What is hair serum, how to use it & its advantages

Hair serums are quickly gaining popularity owing to the heavy dose of advertisements in every media.

Do you think it is only the marketing gimmick that is making these hair care products so popular or there is something actually amazing about them? If you have not used a hair serum before, you might not actually know the answer.

FAQs about Hair Serum

Does hair serum help to regrow hair?
Yes. Hair serum stimulates thickness and hair growth. It is also beneficial for the hair scalp as healthy scalp is vital for healthy hair. The excellent blend of alpha-hydroxy acids gently exfoliates; creates a favorable ambiance for hair growth.
What is the correct method of using hair serum?
To enjoy the benefits, use hair serum properly. Hair experts suggest to apply hair serum on wet hair. Take 1-2 drops of serum on your palms of the hand and rub it well. Then evenly distribute on the hair. Avoid an extra dose of serum.
Does hair serum lead to hair fall?
While using hair serum, keep in mind that it is not beneficial for your hair roots. Serums are only used for hair shafts. These contain chemical silicone that provides your hair a shiny and smooth effect. But the regular use of the serum damages hair that eventually leads to hair breakage and hair fall.
Is it okay to use hair oil after serum?
Yes. Apply serum on the wet hair during shower and then after a while you can use a small amount of oil. But keep the oil away from the roots of hair. Serums are useful to make hair shiny and smooth, whereas oil strengthens hair from inside.

However, in order to make these products actually work for your hairs, it is important that you pick the right product that suits your hair type and is from a good brand. Before we get into any more discussions, first let us take a deeper look into what is a hair serum.

What is a hair serum?

Hair serum is a hair care product that comes in a liquid form and is somehow thicker in consistency. Hair serums are formulated with a bunch of chemical ingredients, including silicone, ceramides and amino acids.

Silicone can be marked as the magic ingredient in these serums because it is the primary ingredient that makes the hairs smooth, frizz free and also adds shine.

Hair serums make an ideal hair care product for people who spend a good part of their day outside. Using a proper hair serum that suits your hair type can drastically reduce your overall time for hair care and it can work as one stop solution for many hair problems.

Advantages of using hair serum

  • When you have very dry hair, the serum will get absorbed very fast. In that case, you have to apply the serum for the second time. Thus, at any time, while you feel the dryness in hair, you can better rely on the re-application to retain a shiny look.
  • Those, who have greasy hair, must not apply the serum. Your hair may be very oily, and lots of dirt particles get attracted to it. Thus, while you have used serum for your hair, it will increase the oiliness. You cannot remove the dirt. The serum work best for dry hair.
  • It is always better to avoid overusing the serum for fine hair. Take preventive steps while using the serum. Due to overuse, your hair can become greasy. Take very small amount of serum, and apply it throughout the length of the hair. It will not affect the thinner hair.
  • As the first-time user, you have to apply your hair serum on the back hair. Never start the process from the front hairs. It will also damage your hairstyle. From the back portion, you can move towards front part. This is the best way of applying any hair serum.
  • Assessment is always an important step. When you are using serum regularly, you have to check out whether it gives any positive result on your hair. While you feel that the serum is not suitable for your hair, you have to look for another one. 
  • Hair serum helps in turning your bad hair days into good ones by adding a layer of lustrous and nourishment through silicon content.
  • Your hair is now coated with a layer of protective silicon content which makes it look smooth, soft and silky. This will help allow you to style your hair by exposing them to heat at considerably higher temperature.
  • Hair serum helps to prevent your hair from breakage and being brittle. You can easily style them in a plethora of trendy hairstyles.
  • Hair serums contain amino acids which helps in providing protection to your colored or styled hair. It also helps in repairing the hair follicles from the roots.
  • The sunlight when reflected on your hair serum nourished locks look shinier and exude lustre and luminous appeal.
  • Serums provide nourishment and protection to hair that oils cater to without being oily and greasy.
  • They make your overall hair look manageable an easily styled so as to try a ton of different hairstyles.
  • It also helps in reducing hair fall by minimizing the entangled hair.

There are some prominent advantages of using hair serums but in order to reap all the benefits, it is important that you use a good quality hair serum from a reputed brand.

Ensuring that the hair serum is formulated for your particular hair type and meets with your hair needs is also vital. Below are the main advantages of using a proper hair serum that suits your hairs,

  • Hair serums can quickly transform the look as well as the feel of your hairs. Soft, lustrous locks that can be managed with ease are a dream of every girl and you can easily make this dream a reality even without much effort, simply by using the right hair serum.
  • The components present in hair serums fills in the follicular cracks of the hair shafts and thus makes hairs stronger and reduces the chance of breakage.
  • For dry hairs hair serums can be a real boon because serums easily seals in the moisture in hair shafts and prevents hair breakage due to dryness.
  • Hair serums work as an excellent preventive cover on your hair shafts protecting the hairs from heat, harmful sun rays, dirt, grime and pollutants.
  • Serums for hairs can be most useful for people who have minimum time to spend on hair care because these products give quick cosmetic results for minimum effort and time.
  • Hair serums are ideal for parties and occasions when you are trying to look special. Just a good dose of the right hair serum on your hairs and you are sure to win compliments for those gorgeous locks.
  • Hair serums make hairs manageable and hair styling much easier. Hence if you are someone who prefers to try new and interesting hairstyles, hair serums can be a go to product for you. Hair serums make it much easier to get the hairstyle of your choice.
  • If you use heat on your hairs, then using a hair serum before applying heat will not only give you better results but will also protect your hairs from the heat.
  • How to use hair serum for frizzy hair and curly hair?, the right hair serums can do miracle in minutes. These products soothe the frizz quickly and can make your rough and dry locks lustrous and soft.
  • If you have oily hairs that seem to weigh down quickly after a wash, using a proper hair serum can be a good and easy solution for the problem. Some hair serums can keep the oiliness of hairs at bay making it possible for you to enjoy oil free beautiful hairs for longer.

So now as you know about the advantages of hair serums, let us point to the fact that every advantage that you can get from a hair serum is cosmetic in nature and particularly deals with how the hairs look and feel.

However, these products will not add or transform your hair quality for better. Hair serums will not help your hairs to grow faster neither it will add to your actual hair health.

Buying the right hair serum

One of the most important things for getting the benefits of a hair serum is to pick a product that actually suits your hair type.

Hair serums are available in different price range but if you love your hairs never get driven by the lowest price. Buy a hair serum from a reputed brand so that you actually get for what you are paying.

Before buying a hair serum it is important that you are fully aware about your hair type and what exactly you are looking for from the serum.

Also, do not miss-out to check the reviews on the different hair serums available in the market to find out a serum that is actually formulated to suit your particular hair needs.

Once you start using a hair serum, keep a close watch on your hair condition. In case after few weeks of use, your hairs seem to become drier or if you experience more hair breakage, change the hair serum immediately. When it comes to hair serums buying the right product is vital.

How to use hair serum

How to treat frizzy hair

Having elaborated on the hair serums, their advantages and also how important it is to buy the right hair serum for your hairs, now let us get into the right way of using hair serums.

You can never get the best advantages of even a good quality hair serum unless you are using it the right way. So, read on to know how you should use the hair serum for maximum benefits.

You can use the hair serum in different ways depending on your exact requirements. Most of the hair serums also come with detailed instructions about how to use the product in the right way to get maximum benefits. Here are some of the most common ways of using a hair serum correctly,

Using hair serum on towel dried hairs

How to use hair serum? This is the most commonly instructed hair serum application method.  Wash your hairs with your regular shampoo.

Take 3-4 drops (for medium length hairs) of the hair serum in your palms and rub the serum between your palms. Now apply the serum directly onto your towel dried hairs. You should massage in the serum lightly on your hairs starting from tip to above.

Once you have completed the application and there is no more serum left in your hands, comb your hairs lightly with a wide toothed comb and let your hairs dry normally or you can also opt for a blow dry.

Using hair serum on wet hairs

According to hair experts you can also use a hair serum directly to your wet hairs, particularly if you have dry hairs to deal with.

Hair serum helps in sealing in the moisture making the hairs soft and frizz free. When you apply the hair serum directly onto your wet hairs, the serum seals in more moisture giving your dry hairs all the hydration they need.

So, after washing your hairs squeeze out the excess water from your hairs but do not use a towel. Now take 3-4 drops (for medium length hairs) of the hair serum in your palms, rub the palms together and apply onto your wet hairs. Blow dry your hairs and you can see the difference.

Using hair serum on styled hairs

You can also use hair serum directly after you have completed styling it, just to add more shine and luster to your locks.

It will not hold in moisture and is certainly not the best way for regular use of hair serum but it can be a good option to get those gorgeous hairs for a party or a special occasion.

After you have blow dried and styled your hairs, just take 2-3 drops (for medium length hairs) of the hair serums in your palms, rub them in and then apply on the styled hairs for more sheen and manageability.

Tips to use hair serum

  • While applying hair serum make sure that you are not dabbing it onto your scalp. Hair serums will do no good for your hair roots and they are formulated only for the hair shafts.
  • Always start applying the hair serum from the tips of the hairs. Hair dryness, split ends and hair breakage is high towards the hair ends and hence you should apply more of the serum at the ends instead of the middle or upper section of the hairs.
  • The general idea that more hair serum will make your hairs more lustrous and manageable is not right. You need to use only a minimum amount of hair serum in a single application as instructed by the manufacturer of the product. Using more of it will weigh down your hairs quickly.
  • You can use a hair serum even after using a hair conditioner, but in that case you might need even lesser amount of the serum for a single application, otherwise it might weigh your hairs down.
  • Keep in mind that hair serums are chemical based products and hence using them daily for a long time is certainly not good for your hairs. Try to keep your hair serum use within 2-3 times a week. You can also use it particularly for special occasions and parties.