10 best skincare tips for summer time

In summer the skin is treated with all the harshness. Lots of factors are responsible for the reason. The skin tends to be so harsh and scaly due to the strong rays of the sun. Summer is the best beach time no doubt but you have to face the disadvantages of being exposed to the sun completely. This is the time you have to invent the ways by which you can take the utmost care of the skin and make the same stay in the best of state with all the care and attention. Here are the details of how you can take the perfect care of the skin during the summer months.

Making Use of Sun Screen Lotion

You get out working in the morning and this is a part of the daily schedule you have. Once you dress up you never forget to wear the makeup. This is when you should also not forget to apply the sunscreen touch so that your face is well protected from the strong rays of the sun. In case you are wearing a sleeve less you should apply sunscreen on the hands as well. It is best that you apply the same on all the exposed parts of the skin.

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Perfect Lips Protection in summer

In summer lips are the parts of the body which are in need of absolute protection. It is true that you don’t need to buy a lipstick each day but it is necessary that you purchase for the right lip protection. You can choose the colour of the lip balm matching your personality and style of wearing. You can even select the colour based on the shade of the dress that you wear. However, the product that you buy should have the inclusion of the SPF. Lip balms and the lip glosses are extremely useful for the summer and these are products to keep the lips hydrated and you are made to feel the softness all along the day.

Good Food to Eat in summer

If you have to skip the curse of summer you should take to the right food ingredients. You have some of the best natural foods to eat during the season. You can eat those melons, cantaloupes and blueberries and stay so fit and fresh. In summer you should eat plenty of salmons and white portions of the egg as these are perfect protein sources for you to have in order to stay so healthy and energetic during the time. Good food will take the best care of your skin in summer and will also do repairing of the skin damages. So make sure that your diet is right during the season.

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The Advantages of the Hot and the Cold Shower

It sounds strange but it is true that after you come from the sun it is best to have a hot shower. This will help in neutralizing the body temperature and there is a balance of the body heat that you have picked up throughout the day. It is preferable to have a cool shower after you have returned from the heat and the sweat. This will make the skin unclouded and you will be less prone to acne breakouts. This is a great way you are made to feel fine after your return from the hectic schedule.

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Red Wine is Healing in summer

In summer you are sure to feel good to sip some white wine. However, if you sip red wine instead you are sure to feel so healing from within. It is known that the red grapes have a component known as resveratrol and it is the most natural and soothing phenol which can really help in curing the human physiological system and can really help in decreasing the redness caused due to acute sunburns. The red wine has the best of anti-inflammatory properties and it is made best with all the antioxidant features.


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Wearing a Baseball Cap is perfect

It is perfect to make use of a baseball cap when out in the sun. This will save the face from the angles of the sunrays. You can opt for the variety with a brim as this will give complete protection to the skin of your face. The cap is a nice way you can have perfect shielding from the sun.

Summer is the Time for Exfoliation

It is important that you exfoliate in summer. For this it is best if you scrub your skin before going for a shower. For this you should pay attention to areas like elbows and knees. After the shower you can apply a fresh body cream to make the skin feel soft.

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Treating the Summer Spots

It is likely that you may have dark spots on the skin during the summer. It is time that you take care of the spots and make the skin appear normal. The spots appear on the cheeks, forehead and the upper lips area. You can make use of a fade cream in order to help the skin to get rid of the dark spots.

Fighting Acne in summer

You can have acne during the summer season. This happens due to the attack of too much of sweat and dirt. For this it is best to make use of an anti-bacterial soap. This will help the skin stay neat and fresh.

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The Skin around the Eyes Needs Care

The skin around the eyes is extremely fragile. You need to take special care of the area. If you don’t take care at the right time the skin around the eyes is sure to be scaly and patchy. This is the reason you should make use of an eye cream before going to bed at night. This will help the skin stay soothing and perfect.

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