What is digital detox? How to do it?

Our world is completely depended on technology and we cannot have a day without the facilities they serve us. They are undoubtedly innovative creations which are making things quicker, but they come with increasing complexities as well.

Digital detox is known to be the span of time when a person chooses to refrain from using electronic devices. These would include, laptops, cellphones and computers – in short, all the types of digital devices you possess or you see around.

It is a span of time that you take out to reduce stress, social interaction and constant electronic exposure, and give more time to yourself, to physical interaction and environmental leisure.

Digital detox was not needed even two decade back, when people weren’t that tech-savvy. But with the developments and advancements, it has become important to strike a balance between when to use and when not to use these appliances.

Let us go through some tips to see how you can help yourself with digital detoxification:

Take the decision and stick to it

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All of us probably have ‘nomophobia’, which is the disorder or not having your cellphone along. Our cellphones are those vital parts of our life which sticks to us closer to the person than we love the most! From the morning alarm to the late night updates, our phone is with us!

The first and foremost thing towards digital detoxification is to decide and stick to the decision, that you will spare some time out, and not use those digital appliances, especially your phone.

It is going to be the toughest thing, especially when we are all so addicted to the devices and of course to internet.

Taking the decision happens to be the first thing to combat the probable disorder, and prove ourselves that we can do without it, just like we could do without it years from now. If not for an entire day, but for those few hours of detoxification.

Re-learn the possibilities of entertaining without those screen lights

Think about those childhood years when you had no devices at all, what were the things which kept you going? Was it music played on a radio or was it that poetry you wrote to yourself?

There are always options to get entertained or take some time out for self-entertainment, which would need the minimal use of these devices.

Cook yourself some tasty meal, do some yoga, go out for a long walk, give yourself that alone time which your body and mind has been craving for.

Meet a friend than chatting with them on social sites

Networking sites have surely brought us closer. You can ping a person sitting thousands of mile away, and they get back to you in seconds! It has also drawn each other far, when we sit together and still stick to our phones.

Digital detox doesn’t mean that you escape the people around, it means physical interaction, when you meet and communicate directly.

Go out for that long awaited dinner, get yourself a partner to shop with, eat your favorite ice-cream parlor and give yourself the feeling of dating in 1950’s!

Pull out the pen and paper or read a story book

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E-books are all fine, but they can never replace the feeling of possessing story books and reading them to yourself. You can never compare the two because they simply do not give you the same essence. Take out a book you’ve wanted to read and just start with the chapters already!

You could also take out some pens and paper to scribble something that comes to your mind. You would probably want to write down things that you had left unsaid for a long time.

The contentment of letting out comes best through writing. Write a letter to somebody and make them feel like the bygone era isn’t over as yet.

Re-use objects replaced by digital devices

This is probably going to disrupt your lifestyle a little, and it is absolutely optional. Use some objects which you have replaced with the introduction of the digital devices. Set the alarm on the clock and put off your phone for the night – it needs to be at rest as well.

Write on sticky notes and stick them to remind you about all that you have to do through the day. Take out an old telephone diary and look for that one number which isn’t stored in your phone. The feeling is definitely going to make you feel nostalgic and add a different level of satisfaction.

Explore a little

The moment you stop exploring destinations online, you realize that there is so much you should explore within your city. Of course, we all like to travel out, but we forget that there are places near us, which haven’t had much of us!

Get to the tourist’s spot which you last went when you were five. Eat at the roadside stall which you have long left behind. Get yourself a ticket and watch a stage show, rather than hitting the movie halls every now-and-then. Talk to a stranger and spread a smile.

Repeat regularly

Break the wall between wanting to have it and having it. Follow the tips and tricks and choose the ones that are feasible for you. You don’t have to take out hours, but the time you take out should be concrete and crisp.

Follow these tips to give yourself the mental satisfaction and peace that you deserve. Take half an hour to meditate. Take that time out, just for yourself and find peace within.

It is very important to give yourself the repetitive dose of digital detox, so that you don’t depend on the devices at all times of your life.

Let the phones and laptops sleep a little, as even they need to be put at rest. Take out the quality time and surprisingly when you get back to your devices, you will know how to use them better.