How to get rid of flaky scalp with ayurvedic home remedies

The flaky scalp is one of the reasons why we feel ashamed to wear dark color clothes when we are facing the crowd or mass at a social gathering or in an official meeting. The flaky scalp include skin layer that has become dried and have become loose.

This dead skin will definitely fall down like a snow fall over your shoulder and back. This will really create an embarrassing situation. Individuals facing the problems of such dead skin layer must go ahead with a treatment.

Even though the well known branded companies as well as other companies are trying a lot to make their product work for flaky skin, you too need to concentrate on some Ayurvedic home remedies.

There are specific time period when the skin over the scalp shed their skin. But, it takes the form of flaky skin when it become extreme and even exceeds the normal level.

Causes of flaky skin

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  • Dandruff
  • Symptoms like scaly patches, redness and itchy scalp as a result of Seborrhea dermatitis
  • Using a blower to dry hair
  • Dryness during winter season
  • Accumulation, dirt and carbon

Home remedies for flaky skin

Herbal or Ayurvedic shampoo

You must get a herbal shampoo to clean your flaky scalp as this is the skin condition where no chemical rich shampoo must be used.

Since this is a skin condition that took place due to dry skin and microbial infection, using chemical rich shampoo will take it to a different direction which can also be hazardous. This herbal shampoo will be ideal to remove excess oil from the scalp.

Hat during summer

Flaky skin over your scalp can be a reason for making the scalp dry due to excessive exposure to heat. During the summer, sun rays can penetrate from your hair and reach to your scalp which can give rise to dryness of scalp and flaky skin.

You can now put a protective layer to over your head so that the sunlight cannot penetrate and make your scalp dry. This can be done if you can wear a hat over your head throughout the day.

Even if you cannot wear it throughout the day, it will be a mandatory when you are going out in a sun.

Fenugreek seeds

You can now make an Ayurveda home remedies at home just by soaking 2-3 spoons of fenugreek seeds in water. Make it soak throughout the night and grind it to make it a paste. After grinding, make the paste rest for 30 minutes so that it becomes thick.

Once the time is over add some water to make it thin so that it can be easily applied. Now you can easily apply it over the scalp and hair.

Keep this paste over your hair for 30 minutes and then wash it away with water. You will observe eradication of dry and flaky skin from your scalp.

Aloe vera leaves

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If you have Aloe Vera plant in your kitchen garden, just watch the plant closely and get the Aloe Vera plant that is quite juicy. Now cut the leaf from the middle and extract the gel out of it.

Now, apply this gel over your scalp and slowly massage it with your fingertips. Now you can wash it after 20 minutes. As we all know that flaky skin is one of the reasons behind dryness, it needs enough moisturizer to make it free from scales.

Aloe Vera gel contains enough moisturizer that makes your hair follicles moisturize and breathe well. If you can apply this on a regular basis, getting away from flaky skin will be easy.

Hibiscus leaves

You can just pluck some of the hibiscus flowers as well as leaves from the plant. Now cut it into small pieces and get in the grinder along with little water.

You will get a watery paste which must be applied over your hair and scalp making your hair and scalp look green. You need to keep this for 40 minutes time and wash it with water.

This is a wonderful Ayurvedic formula that prevents dry scalp and make your hair healthy for a long time. It also increases the scalp health invariably.