregnant with every passing day.

It is not to be dismissed. Consult your gynecologist and make sure you tell him/her about your every worry.

The best time of your life starts when you learn about your pregnancy. You are on the zenith of emotions and feelings.

The thought of starting your own family, witnessing your baby grow up into a wonderful person is all you need. So, make sure you stay safe and sound and keep any sort of accidents at bay.