Hot day make-up tips for oily skin

During summer people becomes really irritated due to the sweat dripping from the nosetip, forehead and throughout your neck.  Retaining makeup on the face becomes really difficult. This becomes worse for individuals who have oily skin. Even if you put a makeup, sliding down of the face will be really depressing. People belonging to the…

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Best tips to free from pimples

A pimple is a small pustule of the skin which develop when the sebaceous glands that are located under the hair follicles become overactive and get infected with bacteria. They are commonly found on the face shoulders, neck and back. They often leave dirty dark color spots, scars and marks on the skin. There are…

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Best party makeup tips

Makeup plays an important role in every woman’s life. Most women apply makeup on the face everyday.  Every housewife or working woman want to look the best and so uses makeup methods to look beautiful.   But when she has to attend a party, official or wedding, or Christmas   she tries all cosmetics in her makeup…

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