What is the use of wearing a Bra

Bra is an indispensable item of clothing that supports women breasts tissues and glands underneath and help them define its shape.

The most overrated piece that women can’t do without is a bra. Perhaps, women are increasingly moving towards “Free the Nipple” Movement which argues women’s breasts to be free from bra support.

Feminists have long argued that bras are only an ostentatious material that enhances the beauty of a woman by giving them the required support, however, there is no mandate that follows bra as a healthy or compulsive addition to your closet.

Why do women wear bras?

Types of breast implants

A very basic psychology of women that advocates the use and support of breasts by wearing a bra is that is help in increasing confidence, beauty, professionalism and reasons rooted in traditions and cultures of women clothing discipline.

While, studies have shown that bras do not add any health benefit instead, it is largely believed that bras help in preventing breast sagging.

However, according to an experiment conducted on 330 women aged from 18 to 35 years for over a period of 15 years, proved that women wearing no bra has firmer breasts with faded stretch marks.

Women with heavy breast must wear bras especially during workout. Some women with heavy busts complain of feeling pain if they don’t wear bras.

This can be either a psychological issue or breast related. So, we suggest to have regular check-ups with your gynecologist for  healthy breasts.

Since our body has several kinds of tissues distributed evenly all across, breasts are no different and therefore, they are under constant artificial support of bras, which might lead to sagginess.

Another reason for saggy breasts is wearing an ill-fitted bra which is nothing less than a heinous health crime for a female.  Wearing tight clasped bras result in shoulder and neck pain which can further result n acute problems too.

What happens when women ditch bra

Going bra less at home or your convenient and comfortable spot is one thing. While strutting in the public or showing up at work sans bra is another thing.

However, latter invites lecherousness and constantly makes a woman conscious of her chest. Some of the reasons that every women may relate to are mentioned below:

Nipples tend to be more active when its freezing cold and pop from your blouse or kurta.

  • Embarrassing situation in the crowd when going braless
  • Women walk with hands crossed on their chest
  • Tendency to observe other women wearing bras
  • Women choose layered clothes or baggy clothes
  • Women not considered to be professionally dressed
  • Invite sexual provocation

When women should start wearing bra

Benefits of shopping bras online

As and when puberty hits girls, mothers of 14-18 year old’s advise them to wear camisole or padded bras to feel being all grown up.

However, according to scientific research, women must start wearing bra by doing a little experiment. If their breasts can balance a pencil underneath, they don’t need a bra.

Best bras for pregnancy

During the initial months, your breast size doesn’t change much. But lately, the breasts start giving you signs and therefore you count on these bras:

  • Maternity Bras
  • Nursing Bras
  • Support Vest Tops
  • Sports Bras