All you need to know about brazilian butt lift – Cost & reviews

If you are a figure conscious woman who might not like to go under the knife but is open to cosmetic procedures for getting that perfect hourglass figure, you must have already heard and considered Brazilian Butt Lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for enhancing the appearance of the buttocks and to add lift to them. So, if you are not happy with the shape or size of your derriere, the Brazilian Butt Lift can actually give you that perfect posterior.

Buttock augmentation is not very old in the aesthetic surgery arena, but it certainly has caught the market like fire.

According to the reports, in 2013 alone, total 11,527 procedures of buttock augmentation were performed, which made 58% of all the cosmetic-surgery based processes performed in that year.

The objective of the Brazilian butt lift process is to create fuller and curvier buttocks, but instead of giving a lift to the area, the Brazilian butt lift process actually grafts fat into the buttocks, giving them a fuller and shapely appearance.

The best thing about this process is that, instead of using alien silicone implants within your skin, the Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat for achieving a fuller derriere.

In addition to that, as the fat injected into the buttocks is taken from other heavier parts of your body, like the stomach or the thigh, hence you also get a slimming effect on those parts.

First let us take a look at the process of the Brazilian Butt Lift, which will certainly clear out the air of doubt from your mind.

The brazilian butt lift process

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The Brazilian Butt Lift has three distinct sections and each of these sections need to be performed with maximum success and efficiency in order to achieve the desired results. The three parts of the process are: Liposuction, Fat Processing and Fat Re-injection.


We all are quite familiar with the term liposuction. It simply means sucking out the extra lipids (fat) from some particular sections of the body. Through liposuction the fat to be injected into your butts for giving them the Brazilian lift, is collected.

The process is performed with the help of fine cannula and typically the fat is collected from three different areas in order to achieve smooth liposuction effects.

Fat processing

The fat collected through liposuction needs to be processed and purified before they can be re-injected into the butt.

The fat processing stage is vital because the longevity of the butt lift process is directly related with the efficiency of this processing and purification stage. Unless the fat is properly purified, it will not last after re-injecting into the buttocks.

Fat re-injection

This is the last step of the procedure, where the purified fat is re-injected into the buttock cheeks to get the desired lift. The re-injection process is typically performed in minute quantities through the droplet technique to get smooth results that last longer.

So, now as you are aware about the Brazilian Butt Lift process let us answer some of the common queries that you are most expected to have before taking any decision. Here is a list of the Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs and their answer.

Who can get the brazilian butt lift?

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Everyone is not a suitable candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift. This process transfers the fat from one part of the body to another part hence the most suitable candidate for this process should have some extra fat at least in some parts of their body.

This procedure is certainly not ideal for people with a thin body and according to some of the doctors an ideal candidate of Brazilian Butt Lift should weigh around 20 pounds over than her ideal weight.

Is brazilian butt lift permanent?

This is a million dollar question that you need to know before you can take your final decision about this procedure. Brazilian Butt Lift is expensive, time consuming and will also take you off from your normal routine for quite some time.

So, before you opt for the process, you actually need to know if the effects will last. Fat, when injected into a fatty area, like the buttocks, feels just like natural fat and the body will surely re-absorb some part of this transferred fat in due course of time.

Now the re-absorption varies widely from person to person and there is no way to predict how much of the transferred fat will be reabsorbed by the body in a particular case.

However, the re-absorption continues mostly for the first 3 months after the process, and hence what you are left with after 3 months of the surgery is yours to keep permanently.

How long the procedure takes?

Unlike many other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, Brazilian Butt Lift is a time consuming process. Typically a Brazilian Butt Lift process takes time between 5 -8 hours depending on the amount of fat transferred.

What is the recovery time for brazilian butt lift?

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You cannot really opt for a cosmetic procedure without being sure about the recovery time. However, for Brazilian Butt Lift the time taken for recovery can vary extensively from patient to patient depending on a lot of factors.

According to the reviews, normally the pain subsides completely within 2 weeks of the surgery, but the uncomfortableness might last longer.

As in this case two different surgeries are performed at different parts of the body, hence complete recovery takes time and one might not sit comfortably on her buttocks for more than 20 minutes at a stretch for as long as 7 to 12 weeks after the surgery.

The cost of the brazilian butt lift

The typical cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift varies between $9,000 and $15,000 depending on the complexity in a particular case.

For most of the people the expenses come around $10,000; but again it can vary depending on the surgeon performing the procedure as well as the charges of the facility where the procedure is being performed.

However, for a typical case of Brazilian Butt Lift the expenses are expected to be well within $11,000.

There are also many Brazilian Butt Lift processes that are claimed to be covered within $3000 – $5000, but we will like to suggest only for the expensive treatments to ensure the best end results.

Real reviews on brazilian butt lift

When it comes to an expensive procedure like the Brazilian Butt Lift, it is very expected that you will like to check out the experience of other women like you before you opt for the process.

To help you get a clear idea about what the women who have already gone through the process have to say about it here we have presented excerpts of some real reviews.

According to the reviews, women of varying age, with or without children have been opting for Brazilian Butt Lift to get a more pronounced figure with curvier derriere.

Women who have the complaint of a square body as well as the women who are looking to get the perfect watch-glass figure, are also opting for this process to be more confident about their figure.

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As explained by a woman who had the Brazilian Butt Lift done, “The squats can be effective to get those perfect butts, but they just cannot give you the same results of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

You will never get the shape or the definition in any other way that the surgery will give you, and hence it is worth all the pain and money spent”.

As reviewed by a mother of 4 children, weighing 173 pounds, after going through the process she found her butts to be highly pronounced, and now she is actually hoping some of the fats to go down quickly.

As reported by a 28 year old woman from Mexico the BBL was extremely painful and anyone planning to go through the process should be well aware that she will have to bear quite a lot of pain at least for the first few days.

According to the review and pictures posted by a 31 year old mother of two, her experience with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure was excellent and she has got a perfect hourglass figure that she wanted so badly for such a long time.

The before and after pictures of her surgery gives a clear idea about how much enhancements in your derrieres you can expect after going through the procedure.

It has been accepted equivocally by all the women who have gone through the BBL procedure, that when done by the best surgeons the results are better and more long lasting.

However, there are other reviews that talks about a second as well as a third touch up too. So, we think, it is best to go only with the most experienced surgeons even if that cost you more.

So, before you opt for the BBL procedure, do your research and locate the best surgeon near you for the process.

Always have a clear discussion with the surgeon about your expectations and the side effects before you go for it and never make the mistake of settling for a low cost Brazilian Butt Lift, because that is sure to cost you dearly in future.