Anemia causes and effects

Individuals with less than normal number of blood count suffer from anemia.  It can also take place due to the lack of hemoglobin in the body.

Hemoglobin being a specific variety of protein has the efficiency of carrying oxygen from lungs of an individual to various parts of his/her body. Due to the disease named anemia, blood becomes incapable of carrying enough oxygen to various parts of your body.

According to the recent report, more than 3 million people in United States are affected with the disease named anemia. Especially women suffer from anemia more than that of men.

Even the children being given birth from the mothers affected with anemia are affected by the same disease in certain communities. Some illiterate people are not even aware of the disease.

They think the symptoms to be an effect of weakness and simply ignore the fact. Government has conducted variety of health checkup programs for poor and lower middle class people to know about the disease and start the treatment immediately.

If the disease is not controlled at the preliminary stage, this can lead to severe problem. Anemia is a disease that has effect on every 4 out of 10 people in the community. This problem is generally viewed in individuals who are weak from inside.

This can be result of lack of iron in your body. As compared to male, anemia affects female more. As this section of human being is physically weak and also lose good amount of blood every month within their periodic cycle.

The pregnant women also suffer from the same problem for extended period of time. During the delivery time they lose a lot of blood which carries iron.

Common causes of anemia

Home remedies to treat anemia

Anemia takes place due to various causes. Some of them include:

  • Due to breaking or dyeing of the red blood cells
  • Loss of too much blood from the body
  • When the body is incapable of making red blood cells by their own

Categories of anemia

Vitamin deficiency

If individuals have low level of vitamin B12 or folate in their body, anemia can be the result. In order to make red blood cells, it will be really important for your body to have vitamin B12.

Without this vitamin even your nervous system will not work normally.  Some people are in such a state that their body does not remain in a state of absorbing vitamin B12 from any food source.

Since they have autoimmune disorder, they suffer from this type of problem.  Some people can absorb vitamin B 12 but the food that they eat does not have enough of vitamin B12.


If you are suffering from anemic disorder arose from deficiency of vitamin B12, you can suffer from the effects like:

  • Numbness in feet and leg
  • Problem in eyesight
  • Memory loss


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The remedy of this type of anemia is folic acid. You can now find folic acid tablets in the medical store which can easily treat the type of anemic disorder due to the deficiency of vitamin B12.

Inherited blood diseases

If you have your grandparents, mother, father or someone in your blood relation have anemia, it is quite likely that you too might have the same problem. Some of the categories include:

  • Sickle cell anemia- Here the individual have the red blood cell with curved edge.  Even these are quite likely to get struck in the small blood vessels that lead to blocking the flow of blood to limbs and other organs.
  • Aplastic anemia – This is the particular blood disorder when body stops making enough new blood cells.  Here, the platelet count of all blood cells such as white blood cells as well as red blood cells is highly affected.
  • Thalassemia– This is one of the deadly disease faced by individual affected with the same which has a problem of making less hemoglobin and very few red blood cells than the normal count. Here, the patient needs to go for blood transfusion every 2-3 months to survive.

Causes of this disease include

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  • Viral infection
  • Consumption of some drugs that is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis
  • Through radiations and chemotherapy in cancer treatments
  • Family disease that is passed from one member to another through genes
  • Autoimmune disease such as lupus
  • Good exposure to the toxic chemicals available in household cleaners, insecticides and paints

Treatment procedure of anemia

If you want to get the blood cell count back to normal, it will be important for your organs to get equipped with enough oxygen.

If you can also treat the underlying cause of anemia, the disease will be eradicated completely. Doctor will prescribe you the medicine according to the type of anemia you are having.

Causes of anemia

Lack of enough red blood cells

Some individuals have iron deficiency right from their birth. May be someone or most individual in their family suffers from the iron deficiency. They lack the mechanism of developing red blood cells within their body. Thus the iron deficiency in their body is maximum which gives rise to anemic body.

Losing blood in accident

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You must have come across variety of mishaps in the surroundings. The accidents are taking place now and then in the society. When the accident becomes really severe with cuts and wound, individual has to lose good amount of blood. This gives rise to anemic body.

Effect of anemia of individuals

Individuals with anemic body can be affected in a numerous ways. Some of the effects are as follows:

Intestinal disorder

You must come across many individual with stomach problem. But, intestinal disorder is rare. Here, the individuals will get affected with absorption of nutrients in their body. The anemia will restrict the capability of absorbing nutrients in the small intestine of human being.

Chronic conditions

Anemia can also give rise to several chronic conditions. There will be a greater risk of kidney failure, cancer etc. The shortage of red blood cells will be the effect of such chronic conditions.

If you have ulcer problem, this is again a chronic condition and can give rise to dangerous health issues. This will also be a reason for depletion of iron from your body.