Some of the effects of using sunscreen one must be aware of

It is advisable to apply sunscreen lotion before moving out from home when the daylight is captured with scorching sun rays. Apart from getting a protection from tan skin or sunburn, sunscreen is also helpful to protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer. But, if you have been using the sunscreen that include chemical, side effects are also very engaging. Most of the sunscreens in the market include the ingredients like phenothiazines, tetracyclines, sulfa drugs etc. It is really important for individual to know about the side effects of sunscreen before using it.
We always have come across the positive sides of every sunscreen lotions. It has the benefit of protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays. But, have you ever thought about its side effects? I am sure, just like me this face has not knocked into your mind. But today I will state some of the surprising facts about the sunscreen lotion which you have been using on a regular basis. The facts will help you to stay alert after knowing the pros and cons.

Side effects of sunscreen lotion

Eye irritation

If sunscreen gets into the eyes of the user, irritation can take place backed with pain. You can also face the problem of temporary sensitivity to light as well as burning sensation. Even many people have become blind due to the chemical present in the sunscreen that enters inside the eye of individual. If you have taken the sunscreen inside your eyes unknowingly immediately splash water in your eyes and show a physician.

Worsening of acne

If you are already suffering from acne problem, sunscreen can be very dangerous. Since some of the chemicals present in the sunscreen are not adaptable with the elements in acne, it will turn up to be the worst case scenario. As a remedy to this, you need to choose a sunscreen that is non oily and non comedogenic.  You must consult with the beautician and get the appropriate sunscreen that will suit your skin tone.

Problems in hairy areas

Both gents as well as ladies have hairy areas that are not visible to public. Rather, those hairy areas are confined to internal areas. If you are applying the sunscreen in your underarms, hands, chests etc some sunscreen can even case drying as well as tightening of hairy areas causing pain to your hair.

Risk of breast cancer

Oily skin care tips

Most of the sunscreen available in the market has such ingredient that has estrogenic effect on breast of female personalities. It is also been seen that in some cases, sunscreen also have negative effect on the blood estrogen levels. Many ladies have suffered from breast cancer due to the use of sunscreen repeatedly. Since the skin layers have a wonderful capacity of absorption, the chemicals inside the sunscreen are absorbed giving rise to the risk of breast cancer.


Some people having problems of allergy over their skin must not use the sunscreen at all. You will get irritation backed by the redness of skin due to repeated itching. For some people rashes becomes very extreme and give rise to many skin problems. Since the sunscreen has preservatives and fragrances, those are one of the reasons behind the allergic reactions. It is better to go ahead with a patch test before believing and using the sunscreen lotion for your skin. You can use the sunscreen that is having the ingredient known as zinc oxide which will be having less allergic reaction than others.

Formation of wrinkles

You are protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays that appears with the penetration of sun with the sunscreen lotion. But, you must be unaware that it increases the chances of getting wrinkles on your face making your old and unattractive before your age.

Restricts intake of vitamin D

Every individual must have adequate level of vitamin D in their body so that they have stronger bones and healthy body. Sun is the best source of passing vitamin D into our skin. If you are regularly applying sunscreen in your body, it will restrict the harmful UV rays to penetrate your skin. But, at the same time it will also restrict the helpful Vitamin D to avail.

Production of free radicals

We all know that free radicals in our body are harmful. Rather, it is the source of different types of diseases. Some chemicals used in sunscreen lotion are really harmful. This can give rise to the production of free radicals in your body. If you use sunscreen on a regular basis, you will be dearly affected by the free radicals.

No perfect sun protection

Many sunscreen manufacturing companies says that it protects your skin from tan layer. But these are totally bluff. Even if they say it will keep your skin fair, but in reality it does not work at all. Even after using the sunscreen most of us become dark due to the sun rays that reach directly and penetrate inside our skin layer. The sunscreen is totally waste of money without any result. You must keep this in mind.