What is milk diet? Does milk diet help you lose weight?

The number of searches on the popular search engines for “Milk Diet” has gained a sudden and steep hike. It shows that people are either considering going on this diet or at least are looking to know more about this diet plan. For the readers, the first word of caution that we would like to mention at the very beginning of this article on Milk diet is that, you should not plan to go on a strict milk diet without the regular consultation of a dietician. Milk diet can be given a healthy shape and then only it is good enough to be followed on your own, otherwise, going on a milk diet, without having the right information about every aspect of it, can really harm your health and weaken your immune system.

Details about Milk Diet

As the name suggests, the Milk Diet is a form of diet that involves including a lot of milk in your daily diet. While the pure form of this diet verdicts that you should not take anything other than milk as your diet, the more practical forms of the diet directs to include more and more milk as a substitute to other foods that you take on a regular basis. A less extreme version of the diet verdicts to drink at least one glass of milk before every meal to get the weight loss benefits.

Milk, particularly the low fat skimmed milk, can be really effective to burn fat and it also offers a bunch of other health benefits. Milk can actually help in weight loss in so many ways. Take a look at how milk can be your best friend to lose those extra kilos,

Milk diet boosts fat burning

Milk is rich in Calcium which is essential not only for our bones and the neural channels but also for fat burning in the cells. When you include more and more milk in your daily diet, naturally there is an overdose of calcium in your body, which will fuel burning of more stored fat helping you to lose weight quickly.

Milk diet reduces your total calorie consumption

While milk is rich in a number of nutrients, it is remarkably low in calorie. Milk also contains a hunger fighting hormone that ensures that you feel less hungry. So, when you include more milk in your diet you will naturally feel satiated after eating less amount of calorie. Less calorie consumption naturally promotes burning of the stored fat in the body which can lead to effective weight loss.

The basic concept of milk diet rests on the above two principles of weight loss. However, while the above points can be really helpful in quick weight loss, depending on a diet that includes only milk or even 4 glasses of milk a day can have serious consequences.

Risks of a true milk diet – what you need to know

A true milk diet runs the risk of serious health problems. It can be dangerous for your health in more than one ways. Even including around 4 glasses of milk in daily diet can be problematic for some people. So, before you get on with this diet, check out the complications that you might face on the way.

Weakness and Anemia

For people going on a strict milk diet, severe weakness and anemia are the very first risks they run. Milk is high in nutrient but it does not certainly contain all the nutrients needed by the body. Being less in calorie, milk as a single diet can never be able to supply the required calorie by the body, which will naturally result into forced burning of the stored fat but at the same time it is sure to make the person severely weak. Milk is not a good source of iron, which is an essential nutrient for the body hence depending on a milk diet completely, runs the risk of developing severe iron deficiency and anemia which can even result into heart failure.

Constipation and stomach problems

If you have a tendency of constipation and you are considering a milk diet, it is best that you stay away from it. Milk does not contain any dietary fibers which plays a vital role in formation and movement of the bowel through the colon. Consuming only milk as a diet is sure to result into problem in bowel formation, resulting into constipation and all the related digestive troubles which can easily take a toll on your overall health, immunity and looks.

Even if you are not planning to go on a strict milk only diet, you are just aiming to include 3-4 glasses of milk in your daily diet along with healthy, fat less foods, then too it is important to keep in mind that it is a completely new task for your stomach to adjust itself with that kind of diet. Even if you are one who loves milk, the chances that your stomach will take 4 glasses of milk a day happily are really rare. So, you can easily expect stomach troubles like loose motion, acidity, gas formation and others for following even a less strict milk diet.

So, now you know what milk diet is and how it might or might not be helpful for you. However, if you are seriously considering to go on a milk diet, it is best that you go for the less strict version of it and do not include more than 3 glasses of milk in your daily diet at the beginning. Once things look more comfortable with your stomach, you might add one more glass of milk in your daily diet.

Here for your reference we have included a modified milk diet version that is not only simpler to follow but also a safe process to lose extra weight.  This one month weight loss milk diet can be helpful to reduce extra pounds but there is absolutely no way to lose weight without harming your health and skin unless you opt for regular exercise along with the right diet. If you have a condition like blood sugar or blood pressure, you should consult your doctor before opting for any diet plan including the milk diet. So, follow the next milk diet and exercise at least for 2 hours a day to get the results.

A sustainable 4 week milk diet for weight loss

Under this milk diet plan you need to follow a different diet chart for each of the 4 weeks. This will not only ensure that your body does not get the chance to get accustomed with a specific type of diet but also confirms that you do not get bored with the same diet each day and look for ways to quit in the middle. To start this diet plan, you should divide your meal into small sections and make sure to not to eat excess or to your heart’s content. However, eating adequately till you are hungry is just fine.

Your milk diet plan for first week should look like:

Early morning drink

Replace your early morning tea or coffee for a cup of warm water with 1 spoon of honey and juice from 1/2 of a lemon.


You should take your breakfast after 1 to 1.30 hours of having the early morning drink. Start with 1 glass of fat free double toned milk. Finish with 1 boiled egg and 1 multi grain bread without butter.


You should not take your lunch later than 12:00 – 12.30pm and there should be a gap of at least 3-4 hours between your breakfast and lunch. Your lunch should include 1 glass vegetable smoothie, chicken or tuna salad prepared with minimum olive oil.

Evening refreshment

Drink a glass of fat free milk around 3:30 – 4:00 pm in the evening.


You should not take your dinner later than 7:30 in the evening. An early and light dinner is a must for any weight loss regime. Your dinner should include vegetable dishes prepared with minimum oil or preferably grilled along with a simple, oil-less preparation of fish.

Before bedtime

30 minutes before going to bed take another glass of double toned milk to complete your diet for the day.

Milk diet plan for 2nd week:

Early morning drink

Green tea without sugar added with 1/2 spoon cinnamon powder. Green tea has fat burning properties and the active ingredients present in cinnamon also promote burning of fat.


Your breakfast should include 1 glass double toned milk, a banana and 1 boiled egg or egg scramble prepared with minimum oil.

Pre-lunch drink

If you have taken your breakfast around 7:30 am and you are planning to have your breakfast by 12:30pm, drink a glass of fresh fruit juice, with no added salt or sugar around 11:30 am. This will ensure that you are not very hungry by lunch time.


Baked fish and 2 chapatis can make the right lunch for the second week of your diet plan.

Post lunch

Take a glass of milk at around 4pm in the evening


1 bowl of chicken soup without added butter and vegetables should complete your dinner. You can have more veggies if you want.

Pre-bedtime drink

End your day with 1 glass of double toned milk.

Milk Diet plan for 3rd Week:

Early morning drink

Start your day with a glass of pure Aloe Vera juice without any added sugar. Aloe Vera improves digestion and is claimed to help with weight loss as it makes you feel satiated without adding any calorie to your body.


1 glass of double toned milk added with 1/2 bowl of oats and a spoon of honey should complete your breakfast for the whole of the 3rd week.


Take a glass of fat free milk around 1 hour before your lunch time.


Your lunch can include fat free proteins like grilled fishes along with a fruit salad.

Evening refreshment

3-4 almonds soaked in a glass of fat free milk is an ideal evening refreshment for this span.


You should take your dinner not later than 7:00pm in the evening from 3rd week onwards of the diet. Your dinner can include boiled vegetables, mushrooms or tofu.

Before bed

Drink one cup of fat free milk (not one glass) 1 hour before going to bed.

Milk diet plan for 4th week:

Early morning drink

Green tea added with honey and the juice of 1/2 of a lemon.


Your breakfast during this phase should include 1 glass of milk along with one fruit. Change the fruit daily to induce variation in your diet.


Before you take your lunch at 12:00 or 12:30 devour in a small plate of salad made with cucumber, carrots, beetroot and lettuce.


Ideally your lunch should include 1/2 cup of milk along with some grilled fishes or a boiled egg.

Post lunch

Replace your evening refreshment with a glass of fresh fruit juice instead of milk. Watermelon or citrus fruit juice is best suited for this plan.


You should complete your dinner by 7pm in the evening with a cup of vegetable soup and 2 pieces of grilled chicken.

Bedtime drink

One hour before going to bed drink 1 glass of double toned milk.

If you maintain the above Milk diet along with a regular and proper exercise plan for a month you are sure to lose around 1-3 kilos or even more by the end of four weeks.