How to take care of hair during winter? – Hair care for the winter season

Your hair needs enough moisture and nourishment throughout the year. But during winter your hair lacks nourishment as it becomes really dry due to the extreme climatic variation. You can get variety of products from the market manufactured by various local and imported companies.

Since every individual does not prefer the cosmetic products due to their side effects, simple home remedies can also work well in making your hair healthy and attractive.

Even in winter, the sun can be really harmful as the rays associated with the sun can also damage your hair. The protection of your hair from sun means a lot over here. Let us find out some hair care remedies for winter season.

You will find a lot of hair falls at some point of time in winter. Split ends and dry hair is most common in winter. You can’t afford to lose hair or let the hairs get drier and brittle. Winter is a time for changes in moisture level and it can give rise to lot of hair issues. Take good care of your hair with proper precaution and you can find your hair doing better than the other winters.

Rewinding your past bouncy hair moments by looking at your dull and frizzy hair!? Then its the time to make your hair frizzy-free and ready to step for the air tunes. These are the inherent steps to be followed by any hair type.

How to take care of hair in winter season

Water and diet

Winter hair care tips

Winter season can be beautiful to some, but it causes skin and hair damage too. It is very essential to keep your body hydrated. Drinking sufficient water and having a balanced diet will enrich your skin and your scalp too.

Detangle away from damage

Winters are known for the dryness they bring to the skin and hair. Handling brittle and dry hair is more difficult. Always remember to detangle your hair (try doing that using your fingers) before you comb it, otherwise, there are chances of hair breakage.

Night protection

It is very common to ignore a haircare routine when it’s time for bed. But it is important to protect your hair at all times during the winter, even at night. It is advised to wear a hat or a head covering when going to sleep but make sure the covering has the line of silk or satin.

Heat from hot oil

Hot oil treatments are known to be extremely effective for hair care and bring good results to the hair damage, especially during the winter season. Massaging with hot oil provides heat to the scalp and helps it in retaining moisture.

Soft cloth for hair

Best hair packs for dry hair

It may be surprising but even towels can be a cause of hair damage during the winters. It is often recommended that you use a soft t-shirt or something of that material instead of a towel when you are drying your hair.

Natural care

Switching to natural remedies is always a good idea. A weird but excellent remedy for hair care is tea. Tea gives shine to your hair and makes it bouncy. Mix the tea leaves in lukewarm water and use it as a final rinse.

Line any winter hats with silk or satin

One of the key things that we often ignore about hair care is the damage done by our clothes. If you are going to use any type of headgear made from cotton, acrylic or wool, line them with silk or satin. The best silk or satin to use for this purpose is anything that is aged or old and vintage and can be sewn in to the lining of the hat.

Moreover, if you are using a hat, it can be a good idea to use an oil-based moisturizer before to ensure the hair stays non-frizzy. If you have opted for a blowout or have chemically treated hair, silk scarves are definitely better for you than any other type of headgear.

Regular trims

Trimming the ends of your hair can get rid of the split ends that are bound to be an issue in the winter season from the dry air and static that is bound to wreak havoc on the ends of your hair. Opt for regular trims of around 2-3 cms to ensure that your hair remains healthy and can grow even during the winters.

Use a dry shampoo to revive hair between washes

Since it is advisable to reduce the frequency at which you wash your hair during the winters, people with oily hair may find that the hair can often become extremely limp especially with the usage of hats that can make your head sweat and make your hair look limp.

If you are dealing with limp hair, less conditioning may be helpful, especially at the root of the hair and a thickening tonic can help to add volume. Dry shampoos can help to revive the hair by getting rid of excess oils and giving it a fuller appearance between washes.

Dandruff in winter

The winter season not just symbols the white snow but the white flaky skin on our scalp ‘dandruff’. This season is more prone to itchy, scaly and flaky dandruff due the low moisture in the air.

As per the experts don’t use the blow-dryers until the season get off because it exacerbate the condition and increases the bad. Applying the hot oil prepared out of lemon and oil is a simple and optimum method to curb the dandruff problem. Apply it thoroughly to the entire scalp and then massage it for few minutes.


Not just the low moisture in the air pulls out the shine from the hair, our winter shielding sweaters, scarves, caps and gloves even contributes for the frizziness in the hair. Never rinse off your hair with too hot water which lends to develop the more roughness in the hair instead luke warm water is your best choice.

Comb your hair with the brush that was made out of plastic and boar bristles. A layer of leave-in conditioner over the hair will help to retain the smoothness for the long duration.

Bouncy and shiny

Its tough to find a bouncy and silky shinehair in the crowd during the winter roads. The dryness and frizziness makes the hair more dull and life less. To hedge the problem honey can be your partner. Comb the hair properly and remove the tangles, apply the honey in the hair roots and put on a shower cap, leave it for about 30 minutes duration and rinse off with lukewarm water.

This process will rejuvenates the hair and makes it in the way that you are looking for- shiny and bouncy. This is one of the best hair care treatment to be enjoyed in the winter season to get rid off the damage.

A perfect dry

Natural hair packs & masks for winter

The winter washed hair mostly don’t come to the perfect lane of dryness. If you think its ok to tie the hair though there is a bit of wetness, probably it may not be the perfect decision.

Wet hair is the root cause for several hair problems, so never use a hairstyle when it is damp and wet. Let it come to complete dry scale and sport as many styles you can.

Conditioner and conditioner

The role of conditioner in the winter season is too big to lock the extra moisture in the hair. You can also add conditioning oils to the conditioner to get the additional benefits. But choose the oils that are non greasy, leave the mixture of oil and conditioner over the hair for up to 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Taking care of hair from loss of moisture in winter

There are scarf, hats and other such coverings that you can use while going out. These will keep the moisture of your hair intact and there will be no loss of moisture from hair strands. Exposure to sun, harsh weather condition and cold winds steal the moisture from your hair and you must take precautions to prevent such conditions.

Remove the static from hair

You may have found socks sticking inside the dryer due to static electricity. The same happens with your hair and cold wind is responsible. You can use some softener on your hair and rub this on the hair. This will take care of the static and will not allow the hair to become brittle and dry.

Shampooing less will retain the moisture during winter

How to keep your hair moisturized

Shampoo takes the oily substances out from your hair. Frequent shampooing takes off the protective layer of natural oil from the hair.

Condition after each shampooing session and rinse with cold water before shampooing to lock the moisture from being cleaned out. Leaving some part of the conditioner in your hair strands will also take care of locking the moisture into the hair strands.

Warm level in humidifier

When the outside temperature is warmer than the temperature inside the room, it can irritate your skin texture. The hair also feels the same and you must control the temperature of the humidifier or air conditioner so that there is not a huge difference in temperature within the rooms.

Your hair will feel pampered when there is no stark difference in the outside temperature when you go out from your very warm room.

Avoid warm shower and hot water in winter

Try not to use hot water at your shower. Washing hair with very hot water will take off the natural covering of oil from your hair and give it a dry texture. Use warm water or cold water so that the heat does not dry and damage the hair.

Take some time out from your schedule to use some of these caring ingredients on your hair. Your hair will glow and shine even in the coldest winter. These herbal oils will nurture your hair.

Olive oil

Hot olive oil can be massaged on your scalp for keeping the moisture intact in the scalp. Your tresses will feel softer and hair roots will get enough nourishment.

Almond oil

Best hair oils for hair fall control

Essential oils are good for skin and hair. Almond has got vitamin E and D that are good for keeping dryness away from your body. Moisturize your hair with almond oil to turn the frizzy hairs into soft and shiny mass on your head.

Take this oil and massage on your scalp. Let the oil stay for the night and then wash in lukewarm water at the morning. You will find your hair getting stronger and shine with health.

Aloe vera and coconut oil

antifungal goodness is filled in aloe vera gel and it is also anti-bacterial. This helps in keeping away dandruff and dry scalp. Mix some of these aloe vera gel taken from the leaves with coconut oil. Apply on your scalp and let it stay for an hour. Wash off with normal water. This is also good for hair growth and proper blood circulation on your head.

Rosemary herbs and coconut oil

The hair growth can be strengthened by rosemary herbs and coconut is good for nourishing the hair roots. This mixture of rosemary and coconut oil can be applied in your scalp during the winter season. This helps in hair growth and fights hair fall that can give rise to alopecia.

General precautions

How to stop hair loss due to dandruff

Try not to use hair spray with high alcohol content and any perfume that you use in your hair should also not have alcohol. This can add dryness and make your hair brittle.

You will also have to avoid using curlers and blow dryers in your hair during winter. Too much of these gadgets will take off the moisture from the strands and patch them for water.

Take care of your hair so that it does not lose moisture and there is no additive used that is harmful. Proper care and use of some special oils can give a new life to your hair even in winter.
Hair care tips for winter

Use caps in winter sun

When you are facing the sun during the winter season, it is really important to keep your hair away from the sun rays. You can now protect your hair from sun by wearing a cap. A hat can also protect your hair from sun rays. If you are not very accustomed to wear a cap, you can carry an umbrella.  The caps and umbrella will prove to be a protection layer over your hair.

Vented hair brush

After washing your hair, you need to get your hair tidy. Thus, combing is an important activity which you should avail. But people gets hair fall while combing hair which leads to thinning of hair.

The best way to stay away from this situation is using a vented hair brush. The brushes with very tiny gaps holds your hair in such a way that while combing hair you need to exert pressure and can lead to hair fall. Thus, choose the hair brush with wider gaps in between.

Right way of drying hair in dry winter

Best shampoos for hair fall

When you have washed your hair with shampoo during winter, you cannot expect it to dry easily just like summers. Thus, you need to take a step in making your hair dry. Some people have a tendency of soaking the wet hair with towel and tie the hair that is half wet

. But, tiding the wet hair is not advisable as this can lead to variety of hair problems. These problems can fall on your hair and scalp. You can sit under natural sunlight and dry your hair or simply use a hair dryer with medium or low pressure to dry your hair.

Shine and bounce for hair

Even during winter you will love to have shiny and bouncy hair. But during winter you need to have a different bounce and shine on your hair. You have to brush your hair frequently in order to remove angles. You can also apply honey over the roots of your hair in order to get an extra shine during the winter.

After applying honey makeup a bun and put a shower cap. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This will improve dull and damaged hair along with restoration of shine during winter.

Hair exfoliation

It is always important to make your hair clean.  During winter you come across a dead skin layer over your scalp. This can take a ridiculous form after a certain period of time. During the winter the dryness on your skin layer increases.

The best thing that you must do over here will be exfoliation. You need to exfoliate your scalp in order to take away the dead skin layer. You can use a almond granules with coconut oil for healthy exfoliation. Then wash away with water.

Avoid tough styling

People wishes to go ahead with styling. During winter the hair becomes too much rough due to the dry air in the environment. The best thing that you can do is be cautious when you are within the process of styling. It is better not to use too much of heat and serums in hair as that can lead to excessive damage of your hair.

It is better to go ahead with natural way of styling. If you want to get straight hair, make your hair straight with repeated combing. Also when you wish to curl them use the manual rollers. Mold your hair in those rollers and sleep overnight.  The next day morning you can get beautiful hair. You can also make braids and sleep at night to get natural waves.